I decided to share this ultimate Bangkok Bachelor Party and nightlife tour for guys coming to Bangkok. The goal here is to ensure that you have a great time. Meet girls and go easy on the pocket too.

Crazy House for a Bangkok Bachelor Party

To begin, I decided to first visit Crazy House at nine o’clock. Most evenings at this place are now nearly full due to the increased number of tourists coming in. Although there are some attractive women in the bar, the hottest ones I’ve spoken to have always been drinkers. The previous time I visited, I summoned one over and she made me buy her a Tequila shot and Coke. She also decided that asking me to also get the waitress the same drink was a great idea.

Bangkok Bachelor Party
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It got a little overwhelming for me with the number of LDs I was buying. If I had wanted to remain longer, I would have calmed the situation by having the woman order just one drink. Thereby, telling the waitress to skip her own order. I just stood up, placed 200 baht on the table for my beer, and quietly departed. I wanted to scope out a few other locations. Tequila and Cola costs two drinks, or 350 Baht. The waitress also requested a drink, making the total 700 Baht.

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Bacarra was the next stop on my list. With two levels open, it was pretty crowded on a Thursday evening. They no longer require guests to purchase a beverage upon arrival. You simply walk in and choose a chair wherever you want. Which is another benefit as, prior to the covid, foreigners like me were only guided to the second level while our Japanese and Asian colleagues were given the premium first floor. There are about 50-60 girls, but compared to earlier, there don’t seem to be as many stunning ones. Still, it’s worth a look.

Baccara in Soi Cowboy
Baccara in Soi Cowboy


My next destination waS Tilac GoGo Bar. It has recently been brought up on this site a number of times. So I felt obligated to look into it. Crazy House and Bacarra were the first two businesses on Soi Cowboy to reopen. Therefore they are in the lead. While there are 40-50 girls there, the quality is not exceptional, and it is not that busy. Tilac has recently expanded. I anticipate this should improve over the coming few weeks. I really appreciate the opportunity to sit out and take in the spectacle that is Soi Cowboy. The interiors of this space is your typical gogo with poles and girls everywhere.

Tilac GoGo Bar
Tilac GoGo Bar

In Soi Cowboy, almost all nightclubs are currently open. Even though it starts at 7 p.m. sooner than Nana Plaza, it is recommended to go there at 9 pm or a little later. Suzy Wongs, the Doll House, and the most well-known strip joints aforementioned are all places you should visit. The other GoGo Bars in Soi Cowboy are run by “Arabs”. They solely specialize in girl cocktails, thus they should be avoided at all costs. As a result, you can expect a bill of $500 or more if you do nothing.

Host a Bangkok Bachelor Party at Patpong

Although being a fairly major red light area, Patpong is barely mentioned on this site.  Asian clubs dominate the entire region, and Soi Thaniya, which stretches from Silom Road to Surawong Road, is exclusively Asian. I am unaware of whether foreigners either frequent the region or are generally permitted entry into the nightclubs.

Anyhow, if you exit the Sala Daeng BTS and travel down a few lanes in the direction of Silom, you will stumble to a small area. There will be perhaps 10 nightclubs situated half a mile apart and stretched out across two Sois where foreigners are welcome. Currently, Kings Castle is a standout club. Although it is heavily Chinese and has been influenced by environmental vibes, the skill is comparable to and occasionally even greater than the top Nana Plaza bars. Alternatively, you can also check out the Ping Pong Shows at Patpong if you know how to handle it.

Ping Pong Shows in Patpong
Ping Pong Shows in Patpong

What Most Guys Do at a Bachelor Party in Thailand

The majority of Asian guys merely go there for drinks and a little groping. Although you do not even see many of them, all of the girls there are bar fineable in my perspective. In reality, three of my ten or so all-time faves originated here.

I actually visited Kings Castle four times. When I was looking up an extremely attractive female the first evening there, a Japanese guy grabbed her and another girl. She ultimately chose to sit down at the table right next to mine, giving me a good view of her assets. She undoubtedly caught my gaze.

Kings Castle for the Ideal Bangkok Bachelor Party

I usually carry 20k Baht folded in my wallet when I’m out in encase once a chance presents itself that I don’t want to miss. I hardly ever use this stockpile, but I made damn sure to get it out as I was departing to pay the charge and make sure she saw it, which she undoubtedly did. If you desire the sexiest of the hottest girls within those situations, you absolutely have to catch their eye so that they choose you rather than the other way around.

The subsequent Monday, I returned and bumped into her as she was entering. She recognized me and gave me a direct look, but a Japanese man in a fancy suit mounted up next to her and grabbed her. I returned a further two times, but I never saw her again. She must be gone, I think.

In order to acquire any remarkable beauty, it has been my strategy to get their LineID.  They frequently disappear from the best bars but occasionally reappear by hitting your Line up. That explains I suppose, why the sexiest women are always spotted in public but never appear to be accessible. The sexiest girls can support themselves through social media, recurring clients, sponsors, etc. These days, the hottest of the hottest are more likely to choose you as a client.

Top GoGo Bars in Patpong

It’s worthwhile to see Kings Castle 1 and Kings Castle 3, and more when in Patpong.  Go to the next lane after that to visit XXX-Lounge, which is above the Patpong Sex Museum. These locations would be considered Tier 1 by me. Tier 2 bars worth visiting before purchasing a beer include Bada Bing, The Strip, and one other club whose name I can’t recall but is also located on the same street as XXX lounge. Take a good look around if you don’t like the performers, then leave without purchasing a drink and go somewhere else. All of these nightclubs are half a mile apart.

It’s also worthwhile to see Pink Panther, which is located on the same street as Bada Bing and the Strip. The all-men portion of the soi, however, requires you to pass muscular, small Thai males without shirts gyrating whilst staring at you in an attempt to entice you into the gay 555 bar. Just act as though you’re looking at your smartphone as you cross the street. In fact, I think this is a fantastic strategy to use if you come along with a group of pushy Bangkok Ladyboys, Just pull out your cellphone and glance at it as you walk by, and they’ll likely avoid grabbing you and refrain from saying anything to you.

Bangkok Bachelor Party at Nana Plaza

When it comes to Gogos, Nana Plaza is the most popular attraction in Bangkok. With all bars open, things are virtually normal again. Since they are not required to function as eateries due to earlier regulations, bikinis are also the norm. The biggest and best nightclubs in the area are pumping on weekends, and it can be challenging to find a spot even during the busiest hours of 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. Even on slow evenings, there are few customers and only half the females are there.

Perhaps if some Nana titty bars start at eight o’clock, it is recommended to arrive at nine o’clock or even 10 because girls are still arriving. By 10:00, clients start to fill up the establishments.

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Top Bars in Nana Plaza

The same proprietors own BillBoard and Butterflies, two identically sized gogos on the third level.  Same owners, Rainbow 4 and 5, two dual gogos on the top floor, primarily Asian clients.

I adore this tiny establishment, Spankys, on the second level. Even on cold days around rush hours, it is constantly filled. The first floor has Twisters. It’s a different twofold bar that I hardly ever went to before. It is right now my fave.

Geisha, alongside Butterflies, on the third floor, is another great GoGo Bar to check out. There are numerous girls in the large triple nightclub. But be warned, the ladies are far too combative and intrusive.

Nana Plaza in Bangkok
Nana Plaza in Bangkok

Explore the Unexplored

You are welcome to poke your nose into any of the smaller establishments that aren’t listed here just because, in contrast to the Arab bars on Soi Cowboy, they are run effectively and have clear prices. Take note that I regard the first level as the bottom floor,  next, subsequent floor, etc. This can be referred to differently depending on where you are from.

In conclusion, the nightclubs are beginning to return to virtual normalcy and can host a Bangkok Bachelor Party quite well. Despite the continuing difficulties in hiring skilled employees, particularly performers and servers, these problems are fading. The problem with waiters is that although they are instructed to be assertive, there is a thin line separating assertiveness and ruining the amazing process. All four and five bartenders at Billboard, Butterfly, and Rainbow are good, and you may even enjoy pleasure with everyone. I usually give them a gift. You just have to battle off the pleading demands, overall meddling, and scammy conduct of old ugly waiters at Geisha, Twister, and Crazy House, which wears you out and destroys the atmosphere.

Additionally, I’ve noticed that most clients right now seem to be expatriates or seasoned travelers that just frequent the bars and avoid the BF ladies. Therefore, even when on evenings when it can seem to be very crowded, the bulk of ladies struggle to make any money because they will not get BF.

Bang for your Buck

You can get a VIP All-Access Pass to BangkokPunters to know exactly where to go. There are a lot of people in Bangkok on weekends. Even finding a seat in the larger clubs during rush hour might be challenging. The bars of the second tier is still in constant strife. All these clubs are silent on some days, and the lower-tier locations resemble abandoned buildings. Most punters like me, once we have explored these GoGo Bars for a Bangkok Bachelor Party, we head on over to visit Pattaya Walking Street to explore more.

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