There’s always something quite spectacular about the Best Soapy Oily Massage Parlours in Bangkok. I still have a couple of favorite bordellos that I return to again and again for better and for worse.

Where are the Best Soapy Oily Massage Parlours in Bangkok?

In the soapy category, I like Maria Hotel & Spa for their large selection of good-looking girls and La Belle for an occasional real looker. Like one of their sideline girls. I usually receive good to really, really good service. But it depends on the girl and it also depends on what you are looking for. Porn Star Experience? If by that you mean anal sex, CIM, and or bareback vaginal sex then forget about it. It is not going to happen or if it does, it’s very rare.

Maria Hotel and Spa Bangkok
Maria Hotel and Spa Bangkok

If you are talking about an enthusiastic, passionate romp with multiple BBBJ’s, B2B. And some massage, cat licking, DFK, and 69 which is what I mean by really, really good service or GFE with a little naughtiness. Then yes, I get that from maybe 60% to 70% of my soapy girls from the 2 places mentioned above and then I tend to repeat with those girls that I am most attracted to.

Best Oily Massage Parlours in Bangkok

In the oily category it really is hit or miss; 50/50. I like pretty girls so you won’t find me in most or the PSE (Porn Star Experience) shops. I used to have a couple of favorite girls in Mango, but they are retired now.

About a year and half ago I had a friendly romp with Prae on my 1st afternoon back in town that trip. She is a real nice girl and definitely wants to please, so I can recommend her on that score. But well frankly she is 5 stars in looks at best although a really nice girl and so I never went to see her again.

Best Soapy Massage Parlours in Bangkok
Best Soapy Massage Parlours in Bangkok

What’s on Offer?

I have no idea if she does CIM or COF because I am not into that. I like to cum in a vagina and I prefer bareback, but I accept covered if that is what the girl wants or what I want depending on the situation. To be 100% clear on this: Soapy girls almost always require covered vaginal sex. Oily girls are somewhat less rigorous on this.

Clubs in Bangkok

Another perfect example of my hit or miss oily experiences is that with Club 102 next to Addicts. I went there one afternoon this last spring and picked a nice-looking Isan girl. We hit it off big time in the loom and I enjoyed very passionately bareback sex sessions with her.

I Line texted her about 2 weeks later because I wanted to see her again. She told me she was back in Isan without a paddle or any money and I would please send her some money so she could take the bus back to Bangkok. I told her I would like to, but I was leaving town.

The Hottie from Club 102 in Bangkok
The Hottie from Club 102 in Bangkok

I Met this Hottie

About a month later I got a text from her saying she was back in town, but working at another establishment, so it was too late. I was in Manilla. Maybe I will see her again in 6 months when I return to Bangkok. Maybe not. Who knows?

The flip side of this story is I went back to Club 102 on the same afternoon that my Isan girl informed me that she was stuck back home. I selected a girl that reminded me of my country girl, but the session was not nearly as good. It lacked the passion and BTW it was covered. So, that’s my point. The oilies are handy for afternoon trysts way before the Go Go’s are open for business.

Typical Fishbowl at a Soapy Massage Parlour in Bangkok
Typical Fishbowl at a Soapy Massage Parlour in Bangkok

Oiles are not too expensive and some of the oily massage girls are attractive, but you take your chances every time you go into one of these bordellos. Sometimes the sessions are great and sometimes they are a little lackluster. I haven’t had a bad session ie a starfish session or a covered BJ session in a very long time.

But there is a big difference between a girl doing the minimum of what is required by the book versus really getting it on. I prefer really getting it on! That is why I am primarily a Go-Go Bar guy in Bangkok and even more so in Pattaya.

GoGo Bars in Bangkok have the Hottest Freelancers
GoGo Bars in Bangkok have the Hottest Freelancers

Soapies and Oilies are Great Places to Get Action

I know how to pick a good girl in the Bar / Go Go setting, so I enjoy myself the vast majority of the times I am punting in this venue plus I really enjoy the hunt. But I still like to go to the Best Soapy Oily Massage Parlours in Bangkok occasionally when I am in the mood.

The soapies I recommended at the beginning of this post are much more reliable than the oilies in my humble experience. But they cost a lot more money. The bottom line is you should do what YOU like. Everybody is different. Stay thirsty,

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