Nana Plaza Prices have been known to fluctuate a lot. During peak season times they can get ridiculous for the general tourist but as a punter, you should know exactly what you need to pay. 

Check-In a Girl Friendly Hotel on Arrival

Thinking of coming to Bangkok soon and check out the girls of Thailand? Then it’s important that you know what to pay these girls so that you don’t get ripped off with Nana Plaza Prices. When you arrive in the Big Mango, you will immediately want to head on to Sukhumvit road. The best Girl Friendly Hotels in Bangkok are here and they should set you back by around 1800 Baht a night for a plush 5-star hotel. You can also opt for a cheaper place up to 500 Baht a day. 

Picking Up Street Freelancers

Once you have checked in, head on to the streets. Take a walk around 8pm onwards and take in the sights. There are girls everywhere. You’ll find freelancers standing in very obvious corners. They’ll be trying to get your attention to take them to your hotel. If you’re in the mood for some fun, get a girl for short time and pay her 1500 – 2000 Baht. You may need to shell out another 300 Baht for a hotel nearby. 

How Much to Pay in Bangkok

Check out the Nana Plaza Prices

When you’re done with the freelancer scene, head over to Nana Plaza. Nana Plaza on Soi 4 is the ultimate adult playground. There are 4 levels of GoGo Bars that have girls waiting to entertain you. Some of the best GoGo Bars to go to are AngelWitch or Billboard. Billboard is a little more expensive but totally worth it. You can also check out Lollipop on the ground floor. Beer in these bars is around 150 – 200 Baht and you will need to buy a couple of lady drinks to enjoy complete access to girls sitting alongside you. Check out my article on What Happens Inside a GoGo Bar to know what you can expect. 
If you like a girl inside a GoGo Bar, then talk to the mamasan and arrange to pay a bar fine. The bar fine is a fee you need to pay to the bar to allow the girl to leave her job to spend time with you. Bar fines are fixed and very rarely negotiable. It does not include the fee that you have to pay the girl for spending her time with you. 

Nana Plaza Prices for Barfines

When negotiating with a GoGo Bar Girl, always be very specific of what you want her to do. You can be as direct as you want to be. She knows what you want. But if you don’t tell her the specifics, there is no chance she is going to know what to do with you. So speak up and be open about it. Once you have clarified your requirement, talk to her about money. GoGo Bar girls are generally pricier than freelancers. You can spend up to 2500 Baht for a short time for a GoGo Bar Girl during peak hours.

However, if you wait for closing hours, and the girl you like isn’t booked for the night, she may be willing to negotiate a good deal up to 3000 Baht for the entire night. Nana Plaza Prices are pretty standard here so you should know what you are paying for.

Nana Plaza Prices

Ladyboys in Nana Plaza

If you are looking for some more adventure, there are plenty of Ladyboys in Bangkok that have cheaper Nana Plaza Prices. They are available for you to try out too. Bangkok and Thailand are very accepting of Ladyboys so you won’t feel bad when you talk to them or take them back to your hotel. Ladyboys in Bangkok are very well capable of showing you a good time. I have often noticed that most ladyboys are far more open to doing things that girls aren’t. You can end up spending up to 2000 Baht for ladyboys in Bangkok for a few hours. You can surely negotiate with them so that you get a good ‘bang’ for your buck.

Watch Out for Scams

One of the most important things to keep in mind when exploring Nana Plaza prices is that there are a number of people around that would want to scam you. Pay close attention to the bar tab. Make sure that you’re paying for what you ordered only. There are plenty of tourists that get scammed into this and end up trying to fight a battle they are going to lose. The last thing you need is to get into a fight with the people that run Nana Plaza. They’re great people but they also know how to put up their fists if they think you need it. 

Nana Plaza Girls

Beer Bars in Nana Plaza

If you don’t want to meet girls, head on to BigDogs or Hooters in Nana Plaza where you can enjoy a beer without the constant attention of girls coming and pestering you for money or attention. These beer bars are a great place to take in the sights of drunken tourists and girls that wear dresses that can make you go mad. Beers are cheap, the food is yummy and the girls are still the tastiest treat around. If you’re looking for a video guide on How Much to Pay in Bangkok, we have you covered.

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