1. Ketty Smooci Reviews

Ketty is a late-twenties petite dark-skinned girl with a hot body and is the perfect girl to start off for these Smooci Reviews. Very good English as well. She goes out of her way to make you feel satisfied. However, she does feel a bit service-oriented to me. With that I mean she seems deadset on making you cum, NOT in a rushed way but unlike the others I really have the feeling I am working with a professional here. She is definitely in the PSE category. She has a nice set of boobs and ass and her photos do not lie.

I think she is most suited for the persons who are seeking a girl who can take a pounding and have the endurance to match and less so for those seeking GFE. Her BJ skills are good and she does BBBJ. If you want better than this, your best option is to check out the Blowjob Bars in Bangkok.

She also knows her way around with her hands with a massage. Now the second booking I was recovering from some illness and my medication seemed to have some negative effects on my libido. I could only get one shot out and that would have cost me 10 k. She kept apologizing ‘for not making me cum’ etc while it was on my side. Then to my big surprise, she returned a few days later after a nearby booking to give me another shot for free (well I paid for it on that booking of course). I don’t think that I will ever meet a WG in my life again who would do that! All in all 5 stars. She has a high price but is worth it despite not being 100% what I seek.

Girls on the Smooci App
Girls on the Smooci App

2. Plearn Smooci Reviews

She’s described in the Smoochi reviews as ‘the innocent girl next door and that is very accurate. She is extremely cute and has this ‘innocent’ vibe coming off from her. Her English is limited but not in an unworkable way. I feel she’s a bit shy to speak English because later on, it seemed like she suddenly remembered how to speak English and was able to hold a proper conversation with the help of Google translate at times.

When her clothes went off a very slender body was revealed with some nice boobs to hold. She is hot, in my books. There is one serious caveat, she doesn’t do BBBJ. At the beginning of the meeting she shows you a list she doesn’t do (might be off-putting for some, but I don’t mind too much). Personally, I just don’t bother with CBJs and decided to play with her as foreplay. When the hump starts however she turns into a naughty little thing and was very satisfied with her performance both times. She only works during the daytime. I say she might not be for everyone as she doesn’t do all the services one might require but for me, this was an absolute 5 stars. You can also find this kind of service with some girls at Analisa Massage Bangkok.

3. Daisy Smooci Reviews

Did a 10 H booking with her. She was unexpectedly tall (I like smaller girls), and the most light-skinned of the bunch. Cute girl to look at. Went for a bite to eat at Terminal 21 first. Her English is alright, good enough to hold a conversation with. Not well endowed in the boobs area and not in a good way, a bit sloppy. A very firm butt through which I liked. However after our dinner in bed she became very inactive and seemed to just want to sleep. I did get two shots in the evening and one in the morning but the way it went was just off-putting. Inactive and with no effort from her side. A three-star rating was stretching it and felt absolutely no urge to repeat, by far. There was another Smooci Review written before about her too.

Smooci Review in Bangkok
Smooci Review in Bangkok

4. Apple Review

One of my three favorites from previous trips, and unfortunately the only one who still is active (Natt and View have quit, unfortunately). She for some reason has photoshopped pics where her skin is lighter but the rest is accurate. She is your typical brown Isaan girl though (and I like that, don’t like the look of the Photoshopped white skin at all).

Limited English but not unworkable. Her body is pleasant to look at but not an award winner. Her service however is very good and she seems to be able to manage to switch to GFE and PSE at any due notice which I really enjoy. BBBJ is on the menu and she can take a pounding. The only thing I didn’t like was her fake moans. Not much more to add, her rating is accurate she is just very enjoyable, and hope she is still around in December. You can book Apple for the full night too at the Smooci website.

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