Spent 23 days in Bangkok this time. Spent too much time on Soi 7. The Beer Garden is an interesting place to shoot down a few beers. Easy women who only need eye contact and they are yours. A little pass their pull date but still have many miles left. These ladies do not disappoint. You will never get a starfish here. They know how to please a man.

Some evenings didn’t even make it into the bar. There are mamasans with tables on Soi 7 and the all have a few girls ready to entertain. I found the last table on the right had some young ladies that were not that bad. Spent time with them and pulled a few ST for 1500. These girls were very good also. Real intense GF and even clean the room after finished. Wash the dishes and fold your clothes. Sweet.

I was staying in an ABNB on Asok Montari about 2KM from Sukhumvit. I like to walk and get the exercise so no problem. Across the road is the Pullman Hotel and there is a Soi 23 behind with many massage shops. Also a great Craft beer outdoor bar on the corner. I needed a good massage and found a cutie yelling at me as I crossed the road. I ask for an oily and she jumped at the chance. Once in the room she ask if I wanted a body to body and BJ for 1500. I said sure but I eat you same same. She said she never did that before. An we proceeded to please each other, she came big time and just laid there spent. I rolled over and proceeded to fuck her hard and long. She really got into it and when we were both finished she was very happy. I believe she was never eaten before. She said that no one ever suggested it and she has never had a BF. Just works everyday. She’s 28, a little plump but a tight athletic body. I gave her 2000. Those MP’s are all full service.

I booked 10 ladies from ThaiCupid and ThaiFriendly. One was in Sura Buri and another was in Ayutthaya. I rented a car and drove to Sara Buri, met the lady and she took me to a local bar with Thai rock and roll, cheap beer and food. She had lied and her photo was 10 years ago. She was 65 kilos instead of 50. Wanted to spend the night but was worried about her daughter that just gave birth and wanted to get back to her. I agreed.

Next day off to Ayutthaya, the lady I met is a distributor and agreed to be a guide to all of the Temples. It was a great experience. I extended and stayed 2 days. We had dinner on the river and the hotel had a jacuzzi, which we loved for 2 nights. A very loving and sweet lady. A little on the plump side but not bad.

A friend showed up the last 7 days and it was nice to have a wing man. Hit all the usual places and enjoyed the action.

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