Top Things to Do in Bangkok Nana Plaza

Top Things to Do in Bangkok

Nana Plaza is one of those unorthodox tourist spots in Sukhumvit that punters don’t miss visiting and if you are trying to find the Top Things to Do in Bangkok, then this guide is exactly what you need.

Nana Plaza is majorly known for its girls but it also has a plethora of clubs, pubs, and street vendors serving delicacies. If you are wondering about the initial popularity of this building often referred to as an adult playground, it was merely a shopping center once. But with an increasing rate of people visiting the place, soon bars started opening and in no time, more than 20 bars started running in the area with a huge crowd at all times. People looking forward to taking some kinky stories back home, this is the place for you.

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If you are planning on visiting Nana Plaza, you can expect two things; drinks, and girls. Both of these are available at a very low price. Let’s move ahead and talk about the attractions of nana plaza and all the Top Things to Do in Bangkok.

Nana Plaza Bangkok

Top Things to Do in Bangkok Nana Plaza

Nana Plaza is huge! On the ground floor, you will come across open-air beer bars and all the fun and entertainment you are looking for. Along with bars, you have pool tables and bar girls waiting for you to offer them a drink. The music will instantly get you caught in the mood along with being surrounded by strippers dying for your attention. Nana Plaza comes under those places of Bangkok that add up to some spicy stories you will have when you reach back home. Other types of live performances are also encountered at the plaza. The best part about these performers is that they are available to be taken out of the bar as and when you prefer once you pay a certain bar fee. 

Billboard GoGo Bar

Billboard has been considered the best bar in Bangkok so far. If you are aiming towards big bars in Nana Plaza then you should know that it’s considered as the second biggest bar in there. It’s located on the top floor and looks completely different than other bars present over there. Most of the tourists have rated this to be the best gogo bar in Bangkok. If you are wondering about what makes Billboard better than most of the bars around, then it definitely comes back to the vibe and the beautiful girls surrounding the area.

All you will find is a number of exotic dancers working their level best to spice up the area. The staff hired in the bar is amazing since it just does not hire anyone who applies. On weekends, you can expect more than 130 girls dancing and lifting up the mood. Check out my Billboard Review.

Things to do in Bangkok

Angelwitch GoGo Bar

If you are looking for some blasting music, Angelwitch is famous for some of the best live performances. This classic rock bar definitely deserves your attention. The girls in this go-go bar are known for their elegant outfits. But since they are considered some of the most beautiful girls in the area, if you are too late you might miss out on them. The best part about this bar is that it is filled with professionals and the lapdance offered here is something you must not miss even if you are not planning to take a girl. Check out this Angelwitch Review.

Lollipop GoGo Bar

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People usually identify this bar through its fluorescent sign brightly lit up from a distance. You will find a bunch of beautiful girls and ladyboys in the area. Along with other enjoyments, you can also grab a beer while playing pool. 

Spanky’s GoGo Bar

This go-go bar is one of the most crowded bars in Bangkok which is why you might find trouble in getting a seat here. If you are planning to go here on weekends then be prepared for the nerve-racking crowd. Enjoy your time with a cocktail and exotic dancers rocking their performances. No need to be worried about missing a show since it takes place every 15 minutes and the strippers will definitely blow off your mind. Another plus point of visiting this bar is the low price of drinks as compared to other famous bars in Nana Plaza. 

Things to do in Bangkok

Playskool GoGo Bar

This center stage bar features up to 80 girls and is considered the hub of people up for a wild night. Located on the ground floor of Nana Plaza, the beautiful topless girls are waiting for your attention. This bar consist of enough space with a stage generally covering up to 10 girls at a time. Also, the exotic dancers will instantly catch your attention. The girls over there knows how to light up the party. They are ready for any and everything you offer them. 

Rainbow 2 Beer Bar

One of the most crowded bars at nana plaza is the Rainbow 2. Unlike Rainbow 1, Rainbow 2 is very spacious with an increased number of beautiful girls dancing on the stage. You can easily find this bar on the ground floor in the right corner. If you are thinking about the number of girls in this bar, then don’t worry since there are more than 250 girls present at all times in the bar. The majority of customers in the bar are Japanese and they don’t mind emptying their pockets.

If you are looking forward to enjoying their drinks in peace, this is definitely not the right place for you. But for the party freaks willing to have a crazy night, comfort yourself in here. Visit early to get your hands on some of the most attractive girls here. The bar stays open from 6 pm so you can visit anytime you want after that. 

Bars in Nana Plaza

Is It Safe To Visit Nana Plaza?

Before you visit Nana Plaza, make sure you are aware of the fact that people there are simply interested in your cash. Make sure you are aware of the amount of money you take along with you. Keep your wallets safe and try not to offend the ladyboys present there since they can get pretty violent. Never leave your drinks unattended in order to avoid taking any sort of scary story back home. As far as the drinks are concerned, do not get shocked if they cost more than the ones in regular night clubs. If you see a beautiful woman in the bar that you wish to take along, firstly, pay a certain sum of money to the bar owner than the lady. Also, if you are in a rush and decide to take her early, be ready to let go of a sufficient amount of cash. 

Other Top Things to Do in Bangkok Nana Plaza

Since we have talked about the entertainment you will experience inside Nana Plaza, let’s talk about the things you will enjoy around the same area. If you are feeling up for it, you can also check out some of the Ping Pong Shows in Bangkok.

Major Spot For Freelancers

Firstly, you will find a number of girls waiting for your attention since it is considered to be a significant spot for freelancers. Apart from that, you will find a number of things around this three-story building. Check out this guide on How to Pickup Freelancers.

Bar Girls in Nana Plaza

Street Food is Yum!

Enjoy the delicious street food served in the area which includes fried insects, sausages, etc. Try the street vendors and you will find everything you are looking for. Check out this list of Night Markets in Bangkok.

Shopping for Punters

Once you satisfy your stomach with what’s being served in the area, it’s time to shop. There are a number of tourist-oriented goods sold around Nana Plaza since it’s one of the most popular spots visited by tourists. Do not worry about the price since they are generally affordable. 

Sex Toys in Nana Plaza

Buying Sex Toys are New Top Things to Do in Bangkok

As we all know that Bangkok is known for spicing up your life a little. You will find a number of shops selling sex toys to light up your sex life. You will find a number of toys in different shapes and sizes. Also, if you are looking for sexy lingerie, this is the place for you. Some people are too shy to walk into a shop offering sex toys. If you are one amongst them, this is the right place to live up to your fantasies. Make sure you check them properly before purchasing them. 

Under the Counter Pills for Men

Apart from sex toys, you will also come across a number of men empowering medicines. But after visiting the place, if you think about purchasing them then maybe you should reconsider. These medicines must not be consumed without a doctor’s prescription. The side effects could be really bad which is why you should avoid their intake. 

Top Things to Do in Bangkok for You

These were just of the things you can enjoy in and around Nana Plaza. Go to the biggest red-light district in Bangkok and collect some crazy stories to tell once you return back home. Since you have the list of things you can do in and around Nana Plaza, it’s time to go ahead and do it. Once you enter Nana Plaza, you come in contact with this whole different vibe you wouldn’t be able to let go of easily. Get around the bars as soon as possible to avoid the chances of missing hot ladies waiting for you. Check out some of my other blogs that can help you find the best attractions in Bangkok.

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