Ready to find out where to get the best Happy Ending Thai Massage in Bangkok? Look no further as we take you through the best massage shops in Bangkok where a girl is sure to make you smile. 

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Happy Ending Thai Massage Shops are Awesome

Happy endings in Bangkok have been some of the most sought after adult entertainment options for decades. Over the years, the girls in Thailand have been able to cater to the growing needs of international travelers and their services have expanded beyond the traditional Thai massage. Earlier, everyone came to Bangkok for a Thai massage but these days, the need to get a happy ending in a Bangkok massage parlor is all the rave. 
If you scout the web, you will find that Bangkok has a lot to offer.

Happy Ending Thai Massage

There are too many massage parlors around that cater to this exact need. Men love the idea that there are so many options available. After all, the more options means that there are varied girls. This is actually far from the truth. The more options the possibility of getting scammed or disappointed is higher too. 

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Don’t Get Scammed at Other Establishments

In order to make sure that you do not get scammed from getting a happy ending Thai massage in Bangkok, it’s best that you check out our recommendations which list down some of the best and most trusted establishments where you can get a sandwich massage in Thailand without spending too much. There are too many types of massage Thailand has to offer and it makes complete sense that you take your time to find out which are the best ones where you can literally get a bang for your buck. 

Happy Ending Thai Massage Parlor

What most people do not know that the massage parlor scene in Bangkok is only a face for far more adult-oriented activities happening inside. Happy Ending Thai Massage shops in Bangkok have modified their service lineup to cater to mongering men. Their new range of services includes everything from BJ Bars, Nuru Massages, PSE Shops, and more. There is also a post on Bangkok 112 attractions you should check out. Getting a sandwich massage in Thailand means that two or more girls are capable of joining you in a single session. That’s the ultimate fantasy, right?

Happy Ending Thai Massage

Best Happy Ending Thai Massage Shops in Bangkok

So, when it comes to selecting the best happy ending massage shop in Bangkok, it is important to know that some of the best and cost-efficient entertainment establishments are all present on the Sukhumvit line. This means that you need to find a hotel that is close to the Sukhumvit area. Trust me on this because you do not want to go mongering out in the Bangkok heat. The massage parlors I am listing here are the best that I have tried. If there are other ones you want to recommend, I would love to check them out and share those reviews as well. 

Bangkok Massage Shops

Snow White

This is a massage shop and PSE shop that has a lot of women to offer. I have written a full review of the Snow White Massage Parlour. You have to check it out the next time you are in Bangkok. 

Daisy Dream

This little massage shop is where you need to go to get your nuts polished. The girls here really know how to treat their customers and you will find that every girl inside is very skilled at giving amazing happy endings. 

Paradise Massage

Located on Sukhumvit Soi 22, this is one of those places that I want you to go to if you just reached Bangkok. It’s a very delightful place and has a great ambiance and much better girls. 

Analisa Massage

This is a BDSM massage parlor in Bangkok that knows how to tickle your fetishes. It is by far the only place I would recommend if you are into that 100 shades of grey stuff. 

Body Bliss Massage

This is a relatively new service that offers outcall massages. This means that you can browse their services online and order a girl to come to your hotel room. She will bring all her requisites including her body. 

Kitty Spa

This is a Happy Ending Thai Massage spa that is located in Royal City Avenue Bangkok. They have a lot of models on offer and some of the girls there can make you really happy. It’s a little pricier than the other massage shops listed here but totally worth every penny you spend. 

Kapoo Clubs 

I have written an entire post about the Best Kapooclub in Bangkok and I would highly request you to check that out so that you understand what the concept of this kind of club is. Once you know what a Kapoo Club is, you can thank me later. 

Bangkok Massage Shops

How Much to Pay at Happy Ending Thai Massage Parlors

The prices in most of these massage shops are pretty standard. You are offered a menu card of services where they list down everything that is on offer. They know what you are there for and do not beat around the bush. They also want to ensure that you get your money’s worth. Prices are usually in the range of 1500 Baht to 3000 Baht. The variation that you pay for is based on the type and number of girls you choose to come into the room with you. We have a video on How Much to Pay Girls in Bangkok too.

Bangkok Massage Girls

Ready for a Happy Ending Thai Massage in Bangkok?

Now that you know everything there is to know about where to get a Happy Ending Thai Massage in Bangkok, all you need to do is get outside and give it a whirl. Do not forget to read about the Bangkok Sex Guide so that you know how to make the best of your trip to Thailand. 

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