Traveling to Thailand Coronavirus Update

Traveling to Thailand Coronavirus

I know. The world is in turmoil and things are not the same as it was before. It seems that for traveling to Thailand Coronavirus has caused a lot of problems. Tourists aren’t coming in and the streets seem quiet. Nightlife is still available but the options are limited. While it does seem to be a little slow, the only good thing to come out of this is that the prices for everything, including girls are low as they have ever been. I had taken a trip to Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza, and Patpong a few weeks ago, and here is that report on GoGo Bar Hopping and which ones are operational. If you are looking for something more, here is everything you need to know about the traveling to Thailand coronavirus update.

Traveling to Thailand Coronavirus

Ground Realities of Traveling to Thailand Coronavirus

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We are trying to assess ‘realistic expectations’ about the operational reopening of the Bangkok night entertainment industry. The restoration of a viable tourism level as Thailand and the world experience the downturn of the Coronavirus is partially known. Thailand too is supporting the initial stages of Covid vaccinations and it seems that it’s just about time tourism starts making a return.


The widespread vaccination of populations in different countries (including Thailand) is not the only way to reopen international borders but it is the first step to restore tourism fully in a way that works. This should help reopen the whole nightlife scene. Firstly, the global execution of vaccination programs will take several months to produce and distribute sufficient quantities of the vaccine and then to administration (usually over a one-month period). The first step to returning to any “normal” appearance is vaccination alone. There will be other obstacles to overcome before we can enjoy a mongering trip once again.

The world must first and foremost reach an agreement as to what vaccines are acceptable internationally and which documents are recognized internationally as evidence of this vaccination.

Thailand Covid Cases Per Day

Easing of Restrictions

The partial easing of restrictions by the Thai Government since 23 February 2021 permits the re-opening of the Night Entertainment Venues while limiting its working time. It is surely a positive step towards a ‘new normal. But if the tourism sector has not been restored, nothing will be gained.

Although tourists are returning to Thailand, the figures are so low that they are insignificant. In the first place, tourists still have to spend two weeks at their own expense in quarantine. Secondly, before traveling to Thailand, future unvaccinated tourists must fulfill a number of requirements.

Traveling to Thailand Coronavirus

List of Requirements

  • You have to obtain a valid visa.
  • No life insurance or accident insurance requirements appear to be required.
  • However Covid19 insurance for your entire stay in Thailand is subject to approval. This can be obtained from the Thai Government website online.
  • The Thai Embassy/Consulate is required to obtain a Certificate of Entry (COE) prior to traveling.
  • A valid Covid-19 negative test result that takes less than 72 hours before is required. Before embarking on the aircraft it is necessary to provide a permission chit or a document of the relevant medical authority.

What’s Next for Traveling to Thailand Coronavirus?

No ‘typical’ checklist is currently available for vaccinated tourists arriving in Thailand. Naturally, proof of vaccination will be required. Evidence must be supplied by an internationally accepted format which, as far as we are aware, has not yet been universally agreed upon. (Note: We have previously suggested continuing/reutilizing the old WHO International Vaccine or Prophylaxis Certificate, which is the simplest solution) Over time, the list of barriers to be removed by vaccinated people before traveling is expected to decrease. The first requirement for the “quarantine period” will most probably be reduced or completely disappear. There are a lot of updates on Twitter if you want to know the latest.

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The restoration of a healthy tourism sector and hence a healthy adult nightlife scene could be carried out before August 2021. But that would be an unrealistic expectation. Vaccinated mongers who plan to travel to Thailand will also need to be aware of changing visa requirements. This also includes booking flights with their airlines, and any travel restrictions at their point of departure.

Traveling to Bangkok Coronavirus

Note for Prospective Visitors to Thailand

Masks are currently required, but social distance is not respected. It’s moderately practiced. Freedom of movement is enforced without a curfew, although Adult Night Entertainment currently has to be closed at 23:00. Both restaurants and bars can now serve alcoholic drinks. Non-Thai vaccines are reportedly offered in selected hospitals in Bangkok. The last time we checked, 2,000 Baht was the price for the 2 doses.

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