Ever wanted to know how you can meet a girl on Thai Friendly for sex and not pay her for anything (almost)? Here’s how.

Bangkok is a big city and there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to selecting a girl for the night. But the problem is that with so many options, there’s also a chance of you getting disappointed with a girl’s performance. We all know that Thai Friendly is big in Thailand. Bangkok mongers like you can be left high and dry if you don’t know how to select a girl online. I’m going to solve this problem and show you what’s the best way to meet a girl from Thai Friendly in Bangkok.

ThaiFriendly has Hot Girls
ThaiFriendly has Hot Girls

Girls on Thai Friendly are always up for a night of fun. There’s no dearth of them online and as simple as it may seem, it is always advised that you take your time and select the girl that is going to rock your world. Enlisted are my pointers on how you can score big with a really hot and co-operative spinner.

Create a Great Profile for Yourself

When you sign up for a Thai Friendly account, be sure to put as much information as you want about yourself. You are free to add personal stuff but I would strongly advise against it. Keep a decent photo of yourself so that the girl knows what she can expect. Do not upload pics of your manhood. The last thing you want is for her to say no because she could be dick scared depending on your size.

Don't be fooled by their looks.
Don’t be fooled by their looks.

Let your profile talk about your preferences, where you are from and what you are expecting. It’s important to let the girl understand that you are going to be in Bangkok for action and you have the money to spend on mongering.

Say You’re on a Long Trip

Most girls on Thai Friendly are always going to want to connect with a guy that is planning to stay in Bangkok for at least a week. It does not matter if you only have a layover but say that you’re going to stay for a while and tour Thailand. Girls love this because they immediately get the idea that if they impress you, they can travel with you.

Use Filters on Thai Friendly

It’s important that you use the correct filters to understand what kind of girls are available. Using the right filters will be the deciding factor between a girl that provides a mediocre level of service and one that is ready for the performance of her lifetime. Look out for keywords like PSE (porn star experience) or A+ (A level service).

Use the Right Filters
Use the Right Filters

There are additional filters you can use to narrow down the color of the hair she should have, the size of her waist, etc. IMO, don’t search for looks that are 100% babelike and instead try to read the bio of the girl to understand what she is ok with and what is a no on her list.

Plenty of Girls to Select
Plenty of Girls to Select

Connecting and Messaging

Send connection requests to as many girls you like. The goal here is to ensure that you have plenty of options to choose from. When you make connection requests, not all girls will reply. So try to make as many as possible. But ensure that all the girls you send a request to fit the profile of the girl that you like.

Send a Hello Message

Girls in Bangkok and around Thailand may not speak really good English. So when you’re sending a message to her on Thai Friendly, try to use simple lucid English to ensure that she understands what you’re trying to say.

ThaiFriendly is Very Popular
ThaiFriendly is Very Popular

Your hello message should include a very basic introduction. Do not just say Hi and expect a reply. Share basic information about you and how long you will be staying in Bangkok. Make it clear that you want to meet a girl for long time duration and you plan on touring with her around Thailand. Most girls will immediately reply to your message. Under no circumstances, you should share your hotel name with them.

Avoid the Ladyboys on Thai Friendly

There are plenty of ladyboys on Thai Friendly that are post-op and they pose as women on the site. Ensure that you ask the girl if she is a ladyboy or a girl. They do not get offended. Most girls will write their information on their profiles so you should get a fair idea of what they are. Be careful of the shemales in Bangkok unless you’re into the whole ladyboy fun thing.

Negotiate the Right Price

Girls on Thai Friendly think that they can ask for any price. They often say that they are not freelancers and are just there to meet guys. Some also say they are studying and need to make some money for their college tuition. Do not be fooled into this, 99% of girls in Bangkok on Thai Friendly are escorts or freelancers.

Read Her Profile Completely
Read Her Profile Completely

Always negotiate the right price. Check out this article about the Cost of Girls in Bangkok so that you know what is the right price to pay for her services.

Remember, you can always negotiate. Think with your head and keep a tab of your budget. Do not cross your budget just because you think the girl is super hot. You will find more hot girls in Bangkok. They’re everywhere.

The First Meeting

If you connect with a girl online and decide to meet her, ask her to first join you for a drink at a local bar. This way, if you do not like her, you can see from afar, pay for your drink and leave. This is a popular method that most punters use to avoid meeting girls that they don’t like in person.

Many pictures of girls on their Thai Friendly profile are photoshopped and some girls are quite photogenic so in real life, they may not appear to be very pretty as you expected. Asking the girl to meet you in a public place is always advisable.

Online Thai Babes
Online Thai Babes

Take Her to your Hotel

Tell the girl that you want to see how good she is in bed and then accordingly you will decide. You can use a carrot to find out if you want her to accompany you on your “tour of Thailand’. Never commit to anything before that. She is going to work extra hard because she knows this is an opportunity to make more money and get a free trip in return. After she is done, tell her thanks and let her leave. Say that you will call her by pretending to take down her number. Say that you will connect with her later on Line.

You may want to pay her for a cab ride so that she knows that you are serious about calling her back.

Look for Verified Photos on Thai Friendly
Look for Verified Photos on Thai Friendly

Final Thoughts on Thai Friendly

All the girls on Thai Friendly are ready to take your money. But only a few are keen on earning it. Always ensure that you get the best bang for your buck by taking time off and reviewing all the girls that you meet on the app. There could be times when things don’t work out for you online. You can always get your rocks polished at one of the Best BJ Bars in Bangkok.

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