A lot of people ask me if Nana Bangkok is better than Soi Cowboy or vice versa. I generally know the answer but everyone knows that I’m partial to some GoGo bars in Bangkok. So, I’m going to take a while to explain which Bangkok Red Light District you should go to so that you know where to go on your next trip. 

Both Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy are adult playgrounds where girls are available to spend time with you. These areas are 2 of 3 Bangkok’s famous nightlife destinations. The other one is Patpong Bangkok but I don’t talk about that area much. Soi Cowboy and Nana Bangkok are on two separate ends of the Sukhumvit area. This means that they are 15 minutes apart from each other. You can take a cab if you don’t like the Bangkok heat and reach faster. Check out the map I’ve linked underneath as it should help you understand how far these two nightspots are from each other. 

Nana Bangkok Plaza to Soi Cowboy Map
Nana Bangkok Plaza to Soi Cowboy Map

Nana Plaza Bangkok has Hot Girls

Let’s talk about Soi Nana or Soi 4 otherwise popularly known as Nana Plaza. This is probably the most popular destination for mongers coming to Thailand. It’s equivalent to walking street in Pattaya but has a more corporate vibe. There are GoGo Bars spread across 3 floors of the entertainment plaza and NEP, popularly known as Nana Entertainment Plaza is filled with girls everywhere.

3 Floors inside Nana Bangkok
3 Floors inside Nana Bangkok

It’s like an atrium surrounded by strip bars where girls will try to lure you in. There is a beer bar in the middle of the atrium where you can catch a breath and grab a couple of drinks too. NEP is surrounded by some really popular beer bars such as Big Dogs and Hilary and Hooters. These are great places to sit, have a beer, get warmed up and then hit the the GoGo Bars. 

Nana Plaza Entrance
Nana Plaza Entrance

Popular GoGo Bars in Nana Bangkok

Some of the popular bars inside Nana Plaza are Angel Witch, Lollipop and Billboard. Each GoGo bar has its own unique attraction. There are all sorts of girls available here that can suit your different fetishes. There are a couple of ladyboy bars too where you can get an exotic dancer. 

The vibe around Nana Plaza is crazy. It’s like one big party spot where people keep coming in alone and leaving with girls in their arms. Nana Bangkok also has some nice hotels to stay at. There are a lot of freelancers that roam around too. There’s a good collection of street food if you’re hungry. 

Girls at Soi Cowboy Seducing Mongers
Girls at Soi Cowboy Seducing Mongers

Soi Cowboy has Hot Girls Too

On the other side of Sukhumvit, there is another nightspot filled it girls. It’s more popular with the locals and with punters that have lived in Bangkok for long. A lot of Tuk Tuk drivers will try to entice you to check out Soi Cowboy too. Soi Cowboy is a lane of GoGo bars that are lined with girls on both sides. There are some really popular bars here which have been showcased in movies too. 

GoGo Bar Girls in Soi Cowboy
GoGo Bar Girls in Soi Cowboy

There are very few beer bars here but there’s always space to find a drink with a girl. The most popular GoGo bars here are Baccara and Tilac. They are totally worth checking out. The bars at Soi Cowboy are spacious compared to Nana Plaza, but I could be wrong. I have not seen them all.

The choice of freelancers here if far less compared to Nana but in no manner there are a small quantity. There are girls trying to get your attention everywhere. Soi Cowboy works more like an independent nightlife area unlike Nana which seems more organised. The street food options at Soi Cowboy are far less too. 

Baccara GoGo Bar in Soi Cowboy
Baccara GoGo Bar in Soi Cowboy

So, Which is Better?

So, the next time you land in Bangkok, visit both. You will not be dissapointed. They are pretty close to each other and completely worth checking out. The girls in both areas are hot and you won’t be disappointed. There is no difference in the prices too. Both areas have freelancers with whom you can negotiate a price. The GoGo Bars have a similar rate card too. The only difference you will find is the barfine expenses. But you can negotiate that too. 

Popular Questions about Bangkok

Is Nana Plaza Better than Soi Cowboy?

Certainly not. There are loads of girls available in both red light areas. Both Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy are filled with GoGo Bar Girls and Freelancers for you to choose from.

Which are the Best GoGo Bars in Soi Cowboy?

There are plenty of options to choose from. Bacarra and Tilac are the best. Check out our blogs to find other GoGo bars you would like to explore.

Which are the Best GoGo Bars in Nana Plaza?

Nana Plaza (NEP) has three levels of GoGo Bars. The best are Angel Witch, Lollipop and Billboard. There are a lot more GoGo bars and Ladyboy bars too which we have covered in our blog.

How Much for Girls in Nana Plaza?

The cost of spending time with a girl from Nana Plaza is negotiable. There is a barfine if you are planning to pick up a GoGo bar girl. Freelancers can be heavily negotiated.

How Much for Girls in Soi Cowboy?

Prices of girls in Soi Cowboy are the same as they are available in Nana Plaza. Try to negotiate with every freelancer you want to spend time with you.

How far is Nana Plaza from Soi Cowboy?

Nana Plaza is 10 minutes by Taxi from Soi Cowboy. You can also take the BTS from Nana and get down at Asok. Walking from the BTS will take you 5 minutes. There is also the option of taking a Tuk Tuk.

Do you Need to Book in Advance for Soi Cowboy or Nana Plaza

No. There are plenty of bars to go to. You do not need a prior reservation to enter any of the GoGo bars. There may be private parties held in VIP sections but you should be still able to get in.

What is Nana Bangkok?

Popularly known as Nana Plaza or NEP (Nana Entertainment Plaza) this is a adult red light area popular amongst mongers to meet girls that work at the bars around this area.

What is Soi Cowboy?

Soi Cowboy is Bangkok’s second oldest red light area that offers a number of choices of GoGo bars for patrons to meet girls and spend quality time with them.

Is Soi Cowboy Safe?

Yes. There is plenty of crowd. But, watch out for pickpockets and do not get scammed into watching a ping pong show.

Is Nana Plaza Safe?

Yes. There is a lot of security in Nana Plaza. You will feel safe knowing you are there to enjoy yourself with the companionship of hot ladies.

Which is Better? Soi Cowboy or Nana Plaza?

Both Bangkok Red Light Districts have their own flair. Check out our blogs to see our reviews of the GoGo Bars and freelancers that work at these two hotspots in Bangkok.

Hot Girls in Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy
Hot Girls in Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy

If you are new to GoGo bars and trying to figure out how they work, I have written a post about what really happens inside GoGo Bar Bangkok. So give that a read to understand more about how to meet girls. 

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