Premier 101 Massage

I had heard great things about Premier 101 massage so I was excited to try it out. I went on a Friday night near closing time. There were few Asian punters walking around the street, but I can see the girls getting off their shifts and into taxis as well. Google maps was wrong, and I had to consult the massage’s home page to get on the right street. When I got in, they sat me down with a book. There were two girls already marked taken in the book. So I ask for a lineup. There were about a dozen girls that came out of the room. It was overwhelming at first, but man there really wasn’t much to go by. They were all dressed in navy blue school uniforms with short skirts. Half of them were overweight, and the other half looked pretty beat up. I politely thanked the mamasan who didn’t look so happy and left immediately.

Club 102 Massage

This was a few days after Premier 101. I was going to avoid going in so late so I managed to walk in right when rush hour started. The massage places are on a small discreet alley next to big shopping malls. It is right next to Massage Addict. As the previous post mentioned, they don’t have a website right now. It is around 2900 baht for the shower room for 90 min. It is a bit more than the other massage places, but the girls look a lot better. I think it’s worth the extra $25. You also have the option of buying her a drink which I declined. I also declined the VIP room so I didn’t have a chance to try that out, but I didn’t think it was worth getting a bath. When you walk in, the lounge is pretty nice especially compared to Premier 101 (soft lighting, leather sofa vs. The harsh fluorescent light). The girls are all sitting around in black tops and tight black pants. I guess it was pretty slow because as soon as I walked in the mamasan got the girls to line up for me while she went over the prices and options. I was distracted by the girls. They were definitely better looking than the Premier 101 girls. Each of them spoke their name in succession with a quick smile to introduce themselves. I chose Mina.

She was tall, slim, and very pretty. I opted for the 90 min. She took me upstairs to the room which had the bare minimum. It was pretty hot because the AC was off so she turned that on and left to get her stuff. Room had a tiny shower and a queen sized bed with a mirror alongside it. She said she was 26, and had been working for 2 years. She had a few tattoos on her butt and back. We took our clothes off and washed up in the shower. Then she got me to lie down and gave me a massage which was OK. After that she offered the option of BBBJ or CBJ. BBBJ was great, with no teeth. She put a condom on me, and then she got on top. We tried a few different positions. She was pretty good, but some things felt kind of routine. She did smile a lot when she saw me looking at her. During the middle of it, I noticed she had a cluster of red bumps on her butt. I was worried it might be herpes, but I was already in too deep. I had her switch positions because I didn’t want to get near that red bump, but I started to get soft, which annoyed her. She asked me, “How old are you? So I had her finish with a hand job which was great. Later I asked her if she had an outbreak. She looks really confused and yelled something in Thai. I got my phone translator out, and it said “Ant”. It was my turn to be confused, and she said she got bit by an ant on a hiking trip LOL. I wanted to see her again, but she said she didn’t work every day.

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