A lot of guys keep asking me what is a girlfriend experience? I like to tell them that it’s everything they need. But I’ve noticed that they always have follow up questions to my answer. So, I’m going to try to explain to you in my best possible way. This way you should know what exactly is this Bangkok girlfriend experience anyway!

GFE or the Girlfriend Experience is more of a lifesty;e choice many men make when they come to Thailand. In simple words, when you pay for sex but the lines between transaction and romance are blurred, it’s called the girlfriend experience (GFE). If an outsider saw you two together, they’d think you were boyfriend and girlfriend.
If you go to a PSE shop anywhere else in the world, they put on a timer. They don’t take off their clothing, don’t kiss, and only let you pick one place unless you pay extra. This is the exact opposite of what is a girlfriend experience.

What is a Girlfriend Experience

What is a Girlfriend Experience and Why You Need It?

The girlfriend experience occurs when you pay for sex but the girl behaves as if she is your girlfriend, making the experience more enjoyable. If you’re still not sure what I’m talking about, watch the movie. Pretty Woman starring Julia Roberts.

Every guy in Thailand has been close to blacking out while clubbing in Bangkok, then has had sex with a Thai Bar girl or a loose girl, and felt empty or unfilled afterwards.
If you’ve never felt lonely or unfulfilled after meaningless sex. If you’ve either not had enough sex or you’re emotionally messed up, finding a girlfriend in Thailand is the last thing on your mind. This is why you go out and get a GFE.

Girlfriend in Thailand

What You Need to Avoid

You won’t have the following things happen to you if you have a girlfriend experience:

  • A girl who is persistent in her request for money.
  • If you’ve not finished yet, she will ask if you’ve finished.
  • Instead of talking to you, she keeps staring at her iPhone.
  • She tells you she has to leave and that you must hurry.
  • The girl is obnoxious and seldom speaks to you.
  • She doesnt allow you to kiss her or do DFK.
  • Refuses to leave your hotel or forces you to book a short-term stay because you live “too far away”.
  • Changes the price of something or creates a squabble in your apartment.
  • As soon as you exit the pub, her demeanour shifts.
  • She begins asking for costly items or food right away.

So What Can You Expect?

A GFE includes everything listed here and maybe a lot more:

  • In public, shes kissing you passionately and holding your hands as you cross the streets.
  • In bed, shes cuddling for hours with you.
  • Instead of playing on her iPhones, she’s talking and constantly engaging with you.
  • She isn’t telling you that she is tired or that she needs to quit.
  • After the price has been settled upon, she does not bring it up again.
  • Is content to eat before or after sex before. Whatever you want.
  • Shes willing to be doing your laundry and cleaning your room.

Is GFE for Everyone?

I’ve been living in Asia for a long time and have met a lot of interesting punters, some of whom read this blog. Some other mongers are so socially awkward and mentally retarded that they would be unable to understand the GFE even if they were able to obtain it in Thailand. That is why I keep telling people to join the VIP Punters program so that they can learn more about this lifestyle.

I don’t want to go all gung ho on you, but you’ll almost certainly be dealing with mental or loneliness problems that you’re not dealing with (assuming you don’t already have a girlfriend that can fulfil these needs).

The GFE appeals to me because, in addition to meeting my physical needs, it also addresses my emotional needs. That’s the secret: the GFE takes care of both your physical and emotional needs.

I’m willing to bet that your best sexual encounters occurred when you and the girl clicked, and your worst occurred when neither or only one of them was met. Most of us hide from our feelings, but they can hurt us later in life if we don’t deal with them. If you’ve ever sat in your hotel all day going a little nuts because you haven’t left your place, it’s because you’re lonely and need social interaction.

Thai Girlfriend

How Does it Work? What is a Girlfriend Experience All About?

Communication is the key to having a good girlfriend experience in Thailand. Unless she’s insane, there’s no chance she won’t like you as a human being. But it’s completely upto you to make her feel protected in your presence. Show her that you’re not a lunatic like many other mongers.

She would like you even more if you are sexy. She will show you more affection and appreciation the more she likes you. You’ll also need to be able to read girls to figure out how much they like you, how they communicate with one another, what body language they use, and what questions they ask.

What is a Girlfriend Experience

Need to Understand What is a Girlfriend Experience in Bangkok?

The moment I walk into a bar or club in Thailand, I can tell if the girls are going to be super sweet, which of them are going to be gold diggers, and so on in a matter of time. This form of radar takes time to build. I assure you that you will master it one day too.

I always tell people that having sex with a 5/10 girl who likes you and gives you the GFE is preferable to fucking a 10/10 girl who just lies there doing nothing. How to get the Girlfriend Experience?Using an escort service in Bangkok is the quickest way to get the girlfriend experience. They’ll cost you 5000 Bath or more, but if you speak with the online mamasan and explain your needs, they should be able to accommodate you.

Obviously, there are many Best Bangkok Escort Services that will claim to have the GFE on their menu, but the girl has no idea what it even is. Bangkok Escorts has been recommended to me by a few people based on peer reviews and first-hand experiences I’ve had with people I trust. They no longer advertise on my blog, but they provide a decent service at twice the cost of other choices.

GFE at Massage Shops

Because of the lack of contact with the ladies, if you’re not a seasoned vet, you’ll have a hard time getting the GFE in brothels or massage parlours. You won’t be able to talk to the girl if the setup is a fish tank like how it is at Soapy Massage Shops. If it’s a traditional massage setup, get a drink and talk with the girls before you rush in and fuck her like a savage, as I described at Thai Bar Girls.

Taking the time to speak to the girls and being pleasant and polite makes them like you, which improves the overall experience. GFE is how I refer to it as an experience rather than just sex. Don’t assume Thai women like you just because you’re white; the majority of them are just interested in your cash.

As seasoned mongers often point out, these girls have feelings and emotions, and if they see you as a real person, you can get 3X to 4X better service than if you just walked in and threw your notes and balls around.

GFE in Bangkok

What’s the Best Option for a GFE?

Freelancers are perfect for the girlfriend experience because they allow you to speak freely with them. You can take them anywhere and they are not confined to the massage store. Instead of immediately discussing the price, invite her to join you for a drink. Or get her a fast snack that you are paying for and get to know her. Pretend you’re talking to a normal girl and trying to win her over when you’re talking to hookers in Thailand. Hookers should be treated as though they were your girlfriend. Your girlfriend should be treated as if she were a hooker. I keep talking a lot about what is a girlfriend experience on my Twitter page. Follow me there for the latest.

GFE Bangkok

Get GFE for Free

Punters pay for sex in Bangkok because it’s easy. You’ll still pay more for comfort, whether you want an cab when it’s pouring or you want to take the rush hour BTS. If you’re staying in Thailand for more than 7 days, you can get and learn wha is a girlfriend experience in Thailand for free.

You simply enter any number of dating sites, such as Thai Cupid, speak to the girls a few weeks before your journey. Assuming you did your homework right, you can have some girls give you the GFE without having to pay for sex when you arrive. You’ll have to pay for dinner and drinks when you meet her, even though you won’t be paying for sex.

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