If you’re thinking about getting a Thail Girlfriend for a Week Cost is something that you must be concerned about. Well, don’t worry. I am here to tell you that you can get your hands on a spinner for a really low price. That is what being a monger is all about anyway. I don’t want you coming to Thailand thinking that it’s expensive. Instead, I would like you to think of it as getting complete value for money. The girls in Thailand are amazing and there is no doubt that you will have a great time once you get here.

Thailand is a huge country but you can be assured to find a girl to rent anywhere. Most major cities and tourist destinations have girls that are willing to get intimate with you. These are mostly girls that offer full service and can also be your tour guide when you get here. Think of her as a mistress or a girlfriend that you can hire to show you a good time.

Thailand Girlfriend for a Week Cost

Most people coming to Thailand think that they will find these girls only in red light areas such as Nana Plaza Prices or Walking Street. However, what they do not know is that you can use websites such as ThaiFriendly and ThaiCupid to hookup with local girls too. These girls are not professional escorts but are generally university students that are looking for a way to make some pocket money. There is a very high likelihood that you will find these girls even at shopping malls, nightclubs, lounges, and coffee shops.

Thai girls love shopping and if they can spend time with you to earn some money, they will give you a complete girlfriend experience. If you are monger looking for real love, then this isn’t the place for you. It is very easy to fall in love with a Thai girl but I must warn you to keep your head leveled. I have seen too many people fall in love with Thai girls thinking they would marry them but that is not the case.

The best part of renting a Thai girl is that they are extremely naive and more than willing to spend an intimate time with you. So, let’s take a deep dive to find out where you can meet these girls and find out the exact Thailand girlfriend cost for a week.

Thailand Cost of Girlfriend

How Much for a Thailand Girlfriend Cost for a Week?

You should understand that the cost of renting a Thai girlfriend is directly proportional to their age and looks. The younger the girl and sexier her body, the higher the cost. But then again, the cost of renting a non-professional college girl is much less than getting one from a GoGo Bar or Escort service.

Of course, these girls are here to make money but it does not mean that you cannot get them for cheaper. For example, you can pay a college girl 2000 Baht a day for her time but the same girl from a GoGo Bar will cost you around 2000 Baht for an hour. The services will of course vary but you will know exactly what you get when you start talking to her. To make things clear here is what the Thailand Girlfriend Cost for a Week.

Thai Girl Cost for a Day 1000 Baht – 2000 Baht
Thai Girl Cost for a Week 6000 Baht – 12000 Baht
Thai Girl Cost for a Month 20,000 Baht
Thai Girl Cost for a Year200 Baht/day

Best Places to Rent a Thail Girlfriend

Your options are technically endless but the best way you can find a Thai girlfriend is by browsing online. You can literally check out sites such as ThaiFriendly and other dating sites. There are social media apps such as Line and Tinder that can hook you up as well. The key to getting success with these girls is to ensure that you communicate with them and tell them what you are looking for. Finding Thailand Girlfriend Cost for a Week is better online.

Thailand Girlfriend for a Week Cost

If you have it in you and want to portray yourself as a playboy, you can visit some of the most popular malls around and find girls there to talk to. You can go up to girls at a coffee shop. If you like the girl and if she likes you, you can strike up a conversation and get involved with her. Meeting girls at nightclubs and bars are great for one night stands but if you are looking for companionship for an entire week, it’s best that you check out the dating and social media sites online. You can also opt for getting a professional escort for a week. Check out my Smooci Review to learn how you can do this.

Short Term Girlfriend Costs

Renting a Thai girlfriend for a short term is anywhere between a couple of days and up to a week. It’s a great way to get a tour guide, learn about the local cultures, and get to see different sides of the country that you were not expecting. If you are getting a Thai girlfriend for a week, then you can find that you will be able to travel with them too. You can share a trip with them to Krabi, Phuket, or anywhere around Thailand.

Long Term Thai Girlfriend Cost

This can get a little complicated since the girl will know that you are willing to spend. Not only will you be paying for her time but you will also be responsible for her food, drink, and travel. Booking a girl for a month means that you need to budget yourself accordingly too.

Girls in Bangkok

Things to Keep in Mind with Thailand Girlfriend for a Week Cost

I have been around Thailand a lot and I have shared my bed with many girls. But one thing I have been able to successfully do is to negotiate with them. They know that I am spending my money so they have to be extremely enthusiastic about what I need from them. At the end of the day when I’m in the mood to get naughty with a girl, I need them to take care of me. After all, it’s what I am paying for. Make sure that you are open with her from the very beginning with what you want.

When you shortlist the girl you like, make sure that you ask her if she is comfortable with your kinks. You want her to know from the very beginning that you are into some stuff that she should be able to do. If you find her too shy or she looks reluctant, move on to the next girl. There are plenty to choose from.

Keep your money safe. Thai girls are sometimes notorious for getting jealous. You should always be aware of how much money you have on you. Do not withdraw more than what you need from an ATM. Most restaurants and bars accept cards so try to pay with that if you can. If you need cash, keep it to a bare minimum.

Keep your budget as tight as possible. The last thing you need is to be able to find a great girl that you like and end up not having enough money to pay for her time. Make sure you don’t end up buying stuff for her when you go out shopping together. These girls can be very persuading so be careful.

Remember, Thai girls, are not seen as hookers. You have to treat them with respect. They will in turn be respectful to you and show you a good time. Speak well with them and have the patience to understand them. Their accent can be hard to follow but try to keep up. Also, it never hurts to learn a few words in Thai. If you cannot, she can always teach you.

Girls in Bangkok

Thailand girlfriend for a week Cost is not something you should worry about. The costs of these girls are very minimum if you know where to go. Do not get carried away with some model that quotes you exorbitant prices. As I said, there are plenty of them to choose from. All of them are models in my eyes.

There is a recent trend starting off in Thailand where ex-pats are renting sugar babies. Thai girls love sugar daddies. You can find them at sites such as POF or Seeking Arrangement. While the concept is new, the format is the same. Young girls love older men and their wallets. Let them hold on to you while you hold on to your wallet. If you are into the nightlife scene, then check out some of the best Agogo Bars in Bangkok.

Swinging with Thai Girls

Another new kinky fad to come to Thailand is the concept of swinging. This is where a punter like yourself will bring his girl to a party and will end up meeting you and your girlfriend. This generally ends with a very drunken night of fun and possibly an orgy or group fun. You can find girls and couples interested in this at Wife Swap Sites.

Now you know everything there is to know about the cost of girlfriends in Thailand. Go out and have some fun. Reach me on Twitter if you want to learn more.

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