It seems that Thai government officials have decided to remove the complete lockdown on July 1st. While this sounds great for cheap girls in Bangkok, it also means that the government is either very happy with the flattening of the curve or they have decided that this is the new way of life.

I am still skeptical that removing a complete lockdown and not a phase-wise plan is a bad idea. There are far too many cases of COVID that are still coming up. But it also seems that a lot of local Thai people in Bangkok are not able to sustain themselves. This also applies to all the girls we have come to adore. So, if you’re asking me, ‘Should I plan a trip meet cheap girls in Bangkok?’ now would still not be the right time.

Number of Covid Cases in Bangkok
Number of Covid Cases in Bangkok

Risky Way to Meet Cheap Girls in Bangkok

However, if you think that you are a risk-taker, then there are apps you can use to find Freelancers in Bangkok. ThaiCupid and Smooci are probably the easiest ones to use and find girls.

I read some news recently that a lot of GoGo bar owners are thinking of permanently closing up their shops for good. It’s sad and there seems to be no government aid around to help anyone. I feel bad for the ladies. I can imagine how they are struggling with.

Back in the 70s, Bangkok was a hustling scene for soldiers stuck in the Indochina war. Now, it seems like there is another war going on. I tried going out yesterday to find a place to maybe just get a beer but the curfew won’t let me do anything.

As of now, thinking about meeting cheap girls in Bangkok looks like a terrible decision. Check out these pictures if you want to see what I mean. I’ve also followed this article with a lot of questions I get asked online.

No More Girls in Bangkok
No More Cheap Girls in Bangkok
Bangkok Girls Meeting Risk Takers
Bangkok Girls Meeting Risk Takers
Working Girls in Thailand
Working Cheap Girls in Thailand
Girls in Bangkok are not taking Risks
Cheap Girls in Bangkok are not taking Risks

So what happens now?

Well, there seems to be nothing else to do but wait. I hear that the tourism ministry is coming up with a plan to remove Visa on Arrival charges once they are comfortable with opening up international travel. I think this is a great idea but it has to be implemented properly.

Can I still meet Cheap girls in Bangkok?

Yes, you can but only if you are willing to take the risk. Meeting a freelancer right now is possible and there are good chances that you will be able to find a girl for really cheap. But be prepared to understand the virus risks around. Looks like HIV isn’t the only thing to worry about anymore.

Where to meet girls?

I would not advise you to venture out because the curfew in Bangkok is terrible. Instead, try looking at Smooci or some online escort services to meet girls in Bangkok. You may not find too many options because I know that most of the girls have left to go back to their hometown.

Where Can I get the Latest Updates?

I generally put up updates on the bars and girls available on my Twitter Channel. Follow me there or on Instagram too where I put up a lot of pics I can find.

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