So, it’s finally happening. After a number of canceled plans, you are visiting this city and you are trying to find Bangkok Apartments for Rent. You’re already dreaming about the fun that you all will have. But have you decided on a place to stay yet?

People often look out for cheap rented apartments in Bangkok and this article will help you in finding the same. Also, if you are planning on moving to Bangkok for a long period of time for whatsoever purpose, you definitely need a good and cheap place to live in. In the hustle-bustle of this exciting city, finding the right place can be difficult. That is if you are not aware of how to choose one. When it comes down to options, there is no shortage, but choosing the right one? It takes time, effort, and the right set of knowledge. Let’s move through this article and help you live in the right location according to your set budget. 

Bangkok Apartments for Rent

The Most Basic Apartments: Preferred by people

These are the apartments suited only for staying, thereby meaning no kitchen. You will be provided one room along with an attached bathroom and balcony. Along with this, you will have a cozy bed. It will also include a closet to keep your belongings, and a desk and chair in some apartments. The best part about these cheap apartments is that they are still clean and comfortable. 

Targeting The Location First

Before hunting for an apartment, you need to be clear about the location you wish to live in. Would you prefer to live in the center of the town or away from it? The location that you choose affects the money you would spend. If you are planning to rent an apartment in the most famous parts of the city then get ready to spend a good amount of cash.

The most popular areas including Sukhumvit, Thong Lor, Ekkamai, Siam, and Silom are located near each other. These areas offer everything you could possibly need but a high price for the stay. If you are looking for cheap rental apartments, then move further and you will easily find the same. Living far away from the city center will involve traveling in metros, but if you are ok with that then you can easily find places half the price you generally find in areas like Sukhumvit. 

Bangkok Apartments for Rent

Sukhumvit Bangkok Apartments For Rent

Sukhumvit is the area in Bangkok that offers any and everything that you can possibly desire. The main reason behind Sukhumvit being a major choice is the convenience it offers. Since it’s the most popular area of Bangkok the prices are quite high. But when you move downwards, you can easily rent condos. Go further from the main street, and you will see the prices getting reduced. 

Victory Monument Bangkok Apartments For Rent

Victory monument is one of the best locations to live in since you get easy access to transportation. It also has great Thai food and entertainment you have been craving for so long. You can easily find a number of apartments with all the necessary services there. Also, there are plenty of restaurants and cafes in the area for you to visit and have a great time. 

Bangkok Apartments for Rent

Soi Ari And Saphan Kwai Bangkok Apartments For Rent

Moving towards the north of victory monument, you will come across this area that offers plenty of apartments for rent. You can also take a look at the guest houses present in the area. Do not miss out on the amazing street food offered by this area at the time of visiting and evaluating the places. For all the foodies out there, this place has a lot to offer. It’s one of the most clean and comfortable areas to live in. 

For getting even cheaper apartments on rent, try to target the local areas of Bangkok. These include Ramkhamhaen or Lat Prao or Ratchada or Pinklao, and Thapra, or Bang Na. 

People living in these areas generally prefer taking buses or taxis for traveling. Lucky for you, all these areas are working areas. Thereby meaning finding an apartment in any of them wouldn’t be a tough task. In the end, it all comes down to the budget you have along with the environment you prefer. 

Let’s Evaluate Bangkok Apartments For Rent 

Let’s be honest, finding a place to live is no easy task. It involves a lot of searching and comparing. I know that you must be looking for places near Nana Plaza or Soi Cowboy. But there are other places too. Once you have narrowed down the areas you would prefer to live in, it’s time to compare them on the basis of various parameters including price, comfort, distance, etc. If you plan on booking an apartment online (which most people generally avoid) you can also do the same. Since a number of factors affect the choice of the apartment including the distance from public transportation which assures ease in traveling from a place to another, booking while being in the city is far more convenient. 

Thailand Rent House

Also, what if the place that you chose to live in looks perfectly fine and ends up being a great choice but the surrounding is far from what you initially expected? Anything could be troubling including construction noises, cleanliness issues, availability of restaurants, bars, etc. 

Plenty Of Options Makes It Easier

The best part about apartment hunting in Bangkok is that there is no shortage of apartments. This means you will easily find an apartment in your preferred neighborhood without much search. Make sure you are prepared with the list of questions you need to ask once you reach there. You need to make sure you are well aware of the services they are providing in the rental price. 

After searching, analyzing, and comparing the apartments, you will finally come across the one you would want to live in. Once you do, it’s time to sign the necessary documents. You can also check out listings of places coming up for rent on Twitter.

Discussing The Minimum Rental Period

Firstly, you need to be clear about the minimum rental period. People often demand shorter rental periods in the beginning, say one month. You must note that the rent is often more for shorter rental periods than longer ones such as a year or half. Again, it depends on the purpose of moving in. But if you are sure you are here for a long period of time, and you are satisfied with what the apartment offers, then it’s time to consider a longer rental period. 

Documents You Need For Renting An Apartment

For renting an apartment in Bangkok, you need to submit a copy of your passport and one month rent in advance. Some apartments might demand a tourist visa, others will just need the passport copy. You can be assured that renting an apartment is not a lengthy process that requires you to submit a number of documents in Bangkok.

Terms Of Contract

As far as the rent is concerned, it is always paid in cash and a late fee is often taken in the case of delay. If you are looking forward to saving your 500 baht, then make sure you are always on time. A rental contract is issued but is usually in Thai but you can ask them to convert in English and send the same. Make sure you check the condition of everything present in the place in the beginning to ensure you move out without hassle or misunderstandings. 

If you plan on moving out, you need to let the landlord know a month prior to ensure you get your deposit. Once your day of moving out arrives, he will check the condition of everything present in the room to ensure nothing is broken or messed up. If there is any sort of damage in the place, you might have to pay for the same. Apart from that, you can be care-free since you will receive the remaining deposit without any problem. 

Thailand Rent House

Prices You Can Expect

As said earlier, the prices vary on the basis of your choice of location, thereby implying in the city center or out of it. 

  • The first preference of bachelors is a studio apartment wherein all the necessary rooms are combined into one room with sufficient space for one person to live in. A studio apartment in the city center would cost somewhere around 20,000 baht. Whereas outside the city center would cost approximately 10,000 baht.
  • The next choice is a one-bedroom apartment that costs around 80,000 baht within the city center and 20,000 baht outside the city center. 

From the above price estimate, you can easily decide what you prefer and make the decision accordingly. 

These were some of the main things that you need to consider before renting an apartment in Bangkok. Keep in mind that you will be staying here for a long period of time, thereby meaning rushing it will only lead to bad decisions and a lot of trouble later. To save your time, effort in moving from one place to another, and money, make sure you choose the right place in the first go. If you are still confused, you can have a good chit-chat session with the people living in the areas you have targeted. You will surely end up with a nice place to live in. 

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