We recently lost a ladyboy bar and gained a regular one called Geisha Bangkok Ladyboy Go-Go Bar in Nana Plaza. It’s located on the top level of Nana Plaza in the corner down from Butterflies Go Go Bar, in a spot that used to be a Ladyboy bar. I think the name is “Geisha” only, no “Bar” next to it, but could be wrong.

Great Location for a Ladyboy GoGo Bar

I’ve written about Ladyboy Massage in Bangkok before so I think I’ve seen them all. But this bar is a little different. Somewhat U-shaped seating area around a tiered stage. Has a glassed-in bathtub box on the far side of the stage as you walk in. The girls in that glass box wash with sudsy water from the tub and go topless. Seems to have some of the available stage and seating area on the opposite side of the room curtained off for further construction. I don’t know for sure since this bar was a ladyboy bar before and I never went inside then.

Geisha Bangkok Fun

I went there last night, Saturday night, around 9 PM. When the mamasan saw me walk in she came over, threw her arms around me all smiles and happiness, welcoming me into the place. I never met her before, so that was unexpected. LOL. Maybe she thought I was somebody else she knew already. She told me all the girls are bar-fineable, all bar-fines are 800 baht regardless of ST or LT and everything else is up to the girl and you.

I pointed to one girl onstage who was wearing a black bikini instead of the general white the other girls were wearing and to another one who appeared to be wearing a double layer top with a black bra under her white bikini top (no pantyhose) and asked why they were wearing those and did that mean they were Coyotes? Mamasan said no difference, same as the other girls. I didn’t ask, but I saw no evidence of intermingled Ladyboys, although I don’t recall seeing a “Real Ladies Only” sign outside either.

Great Entertainment Value

In the two sets of dance sessions, I sat for, there were about 12 girls on stage for each set and another half dozen or so walking around or sitting next to or on the laps of customers. Not a particularly wild or party atmosphere. The music was loud but not too loud for me to understand what the mamasan and servers were saying to me. At that hour on this Saturday night the seating area, three levels of cushioned bleacher-style booths, was about 20% occupied. Despite the possibly misleading name of the bar (in more ways than one, IMO) the customer demographic was no more than half Asian/Japanese(?) and there seemed to be mostly older expat-type customers. Same as me, I suppose.

Amazing Ambiance and Great Ladyboys

I did not see any girls rating what one would likely consider a Bargirl 8 or above in terms of looks. But if you are fine with the young cute or quirky cute look and demeanor, as I am, you might have found 3-4 on the stage during each set that appealed enough to give her a shot. I came in smiling, was greeted rather nicely by the mamasan, kept up a positive, happy, and approachable demeanor since that is genuinely how I felt last night anyway, yet I can’t say my smile or gaze was returned by any “doable” girl (for me) either on stage or walking around.

Neither I nor any other customer in the bar was approached by girls alone or in pairs for a Ladydrink request after they came down from the stage after a set. They all donned more regular clothes over their bikinis, shorts, and t-shirts, and hightailed it outside to join the “Come Inside!” chorus.

Final Verdict about Geisha Go Go Bar Bangkok

Maybe those last couple of observations is a comment on the girls’ interest or rather disinterest in me buying one a drink or bar-fining them, I have no idea. LOL. Some guys much prefer the “no interference with my drinking” style in a bar, where the girls neither flag you from the stage with a “buy me drink” gesture or approach you personally after their dance set. This time I took it as a reason not to engage with any girl there but might go back and give it another look sometime. I also share the latest developments on other bars besides Geisha Bangkok on Twitter. So check that out as well.

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