Picked Took Ta (gecko). Small 28 reasonably good looking. Paid around 2,000 for massage, BJ, FS 1 HR. They even spell it out in the menu.

Room has a shower like all other oilies but has a massage table instead of a bed. That was the first turn off. Time for the BJ and she asks if I want a condom. So of course I say no, and she asks how much more will I give her for BBBJ- I said no more money. She said then no BBBJ- so I gave in to her demand for an extra 500 baht. So then she lathers my dick up with gel and gives me 90% HJ and barely 10% BJ. Now I’m getting frustrated and kind of turned off. So I take back control and get her kneeling on the floor and me sitting on edge of msg table. She keeps doing the 3 second BJ 20 second HJ routine. Finally gets me up. But no kissing, don’t touch my pussy, and I’m thinking what a fucking mistake this was. Then she does the hard to get inside routine and I give up. She finishes me with a sloppy HJ. Avoid.

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