When you visit Bangkok, you will be presented with a number of options to meet Thai Bar Girls. There are too many options to choose from but if you know exactly what you want, then you are sure to find the perfect girl that will show you a good time.

Some Thai Bar Girls are willing to do almost anything to make sure that you leave Bangkok satisfied. This means that if you have the money to spend then you are sure to find the perfect girl that will go out of their way to ensure you get your rocks polished.

Thai Bar Girls
Thai Bar Girls

When I visit Bangkok, a lot of people tell me to go do a soapy massage or go to a blowjob bar. While these are good options, I still think that the GoGo Bars are the best in Bangkok. The pleasure of being able to see a girl dance for you, talking to her, negotiating a price with her and taking her back to your hotel is something that excites me a lot.

GoGo Bar Girls in Bangkok
GoGo Bar Girls in Bangkok

Enjoying a Beer at these Bars

One of my favorite places to pick up Thai Bar Girls is Big Dogs. It’s this beer girly bar just outside Nana Plaza. The reason I like this place is that there are a lot of girls to choose from. I generally sit down at the counter that overlooks the street. I order a Chang Beer and stare at the girls walking up and down.

Taking in the sights at Nana Plaza is a lot of fun. It’s great to see other mongers like me approach girls on the street and pick them up. I feel sad for the brown skin folk because Thai girls tend to not give them too much attention.

Models for Rent in Bangkok
Models for Rent in Bangkok

Taking in the Sights

I’ve seen some black women come in groups and try to find a monger. It may appeal to a certain type of monger but not me. The primary reason I come to Bangkok is to meet Thai thin spinners. African girls are not my type.

While drinking my beer I take a quick look around the bar to see if there are any girls I like. I met this cutie once that sat with me and we laughed at all the people that walked by trying to pick up other women. The atmosphere at Big Dogs is perfect because the beer is cheap and the music is amazing.

Take a Girl to Your Hotel
Take a Girl to Your Hotel

What Thai Bar Girls Say

If you plan on going to a beer bar to meet Thai girls, you should be aware of the hidden meanings behind everything they say. This cheat sheet should help you understand what Thai Bar Girls mean when they say something specific to you.

Seductive Girls in Thailand
Seductive Girls in Thailand

Written below are some of the most common things that Thai Bar Girls say to mongers. I don’t want to say that these are the final thoughts of these girls but I want you to be able to read between the lines so that you know what to expect.

I in Bangkok only 1 Week: This means that the girl has come back to Bangkok after a week-long holiday in Phuket with another customer.

This is First Day Working Bar: What she means to say is she needs the money because she has no other man in her life.

Can I Sit with You? She means to say that she wants to get a couple of lady drinks and make money for the bar.

This is my Friend: Buy her a couple of drinks too.

What Hotel do you stay in? She’s asking how rich you are.

Can we go to the Market? She wants you to buy her something expensive.

I send a message to my friend: Shes arranging her next customer.

This is my brother: She’s really telling you that this is her husband.

Of course, there are more one-liners that these Thai Bar Girls say a lot and I need you guys to be mindful of the kind of lies they can tell you. Stay safe and always insist that it should be your way or the highway.

Nana Plaza Girls are Naughty
Nana Plaza Girls are Naughty

Most first-timers in Bangkok will be scared of what’s happening around them. But I need you to know that if you keep your head high and think well before everything you do, you will end up having a great time.

How to Spot Sexy Thai Bar Girls

A lot of guys think that the sexy part of a girl is only her looks. I don’t want you to settle only for looks. Most Thai girls look sexy. You need to look for the ones that are sexy in bed too. So ask the girl anything you want. She needs to know that you are there for something specific. If she thinks you dominate the conversation, she will know not to cheat you. Be stubborn in your demands and don’t be shy. Be erotically specific to what you want.

Bar Girls Love Shots
Bar Girls Love Shots

How Much to Pay for Thai Bar Girls in Bangkok

Never think that the prices these girls quote can not be negotiated. Learn how to negotiate with a girl by reading about my post How to Rent a Prostitute in Thailand. These are the prices you should be paying to hire a girl in Bangkok.

Beer Bars
Bar Fine: 500-600 baht
Short Time: 1000-1500 THB
Long Time: 2000-2500 THB

Go Go Bars
Bar Fine: 600 – 1000 THB
ST 2000-2500 THB
LT 3000-5000 THB
Singing with the Girls
Singing with the Girls

If the bar scene is not your type of thing and if you are looking out for something more serious like dating or a long term relationship, then check out online dating at Thai Friendly in Bangkok.

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