Are you in Bangkok to have the best time of your life to get laid every night? Are you looking to get all satisfaction which you rightly deserve during this most amazing trip of yours? Then you are on the very right page where we will guide you as to how to pick up bar girls in Bangkok. We will make your alluring dream come true.

This capital city of Thailand is known for its overly crazy nightlife where red-light districts filled with voluptuous bar girls are waiting for you to ask them out. All you single men will get laid by reading our post as we will show you the most attractive trick which we guarantee will work a hundred percent to get the most tempting bar girl in your bed. You can also check out our Youtube Channel where we put up content on the best Bangkok Nightlife and Girls.

Be Respectful and Polite to Bar Girls in Bangkok

Everyone loves to be respected even if she is a bar girl. Girls would want their man to be polite with them. You need to work on how to sugar quote and speak as girls prefer sweet boys. You need to inculcate respect for them and their work. Once you learn the art, go on streets which are known to be the red light areas. Most bars have a mamasan that will co-ordinate things for you so do not worry.

Bar Girls in Bangkok

Know your Priorities

Whether you want a particular service for a short duration or want girls to spend days with you through your journey in Thailand. You will be able to see many groups in the red light areas offering different services. Do not be shy when talking to these girls. They know exactly what you want and are willing to do almost anything to satisfy you.

Pick the right Bar Girls in Bangkok for Quick Service

If you want to just have one service (quickie or short time) from bar girls for 10-15 minutes, you may directly meet to speak to the agent (mamasan) who showed you the list of services. Every bar in Thailand in red light areas would have an agent who will stand outside the bar with a sort of menu card. All the services and rates will be mentioned on it and one needs to simply pay these guys and get inside the bar to get the service. All the bars mostly work authentically. If you have made the payment, they will provide service and hence be assured about the same.

Bar Girls in Bangkok Bunnies

 Pick the right girl for long hours service need

If you are looking to pick a bar girl and want to spend a few days with her then you will have to go up front on the bar table and speak to the girl. Do not be afraid to speak to them directly as all these girls are super friendly, humble and caring. You will fall for them quickly. If they ask you to speak to their manager, you must simply obey them.

If they say yes, you should then plan up a proper date with them. You should first make them feel comfortable with you as you want to have a few romantic days to spend with them. For this, the night you plan to take them out from the very next day, start texting with them. If you can, send flowers at their place along with a note as to where to meet next. Remember communication is the key. You should keep texting them and get to know them.

Spend quality time with Bar Girls in Bangkok

You can then plan the next evening with them as a date evening. Take them for a walk by the beach to spend a romantic evening talking. You may book a late-night movie show where you both can make out before directly jumping into the bed. You can also book a lavish restaurant to take them for a sumptuous meal. After getting a bit closer to each other, now is the time to take them to the hotel. Remember to book a good hotel to spend the night in.

Hot Bangkok Girls in Bars

Understand bedroom etiquettes

Once you reach your room, slowly get into activities such as kissing their lips, their neck, slowly removing their clothes. Do not rush into things. Once the Bar Girl in Bangkok is comfortable with you, you will witness the most romantic night of your life. As you will be paying her for her service so even if you do not make her feel special, she would not complain, but remember, if you go and take some extra efforts for your girl, you will be able to get love from her.

To conclude, by following these simple tips and tricks, we assure you will have the best time of your life in Bangkok! If you’re serious about checking out the sights, then visit our live maps to see Bangkok 112 places to have adult fun.

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