Just spent 2 whole weeks in Bangkok, the city of Angels. Although I had to work during the day and entertain a friend of a friend for a couple of days I managed to get out on 6 nights. Which is more than I normally do. I visit Bangkok probably 4 times a year on work but usually only get out ever third night or so, so this was an improved effort for me.

My usual haunt is Billboards and went there a couple of times with ok results although I did note that the talent is slightly less there at the moment as the rainy nights of the monsoon season does seem to be light on with ladies and customers. Some Monday to Wednesday nights are really dead.

I also went to Kings Castle in Pat Pong 2 nights and was very impressed with the talent, ended up grabbing the same girl twice. She was OK but by the second time I was kind of done.

I also did a big tour basically up and down Suk exploring virtually every soi and oily / massage / soapie in the area. I wasn’t really impressed with any of them as most places have 40+ year old ladies and the ones with cute chick tend to wear a lot of clothes which can hide a lot of baby scars etc which is a big issue for me. I really miss Annies Massage as all the girls wore bikinis and always had a good time there – fast food at its best.

On the last night I planned to explore more of Nana plaza. Sometimes the best laid plans don’t always work out as I got tied up with little niggling things to do and couldn’t get out until about 9. 45. At Nana I have found if you are not there by say 8. 45 you will find a lot of the best girls are already gone.

Anyway. First stop was Twisters. Heaps of girls around but the best seemed to have already been picked over. There were about 3 or 4 cute girls still there but already in the process of being taking out and over the next 30 minutes slowly left with mostly middle aged Japanese dudes. At this point I was kind of resigned to just having a night with aa few beers and that is about it.

Next stop at about 10.30 was Angel Witch. When I got there the place looked like a ghost town, completely picked clean and only a handful of girls. There were probably a dozen or so guys just drinking but that was that. I didn’t have a beer and headed up to Butterflies.

Hit butterflies at about 10.45. There were heaps of girls still there, probably 30 or even more, a few even looked pretty nice but upon closer inspection I noticed more baby damage than I would have liked. Had probably 3 beers and at this stage had completely resigned myself to just having a few more drinks to keep the buzz going and then heading home.

Last stop was Spankys. I have been here before and find it a bit of a freak show with waitresses constantly beating you with the foam baton things and some guys doing silly shit like jumping up on the stage etc. So as I walk in a and cop a few spanks on the ass and as I was prepared for it didn’t really react. However this must have pissed off one of the waitresses so next thing I feel is a foamy to the back of the head which did get a WTF reaction from me. The hits don’t hurt at all but do make a decent noise, so when you cop one to the back of the head that you are not expecting it does make you jump a bit. The waitress did find it hilarious, me not so much but play along with a bit of a smile.

As I walk in it is about 11.30 and basically packed. The stage is at you right away and you can either sit to the left or the right. I see a chic that can really dance shaking her thing, not that common in Bangkok but this chic can really bounce her ass up on a pole – she looks Latina. She is fit, young and cute – with no baby damage. I note that in the memory bank and then head to the right of the stage and grab one of the only spots on the second tier, kind of buried a little but what are you going to do.

As I settle in I notice that the dancing Latina chic goes and stands on the left side, the opposite side to me and has a few shots with some middle aged Japanese dude. Kind of expected that she was already taken as this has been the story of the night. I have a few beers and the buzz is definitely getting there as the night hits the morning. The place closes at 3 am, so still plenty of time to watch the freaks.

This slightly older dude near me is kind if plastered but having a bit of fun with the girls and seems to be a regular. He even gets up on the stage for a few seconds. I see a spot open up on the first tier right in front of the stage and grab it. He has a bit of a chat with me as he is exiting the stage and sits another couple of places down.

After about 45 minutes the Japanese dude with the Latina looking chic that I have been keeping an eye on leaves, alone. Didn’t really expect that but then she disappears back stage and I lose her again for a few minutes. She comes back out in a silver dress and goes sweeping past me but does notice me looking at her with a big smile, she responds with a super friendly smile and a big wave but doesn’t break stride. She stands at or outside the entrance for a while and grabs guys as they are going past to get them to enter. I am thinking she is not available or something, maybe works just for the club like a waitress / hostess, wasn’t quite sure.

At this moment the older dude which I have been chatting to for a while is back on stage, the girls have his pants half down and he simulating licking their pussies. The really cute young waitress to my left starts laughing as she grabs my shoulder to see more and we start chatting a bit about which one of the 2 girls on stage is the hottest. I go up and slip 100 baht into both there G strings, the old dude is like “where is my tip” 555.

Every sits down and then the really hot Latina dancing chic I have trying to speak to is out of her dress and back up on the stage right in front of. I give her a big smile again and she smiles back and bounces her fine ass back at me – fuck can she really dance. I was going to get up and tip her just so she would come over but realise that I have no small notes left. Anyway, she gets back down from the stage and heads out the back again and disappears for like 15 minutes.

More debauchee occurs with another guy getting up on stage and the girls wresting with his pants until they are around his ankles. Everyone thinks it is hilarious and I am thinking damn the waitress near me is supper cute. She is the young one in cut off jeans that just cover her ass, she is noticeable by having a big over bite on her lower jaw, but smoking hot body and very cute.

So I have now been in here about 1 ½ hours and finally the dancing Latina chick comes past and starts chatting to the young cute waitress right in front of me but about 6 feet apart. I start waving to her and she smiles and then I signal for her to come over. She literally looks to her left and then right as if to say “me’. I am like doing pulling motions now with both hands while looking at her with a big smile. She comes bouncing over and slides right up next to me with a big hug and glues herself to my side. The waitress is right on cue as she sits down ” drink for her?” . I am thinking fuck that is quick but WTF, do it. I even briefly think, these girls know each other maybe they would be up for a three some because they are both fucking cute but I am a mere mortal, that would need the talent of someone with much greater powers than me.

Back to reality, her English is really good and we have a few drinks over an hour, she ends up doing another show and when comes back literally sits on me rather than the chair all the while bouncing and grinding her fine ass on my dick. About 2. 30 she turns to me and says ” do you know how this works?” , of course I do but say to her “please tell me how this works” . She says barfine is 700 and 3000 for her, basically 1 shot. At this point my guard is completely down because she has been super cool and fun so I pay the tab which was around 2500, we stay another 30 minutes to closing and then walk to the Landmark where I am staying, maybe 500 yards from Nana Plaza. Luckily it was one of the few nights which wasn’t raining, this is the monsoon season. We walk hand in hand, she is laughing and really in no hurry. When we get back to the Hotel we walk through the lobby with no need to check her in, the whole hotel is very very girl friendly, you constantly see them up and down the elevators 24/7. When we enter the room her clothes are literally right off and we head to the shower.

We start fooling around and are both pretty drunk. Turns out she is really drunk, the Japanese dude bought her 10 shots apparently and she runs back into the bathroom and starts throwing up. She spends the next 30 minutes going back and forth but never loses her sense of humour and we are still laughing to the point of tears at times at the situation. She comes out 1 last time and then essentially just lays on top of me and goes to sleep. I have zero interest in LT normally as I have shit to do in the morning with work / gym etc adding to this we hadn’t banged at this stage but strangely I just went with the flow. As I said she had just been super cool to this point and it was kind of nice to sleep with her banging ass never too far away, she was always rolling into me during the night and snuggling up to the warmth.

We both woke up at about 10 am and she just lay on top of me or next to me chatting for a few hours. I actually learned a lot about Thailand, stuff I would never come across. Meanwhile she was always playing with my dick and I ended up getting 2 good shots away and an aborted attempt on a 3rd. As I said she was just super cool and was really in no hurry to leave. She says she knows lots of people in Bangkok but has few close friends and I assumed lived in one of those shitty temp type apartments close to Suk Road. I guess she is kind of lonely. She ended up leaving at 2, probably only because I had to check out at 3 pm (I arranged late check out) so it gave me enough time to get my shit together and get out.

As I said I don’t really do Long Time so wasn’t exactly sure how much to pay her as we had only agreed on ST 3000. I really had no idea so just pulled out 5000 and watched her while I handed it to her. Again, she was just super cool and pretty happy, gave me a big hug and left her phone number and email.

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