Reviews, stories, and experiences about nightlife in Bangkok with freelancers, gogo bar girls, escorts, ladyboys, and coyotes.

A lot of guys keep asking me what is a girlfriend experience? I like to tell them that it’s everything they need. But I’ve noticed that they always have follow up questions to my answer. So, I’m going to try to explain to you in my best possible way. This way you should know what exactly is this Bangkok girlfriend experience anyway! GFE or the Girlfriend Experience is more of a lifesty;e choice many men…

It was an unusually hot day and I felt way too dehydrated than usual. Generally, I would have been looking for Bangkok Girls in the evening at my usual jaunts like Nana Plaza or Soi Cowboy, but today I felt different. I wasn’t tired. Maybe I was just lazy. I wanted to find the best girls in Bangkok and this is the first one that matched all expectations. Where to Find the Best Girls in…

When it comes to getting your pipes cleaned, going to a blowjob bar is the best place to unwind. This Afterskool review is based on my personal experience. I love to get my rocks polished and the girls here know exactly how to do that. Afterskool Bangkok is basically a post-work bar where working Thai...

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As far as choices are concerned with staying in Bangkok, the options are numerous. Out of all the available hotels and hostels to stay at, choosing one that suits your comfort and that which is budget-friendly could be a tough task. Bangkok is one of those places in the world which is suitable for any type of vacation that you want. Whether you are here for rocking wild nights or comforting Sunday afternoons, this city…

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