We all know that Bangkok is known for an amazing nightlife but when it comes down to Meeting Thai Girls, there is much to explore. Yes, you will find different types of girls you can date in Bangkok. If your lonely heart is looking out for an interesting companion then you must know what you can expect before you hit on almost anyone and get slapped. Yes, you can avoid that by knowing a bit in advance about the girls in Bangkok. Here is the list of 12 types of girls to date in Bangkok. You will definitely find the one that is right for you. Bobby McFerrin once sang a song called Don’t worry be happy so relax and find a Thai girl in Bangkok tonight.

The One Who’s Exactly Your Type

No matter how impulsive we pretend to be, there is always that one type of girl in the back of our heads. Yes, The one who watches the same movies, likes the same food and thinks in a way that you do. She is exactly your type but hard to find. The kind of girl you would love to spend time with. It is tough but you will definitely come across someone exactly like her or close here. The only thing you need to do is impress her in the right manner. How would your ideal girl like to be approached? Think about it and go ahead she might be in the nearby bar dancing on your favorite song.

Low Self Esteem Thai Girls

The Low Self-Esteem Thai Girls

The one who is really attractive but doesn’t have confidence in her. It will eventually show on her face but as you talk to her, she will definitely get along after a while. Once she gets comfortable with you, she will be all over the place and you will ace Meeting Thai Girls. These types of girls are often found alone in the bars trying to be comfortable around people. Offer her a drink, maybe? Most of these are bar girls in places around Nana Plaza or Soi Cowboy. Understanding How much to Pay for Sex in Bangkok is important here.

GoGo Thai Girls

The Fashionista

Now this right here is a tough catch. Once you see her, you will know because from outfit to confidence, she got everything right. With fire in her eyes, she will intimidate you in the first glance. You will find other girls eye rolling around her due to the spark she leaves wherever she goes. Yes, she isn’t the one who will approach you first even in your dreams, but with the consistent effort you can impress her. 

Model Thai Girls

The Flawless Thai Girls

Spoiler alert: she would be jaw-droppingly gorgeous. If you are a girl, you will secretly wish to be like her. She would be the one who might or might not be interested in catching a guy but you will be definitely interested in catching her out. Do not miss out on her. Her heart might be as beautiful as her face, you never know!

Flawless Thai Girls

Meeting Thai Girls Online

Well, you might be trying the online dating apps and come across a super amazing chick. In such a scenario, the one thing that will guarantee you a date is what you TYPE. it is very important to type the right words to catch her interest and meet her in person. But think before getting disappointed since things might not be as they were on your screen. There could be a scam. Oops! Don’t be a romantic fool, there will be someone for you in this world too. Don’t lose hope anyway, if you feel like giving a shot, go ahead! You can find these girls are some of the Best Bangkok Escort Agencies.

Sexy Thai

The Pretender

You won’t get to know her completely or exactly what she wants or thinks. You might consider her as confused but she is not confused, she is just low on her confidence. Every time she walks inside the party, she pretends to be the coolest girl in the crowd and tries to gather attention. You will know that by her behavior as she will act interested but deep down she is dying for more. 

Bar Girls in Bangkok

Meeting Thai Girls of Foreign Origin

At times, she would get unwanted attention, because she has recently shifted to the place, but she knows what she wants. She will always be high on life! The boys over there would be going crazy over her. Who does not want to date a foreigner after all?

Foreign Thai Girls

The Nerd Type Thai Girls

As soon as you see her, you will know she is the one who has an opinion on everything. She might not be interested in a fling but would definitely be interested in talking to you. It’s possible that she would be ready for a deep conversation anytime! She has a pure heart, it’s just that she takes more time to settle for love. Not the one to be avoided, definitely.

Gamer Nerd Girls

The Party-Freak

You will meet her in a bar or a club, the party-freak, the one standing out in the crowd. Everyone loves her presence and she becomes the life of the party. She would get you to go crazy and you won’t be able to stop thinking about her. The best one around to have a fun night with. You might never see her again, but you will always remember the night you spent with her. There are great chances for a 1000 Baht, she will go out with you.

Party Girls

The Player

Oops! You would not want to fall for her, but eventually, you will! The craziest girl, who lives her life in her own way and doesn’t care about you or anybody else. She will make you fall for her and vanish like she never existed before. It’s also possible that she might want you but trust me, she doesn’t need anyone. She would only come up to you for a casual fling, the decision is yours. 

Wife Material Thai

The Wife-Material 

This one girl will catch your attention like nobody else by simply being herself. You would want to take her to your country and marry her. She is kind, generous, and fun-loving. After meeting players, when you meet the right girl, a part of you knows. Look out for my article on Free Sex in Bangkok to learn more.

Types of Thai Girls
Types of Thai Girls

The Perfect Thai Girls

The one who belongs to this place and knows everything about the city, the people and might not be easy to catch. But she will make you want to visit the place again. She would be sweet as sugar but hard as ice! 

These were the 12 types of girls you will date in Bangkok. Whether you are looking out to have some fun or fall in love, this city has covered you with everything! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Youtube to learn more about these girls.

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