If you’re thinking about mongering in Bangkok, then you cannot go wrong with this list of girl friendly hotels. Please note that these hotels have been shortlisted because of their proximity near Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy, and Patpong.

If you require personalized assistance, I would be eager to help you out. Reach out to me on Twitter and we can talk more. For now, this is the only list you will ever need to find the best guest and girl friendly hotels in Bangkok.

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Royal Asia Lodge



Located in Soi 8, this is one of those super friendly girl friendly hotels that know how to value their customers. It’s close to all the essential BTS station and is centrally located which makes it the perfect place to unwind with a girl.

Legacy Express Bangkok



Nothing spectacular here but it serves its purpose well. They have modern rooms fitted with a kind sized bed and all the amenities you need. Bringing a guest back here will not be a problem.

Skyy Hotel



Located in Soi 1, this is a plush guest friendly hotel that knows how to take care of you. The rooms are spacious and great and have an amazing view too. It’s nestled inside a little which makes it the perfect place if you need some peace and quiet.

iCheck Inn Sukhumvit



Located just 2 minutes away from Nana Plaza, this hotel has some of the softest beds I have ever tried. The hotel is extremely guest friendly and has super-fast wi-fi connectivity too.

White Orchard Inn



This is probably the cheapest option you have and is located right in front of Nana Plaza. This is highly budget-friendly and if you have no problem with guests coming and going through the lobby all the time, only then consider staying here.

Ibis Bangkok



Ibis is a great hotel to stay at. It’s super clean, has all the amenities you need, and is also a 3-star property. You can bring as many guests as you want back to your room and no one will say anything. It has stellar internet and is only 300 meters away from the nearest BTS metro station.

Woraburi Hotel



This is a great 4-star property that has a beautiful rooftop pool. It’s near the main roads and you can literally walk to any tourist place due to its close proximity. I know it to have spacious rooms that and highly comfortable beds.

Majestic Grand Hotel



Majestic Grand is a super large hotel in Soi 2. It is extremely close to Nana Plaza and super guest friendly. It has modern rooms and it’s nothing short of a five-star experience. They also have a jacuzzi bathtub which you can use along with your guest.

Hotel Solo



Hotel Solo is a bit smaller than the Majestic Grande but it has very modern and comfortable rooms. You can opt for a queen or king-size bed depending on how many guests you want to bring back with you.

Boss Suites



This is a highly reviewed hotel that has everything you could ever ask for. The view from the rooms is amazing and you get enough sunlight in the morning. While you can walk to Nana Plaza from here, you should take a taxi.

Amari Boulevard



While this may be a relatively older hotel, they have maintained it very well over the years. It’s a great 4-star hotel that has a wide collection of rooms. and an even better collection of dining options. It is highly guest friendly and is located very close to Nana station.

JW Marriot Bangkok Guest Friendly Hotels



This is a 5-star property and you get exactly what you are paying for. The amenities are perfect and if you thinking about whether they are guest friendly, the answer is yes! It is definitely not cheap but has the highest standard of luxury in Bangkok.

Fraser Suites



Fraser Suites is not a hotel but instead is a super luxury service apartment located in the heart of Soi 11. It is super modern and is fitted with all the necessities you need to make you feel right at home. There is no guest joiner fee which means you can bring as many people as you can back with you.

Dream Hotel


Soi Cowboy

As the name suggests, this. is where all your dreams come true. It is located minutes away from Soi Cowboy and is surely a great place to relax and unwind. They have amazing king-sized beds.

Adelphi Suites



This is the hotel I recommend the most. It is situated in the heart of the city and is within walking distance to Nana Plaza and the infamous Ruamchitt Hotel and Thermae Cafe. It has a great roof-top swimming pool and the breakfast here is amazing at their monsoon cafe.

Heaven @ 4



This bright red hotel is located close to Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy. The rooms are clean comfortable and well furnished. It’s super guest friendly too. It doesn’t have a swimming pool or many amenities but it’s the perfect place to bring guests back with you.

List of All Bangkok Guest Friendly Hotels

If the above list of recommended hotels doest make the cut, here is a list of all the hotels in Bangkok that you need to know that is guest friendly. take a look at them and see how they fit into your budget.

Happy Ending Thai Massage

Bangkok Guest Friendly Hotels Near Nana Plaza & Soi Cowboy

White Orchid Inn Nana 1$13★★
White Orchid Inn Nana 2$17★★
Sam’s Lodge Hotel$21★★
Honey House 2$23★★
Oasis Inn Bangkok Hotel$24★★★
Parkway Inn$25★★★
Royal Asia Lodge Sukhumvit$26★★★
Smart Suites Hotel$26★★★
Unico Express @ Sukhumvit – Bangkok$27★★★
Boss Suites Nana$28★★★½
Studio Sukhumvit 11 by iCheck Inn$28★★★
Woraburi Sukhumvit Hotel$28★★★
Petals Inn$29★★½
Darjelling Boutique$30★★★
Best Comfort Bangkok Hotel$31★★★½
Heaven at 4 Hotel$31★★★½
Asoke Suites Hotel$33★★★
iCheck inn Sukhumvit Soi 2$33★★★½
Pinnacle Dream$33★★
Sawasdee Hotel Sukhumvit Soi 8$33★★★
President Park Hotel$34★★★★
Royal Ivory Sukhumvit Nana by Compass Hospitality$34★★★
D Varee Diva Bally Sukhumvit Hotel$35★★★½
OYO 108 Ruamchitt Plaza Hotel$35★★★
S33 Compact Sukhumvit Hotel$36★★★
ibis Bangkok Sukhumvit 4$37★★★
Kingston Suites Hotel Bangkok$37★★★★
Miami Hotel$37
Omni Tower Sukhumvit Nana by Compass Hospitality$37★★★★
Salil Hotel Sukhumvit Soi 8$37★★★½
24 Inn$38★★½
Drop Inn Bangkok$38★★
Legacy Express Sukhumvit by Compass Hospitality$38★★★
Sacha’s Hotel Uno$38★★★½
Citichic Sukhumvit 13 Bangkok by Compass Hospitality$39★★★½
The Fusions Suites Hotel$39★★★½
Maxim’s Inn$39★★★
NANA Hotel Bangkok$39★★★½
Royal President Hotel$40★★★★
Majestic Suites Hotel$40★★★
Ambassador Hotel Bangkok$41★★★★
City Lodge Soi 9$41★★★
Le Fenix Sukhumvit$41★★★
Skyy Hotel$41★★★★
Tai-Pan Hotel$42★★★½
Hotel Mermaid Bangkok$43★★★★
Manhattan Hotel$43★★★½
Admiral Suites Bangkok by Compass Hospitality$44★★★★
Aspen Suites Hotel Sukhumvit 2 Bangkok by Compass Hospitality$45★★★★
Hotel Solo Sukhumvit 2$45★★★★
SM Grande Residence$45★★★
Grand President Hotel Bangkok$47★★★★
Davis Hotel$48★★★★
The Dawin Hotel Bangkok$48★★★½
The Key Sukhumvit Bangkok by Compass Hospitality$48★★★½
Amora Neoluxe Suites$49★★★★
Citrus Sukhumvit 13 Nana Bangkok by Compass Hospitality$49★★★★
Citypoint Hotel$49★★★
On 8 Sukhumvit Nana Bangkok by Compass Hospitality$49★★★
Bless Residence$51★★★★½
In Residence Bangkok Sukhumvit$51★★★★½
Dream Hotel Bangkok$52★★★★★
Dynasty Grande Hotel$52★★★★
Golden Tulip Mandison Suites$52★★★★
SilQ Bangkok Hotel$52★★★★
Atlas Bangkok Hotel$54★★½
Citadines Sukhumvit 8 Bangkok$55★★★★
FuramaXclusive Asoke Hotel Bangkok$55★★★★½
Galleria 10 Sukhumvit by Compass Hospitality$56★★★★
Admiral Premier Bangkok by Compass Hospitality$58★★★★
Centre Point Sukhumvit 10 Hotel$59★★★★
Citadines Sukhumvit 16 Bangkok$59★★★★
Citadines Sukhumvit 23 Bangkok$59★★★★
Citadines Sukhumvit 11 Bangkok$61★★★★½
Grand Swiss Sukhumvit 11 by Compass Hospitality$62★★★★
Sukhumvit Suites Hotel$62★★★
Boulevard Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit$65★★★★
Park Plaza Bangkok Soi 18$68★★★★
Park Plaza Sukhumvit Bangkok$68★★★★
CNC Residence$70★★★★
Phachara Suites Sukhumvit$72★★★★½
S15 Sukhumvit Hotel$74★★★★
S31 Sukhumvit Hotel$76★★★★★
Column Bangkok$82★★★★½
Jasmine City Hotel$83★★★★½
Grand Mercure Bangkok Asoke Residence$85★★★★★
Aloft Bangkok Sukhumvit 11 Hotel$86★★★★
Fraser Suites Sukhumvit – Bangkok$87★★★★★
Radisson Suites Bangkok Sukhumvit$87★★★★★
Holiday Inn Bangkok Sukhumvit$90★★★★
Maduzi Hotel$92★★★★★
Grande Centre Point Hotel Terminal 21$102★★★★★
The Continent Bangkok by Compass Hospitality$103★★★★★
Shama Sukhumvit$110★★★★
Adelphi Suites Hotel$114★★★★
The Landmark Hotel Bangkok$114★★★★★
Pullman Bangkok Grande Sukhumvit$122★★★★★
Four Points by Sheraton Bangkok, Sukhumvit 15$128★★★★
Emporium Suites by Chatrium$139★★★★★
JW Marriott Hotel Bangkok$173★★★★★
The Westin Grande Sukhumvit Hotel$181★★★★★
Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit$188★★★★★

I Found the Best Hotel Deals in Nana Plaza

I have put together some. of the best deals you can find in Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy.

Nana Plaza Bars
Party Thai Girls

Bangkok Guest Friendly Hotels Near Patpong

Nantra Silom Hotel$16★★★
Hostel Na Nara$22★★★
Wall Street Inn Hotel$24★★★
Take A Nap (Hostel)$26★★
Lub d Bangkok Silom Hostel$27★★★
Baan Silom Soi 3$29★★★½
Cordia Residence Saladaeng$29★★★
Silom Art Hostel$29★★
Lullaby Inn Silom$31★★★
Silom City Hotel$31★★★½
Mirth Sathorn Hotel$32★★★½
The Inn Saladaeng$34★★★
Glitz Hotel Bangkok$35★★★
The Bavana Surawong Bangkok$36★★★
Amber Boutique Hotel Silom$37★★★
D Varee Diva Bally Silom Bangkok Hotel$38★★★
Suriwongse Hotel$38★★★
De Arni Hotel$48★★★½
Narai Hotel$48★★★★
Sabai Sathorn Serviced Apartment$48★★★★
Baan K Managed by Bliston Hotel$49★★★
Le Siam Hotel$49★★★★
Rose Hotel$49★★★
The Tarntawan Hotel Surawong Bangkok$43★★★★
Tawana Bangkok Hotel$50★★★★
Furama Silom Hotel Bangkok$51★★★★
The Siam Heritage Hotel$52★★★★
Triple Two Silom Boutique Hotel$58★★★★
Novotel Bangkok Fenix Silom Hotel$61★★★★
Bandara Suites Silom$65★★★★
Holiday Inn Bangkok Silom$67★★★★
Siri Sathorn Hotel$68★★★★★
Centre Point Silom River View Hotel$72★★★★
Centre Point Hotel Chidlom$82★★★★
Grande Centre Point Hotel Ploenchit$88★★★★★
Courtyard By Marriott Bangkok$95★★★★½
Pullman Bangkok Hotel G$98★★★★★
Ascott Sathorn Bangkok$111★★★★½
Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel & Towers$111★★★★★
Lebua at State Tower$119★★★★★
Mayfair, Bangkok – Marriott Executive Apartments$123★★★★★
Le Méridien Bangkok$129★★★★★
Tower Club at Lebua Hotel$146★★★★★
Crowne Plaza Bangkok Lumpini Park$152★★★★★
Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok$153★★★★★
W Bangkok$169★★★★★
InterContinental Bangkok$173★★★★★
Conrad Bangkok Hotel$178★★★★★
The Athénée Hotel, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Bangkok$185★★★★★
Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok Hotel$225★★★★★
The Peninsula Bangkok$228★★★★★

I Found the Best Hotel Deals in Patpong to Help You

Here is my list of the best guest friendly hotels in the Patpong region.

Ping Pong Shows in Patpong
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