When I decided to find out how to spend one week in Bangkok, my first trip should not have been difficult. Finding a girl to go out with and have a good time should have been easier. It wasn’t. So, I’m going to make it easy for you and share with you my story and how you should spend one week in Bangkok and still have the time of your life.

My first trip to Bangkok was for 5 nights. The first mistake I made was the flight time which was basically a day flight for me. I had killer jet lag for 4 days. Stayed at Centrepoint 21 hotel which had a great bar for one thing and is girl-friendly too. There was no booze at all in-room service. I had to go shop in the supermarket in the mall where I discovered Thai licensing laws!

Here is How to spend One Week in Bangkok

On my first night, while I was dying from jet lag, I decided to head out to Soi Cowboy and go to Baccara. I had a drink and after a while, the dancer on stage starts smiling at me and I fold immediately when she comes down from rotation.

She wanted to out with me for the whole night. But I was getting hungry so we had to grab some food in the restaurant on the strip where I think she scammed me on her food tab for the week. We then headed back to the hotel for a good time.

Baccara Bangkok GoGo
Baccara Bangkok GoGo

Day 1 at Nana Plaza

Day two and I still haven’t found out how to spend one week in Bangkok. I get dressed and headed over to hooters in Nana Plaza for lunch. I later walked back and visited Spankys and Angel Witch GoGo before heading to Dollhouse in Soi Cowboy.

Cute girls with glasses on stage. My short time barfine worked but I failed to discuss her service. She adds me on Line for some unknown reason. This was even though I was disappointed with her performance. I should have read about GoGo Bars in Bangkok first.

Dollhouse Gogo Bar Bangkok
Dollhouse Gogo Bar Bangkok

Day 3 and I Need a Massage

It’s day three and the jet lag is still there. I decided to go to Addict Massage Parlour around 2 pm and have some fun with one of the girls I saw in a black dress on the website. (No idea about her name but she did have scarring on left shoulder but was very cute).

In the evening I headed over to Crazy House but it was too packed for me. I checked out the new Kozy Kazy and end up barfining a girl for a short time. We finished our first round and she wants a second and then to take her back to the bar.

One Week in Bangkok in Crazy House
One Week in Bangkok in Crazy House

The Jet lag and booze killed my judgment so back we go. More drinks and then mamasan wants another 850 Baht to bar fine her again which I can’t argue with but the girl paid 500 herself (apparently I gave her a good time first time round) and she was a bit drunk like me.

I have written a detailed report about Nana Bangkok for you to find the best GoGo bars and meet hot girls. That article also covers information about meeting girls from Soi Cowboy.

We headed back to the hotel and had some fun but then around 6 am she decides to jump on me bareback which led to a minor injury for me down there. I highly recommend not going bareback with a girl you cannot trust.

Kazy Kozy Bangkok
Kazy Kozy Bangkok

The Girls are Professionals

Day four. I wanted to get a proper Thai massage in Centrepoint 21. So I spent two hours getting beaten up by a granny basically and I spent the rest of the day sleeping due to the injury. After drinking half a bottle of Jack in the room that evening, I was over my jet lag the next day.

Day 5 – I didn’t end up doing a lot during the day. In the evening, I headed over to Cowboy 2 first. I took one beer with me and left as the place had a very uninspiring lineup.

When I Walked into Tilac

My next stop would be Tilac. The place was almost empty. But I still decided to sit down as I saw a young girl with a great bum dancing on a table in front of me. Ended up buying her, another bar girl and even the mamasan a few drinks watching a game of footie.

One Week in Bangkok with Tilac GoGo Bar
One Week in Bangkok with Tilac GoGo Bar

Almost Had a Threesome

A couple of cute bar girls (had a bit to drink by now) come down off the stage and want to sit with me which I’m fine with. I spent about an hour and a half there watching their shows and buying drinks.

Later, the girls say that when the bar closes they both were coming back with me at which point I’m ready to cry due to my injuries. I got their Line IDs and they both have moved to a Gogo in Nana Plaza.

Here's How to spend one week in Bangkok at Centerpoint 21 Hotel
Here’s How to spend one week in Bangkok at Centerpoint 21 Hotel

Pro-Tip: How to Spend a Week in Bangkok

I know that this trip was a bit of a trainwreck but it’s also an eye-opener for all those flying into this city from long distances and want to make the most of a trip by finding out how to spend one week in Bangkok. While it did seem cumbersome, all in all I did have some fun and now I’m wiser for it.

For first-timers, my advice is that you can read all you want and prepare yourself but it’s also easy to forget everything at the moment you get to this beautiful city. So stay calm, prepare your trip and you will have a great time.

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