Let’s talk about Kapooclub. Thailand is notorious for a lot of things and Bangkok is the capital of sin. While we all know about the infamous gogo bars and massage parlors, there is one form of experience we have not yet discussed.

Bangkok’s Kapooclub is where the local and elite Thais go for their share of fun. It’s a massage parlor inmost sense of the word but it still different from any establishment that offers a pornstar experience.

Kapooclubs are similar to massage parlors in Bangkok with the main difference that the girls that work here are younger and much cuter. They are not your typical working girl and they love to serve their clients. Not many farangs know about Kapoo Clubs in Bangkok and therefore it has remained undiscovered for a long time.

You won’t find these clubs on any public maps or in touristy areas. As I mentioned, they are massage shops where local elite Thai people frequent. That being said, there is no reason to shy away because the girls that work here will never say no to a farang either.

Visiting a Kapooclub in Bangkok

When you visit a Kapooclub in Thailand, expect the service to be more sensual. You never go to these kinds of establishments with the only intention of boom boom. You need to consider that these are places of massage where girls are quite open too. It could be a hit or miss depending on the girl and how open she really is. Chances are you could end up getting only a massage or just an HJ or a complete happy ending. I know friends of mine that have also enjoyed full boom boom with these girls. I reckon that it’s luck that needs to favor you or your conversation ability to negotiate with the girls.

Most of the girls that work at Kapoo Clubs know what men come there for. So they are not stupid. They know they have to cater to a new need for men. So, if you end up going to a club, you should not be disappointed.

There are a lot of Kapoo Clubs in Bangkok that are located in nooks and crannies all over the city. You may really need to take time off to travel around and explore it for yourself. The best websites to find these clubs are Kapoo Listings and Kapoo Web Boards.

Worth Checking Out?

It’s totally worth checking out these club massage parlors because the women that work here are very comfortable and do not complain about most demands. Just remember to know how to treat them because they are not working girls.

Prices in a Kapooclub should be a few hundred Baht less than what you pay at a PSE establishment in places like Soi Cowboy or Nana Plaza. You can always negotiate.

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