It’s been a while since I’ve written here and I wanted to say Sorry. It’s been one hell of a month. I’ve taken some time out to spend time with a couple of people I hold close. That being said, I want to also send a big “Thank You” to all the subscribers and readers here that have supported us. This goes to subscribers of the blog and on Patreon to get Bangkok News Update for Tourists. Here are a couple of updates that I think you should know about.

Bangkok News Update for Tourists about VIP Membership

While things looked like they were going great, we had to terminate our Patreon channel because of internal differences. This means that I have made all premium content for free for you to access. Nice right? While I bring back VIP punter memebership, I request you to give us some time so that we can get this done right. Thank you for your support. We will introduce our premium VIP offering and Bangkok News Update for Tourists Guides at a later stage. Perhaps after this pandemic shows a better positivity rate. In the meanwhile, all our content will be made FREE for all.

Bangkok News Update for Tourists

Covid 19 Bangkok News Update for Tourists

As of writing this post, I have read that nearly 20 people have died in Thailand and 1500 new cases were reported. The situation in most parts of the world seems to be getting better. Apart from some countries like India, there is horror I see on the news channels. If you are an Indian reader here, I want you to know that we are with you. Please stay safe and remain optimisitic that good times will return soon.

There also seems to be a shortage of beds across Hospitals in Thailand. The pandemic has really caused a lot of damage. Even though Thailand is still gripping with the crisis, it is heartwarming to see that the country to sending aid to other countries around the world too.

Bangkok News Update for Tourists

Get Regular Updates for Tourists in Bangkok

We will continue to post reviews, guest submissions and more to this site. The content for now will remain free for all. This may change as time progresses. As of now, I just want everyone to get access to all our free and premium content for no charge at all.

The nightlife scene in Bangkok is not the same as it used to be. The girls are there but they too are afraid for their health. Some GoGo bars are open but their timings are very erratic. If you are looking to get laid in Bangkok, your best bet would be to hook up with a girl from Thai Friendly or Tinder.

The government is laying out tight protocols in the weeks ahead so keep your TVs turned on to see what happens. In the meanwhile, do share this post with more punters like you that want to know where they can go and get action in Bangkok.

In the meanwhile, you can follow us on Twitter to know all the stuff that is happening with our mongers around the world. We keep posting regular updates there.

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