If it’s your first time to BKK, you can do it. You do need to read this blog as much as you can, be familiar with where you want to go and the prices. This place is changing so you need to know what is still open and what the going rates are. Also, learn how to use the blog’s “Search” function.

If it’s your first time to BKK and you just want a sample of this beautiful hobby in this wonderful city, don’t bother asking for tips or suggestions from local people as to where’s the best place to go. Their opinions are no different than what’s already on the site. There are many options but it’s your fantasy.

Have plenty of money for what you want to do. If you are here for a short time, pamper yourself. I am not saying to be wasteful with your money but if you find a place/girl that you like, go for two girls and it’s okay to blow your budget a little bit. Have fun in your very short time but keep track of how much you are spending. If you are buying drinks, just make sure you look at your bills.

Make the Most of Your Bangkok Layover

Have an idea of the exchange rates. The rates that you get at the airport will be significantly worse than what you can get in town.

Determine transportation from and to the airport. With all the transportation issues and line ups at the airport counter, immigration, security, passport control, I think you need to leave Sukhumvit a minimum three hours before your flight’s departure time. Anything less and it will be very rushed. If you don’t have to check in or buy souvenirs from Duty-Free or anything else, then you can comfortably do it in less time. There is a blog post from a couple of weeks ago where I was able to get downtown and back to the airport in a four-hour layover. You need balls of steel to do that! Check out that report as there are some good tips to make your trip efficient.

Depending on the time you show up, the selection of girls at the bars may not be great. Knowing that, set your expectations accordingly.

If you have a layover in Bangkok, chances are you have probably been traveling for a while and are fatigued. I had some Cialis in my bag in case I was too tired but hate taking it as it gives me a headache and I really didn’t want to get on another plane with a painful headache. Thankfully I didn’t need it on this trip but you may want to consider having something nearby if you need it.

Have a game plan before you land. A short layover is perfect for a sprint. Whether you are trying to get as many pops in as possible or trying to do as much as you can in the time allotted, this is a sprint and you need to be a rockstar. Having a plan will help if you get to a location and for whatever reason. The girls are ugly, they have no ice cold beer, the only pretty girl looks like a ladyboy. Whatever just skip this location and go to the next one on your list

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