I’ve been saying this for years and it’s official, the girls in Thailand are the hottest and they get hotter when you try to find them in Bangkok. The girls in Bangkok are the hottest on the planet and if you are into Asian women, then you know that Bangkok is the playground where you need to be at.

Tinder Profiles in Bangkok
Tinder Profiles in Bangkok

Because of the Lockdown in Bangkok, I decided to try my luck by getting on Tinder to meet girls in Thailand. I knew it would be difficult to meet girls physically but I still wanted to see how far I could get. After logging into Tinder, I saw a shit load of girls online. They are all trying to hook up but too scared to actually meet any farangs.

Using Tinder in Bangkok

I have had some great results using Tinder in Bangkok a few months ago and I just wanted to get those days back again. With limited options of girls that actually wanted to meet, I closed in on a girl I thought I recognized. Tinder in Bangkok is full of working girls in Thailand. Working girls will not take too long to tell you that they are available to meet you. They don’t seem to be making a lot of money these days so they are willing to meet for considerably low prices. These girls in Thailand are desperate for cash.

Girls in Thailand on Tinder
Girls in Thailand on Tinder

Cost of Hot Girls in Thailand

Most prices for girls in Thailand are now around 2000THB for ST. That’s a pretty standard price although I was expecting it to be lower because of the current lockdown situation. I met this girl that was an 8 on my scale and she was DTF. She spoke English decently. She messaged me on Monday and said she wanted to meet. We thought we could have lunch near my hotel. I wanted to bring down the price so I told her that we need to maintain social distancing. She definitely did not sound like she cared. I was a little worried.

Negotiating with this Bangkok Babe

She then said we could order something and we could ‘chill’ at my hotel. I asked her what she was offering me and she said it depends on how much I could pay her. I suggested I could pay for her 2000THB. She said she wanted 3500THB. We finally ended up negotiating for 2500THB. I had another meeting with a girl the same day but I did not want to let go of this girl so I agreed.

She came down to my hotel and I told the reception to let her on up. She was exactly what she looked like on her Tinder Profile. So hot! I wanted to relish her immediately so I told her I did not want to waste time making small talk.

Don’t Waste time with Girls in Thailand

She immediately leaned forward and stared deep french kissing me. It was so sexy. I wasn’t expecting that she would offer DFK. She then said she wanted to suck me and I immediately took off my pants. She went down on me for nearly 15 minutes. Her BBBJ skills were amazing. There was a lot of ball sucking, licking and spitting on the head. I had to ask her to stop because I was about to cum. Tinder girls in Thailand are amazingly horny.

Hot Girl in Thailand
The Hot Thailand Girl I Met on Tinder

5 Hour Blowjob

Without wasting time, I slipped on the condom and took her from behind. It looked amazing to bang her in doggy style. We tried the missionary position last and it ended with my cumming on her back. After release, I told her to leave otherwise she would be stuck here because of the curfew. While leaving she asked me if we could watch a movie and she would suck me all night. I was hard again. So she stayed the night. She sucked me from 7 pm to 1 am with hardly any breaks and she stopped to hydrate and let me calm down. I think I came 3 times that night. I can’t remember the movie that was on TV. When she left in the morning, I offered her some extra cash because she earned it. I need to start meeting more Tinder girls in Thailand.

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