There have been quite a few good reviews regarding this Doki Doki Massage Bangkok shop. Thus, I made my visit a few days ago. When I arrived, the mamasan at the counter showed the menu to me. I selected a 60 min Nuru massage. It was my first time ever for Nuru. Then, she showed me the iPad menu and told me there were two ladies were available at that moment and they would be willing to do a four-hand massage. I couldn’t make a decision right away.

4 Hands Doki Doki Massage

Then, the counter lady told me I can see them in person. She called out to these two girls out for me. Their names were Wawa and Helen. These two girls looked very similar to the photos I saw. However, Wawa’s photo is definitely over photoshopped to make her look better.

Phyiscally Speaking

The counter told me Wawa has bigger boobs, and both of them have all-natural. However, I preferred the look of Helen. Thus, I made my choice and paid at the counter for 3500 Baht for the 60 minutes session. Helen is a short girl. She’s 26 yrs old and has a sweet smile. She’s slim with b-cups, has no baby, and definitely has a tight pussy. I will give them 7-8 out of 10 for looks.

Getting to Know these Girls

I have my own shortcomings. I tend to have a premature problem but I can keep going after that again. So, I explained that to Helen. She said I can cum as many times as I want. The same response was from Wawa too. The first question Helen asked me is if I want a handjob or blowjob. WTF, I said blowjob for sure. What kind of question is this? I asked if I can CIM, she said no. She was ok I cam came over her body though.

Doki Doki Session Begins

During the process, there was no kissing whatsoever even when I flipped over and faced up. When I faced up, the girls started sliding all over me to reach my upper back. But when I flipped over, Wawa tried to avoid my upper body, I couldn’t even see her pussy. I could barely touch her boobs or pussy. The blowjob was ok. She was trying to explore the area other than my dick. In a few minutes, I cum. What followed was a long, long, long, long time for a mediocre massage. I think they were just trying to use up the time.

Not that Great to be Honest

Finally, Wawa remembered I wanted more. She used her hands to wake my dick up. Then Helen gave me another blowjob. This time it was better than the first. I asked her to put a rubber on my dick. Then Wawa rode me for a while. We moved on to doggy. It did feel good. Wawa had a really tight pussy. I still had over 20 min or so left in my session. The girls took me to the bathroom, washed me up, and sent me out. I thought we could go over it again. I had to end up going to a Blowjob Bar to finish another round. Anyway, it was a disappointment for my first Doki Doki Massage experience in Bangkok. I should have read these Twitter reviews before going.

The Bottom Line

Wawa and Helen were both super friendly. However, I just felt that they were not that interested in proving an A+ sexual service. It felt more like a regular massage shop with extras. I would advise people to read about the Best Massage Parlours in Bangkok if they want good happy endings.

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