Best Ladyboy Massage in Bangkok & Prices

Ladyboy Massage in Bangkok

If you are thinking about exploring your wild side and wanting to get kinky, then how about you get a ladyboy massage in Bangkok. You may be afraid at first but there is really no reason to worry. Thailand has a very open culture and is open to accepting ladyboys in their communities. Getting a massage from a girl is absolutely perfect too and if you want one of those, check out our post on the best massage parlors in Bangkok. 

One of the main reasons why you should consider a ladyboy massage in Bangkok is the fact that you know exactly what you are getting. Getting your junk handled by someone who knows how to handle it is totally worth it. Ladyboy Massage in Bangkok is becoming more and more popular amongst general mongers who want to spice things up. It’s a great way to release stress and be taken care of by a woman who knows how to treat her man. 

Straps is a GoGo Bar in Nana Plaza to meet Ladyboys
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What Happens with a Ladyboy Massage in Bangkok

When you know where to go to meet Thai ladyboys, you will find out that they have a range of services they offer. You may end up finding shemales that are willing to give you a massage in your hotel room or would invite you to their massage shop. I would recommend that you go to a ladyboy massage parlor in Bangkok. This way you get to select the girl you want from a lineup. 

As you enter a massage shop, you will be seated and asked if you want a beer. These beers cost around 100 Baht and you can take your time to sit and pick up one of the many ladyboys hanging around. It is important to take your time so that you get the vibe of the place. Try looking out for a ladyboy that grabs your attention. If she smiles at you then you know that she is ready to please you. Take your time, take your pick, and tell the owner who you want. 

Ladyboy Massage in Bangkok

Selecting your Ladyboy

After you select the girl for your ladyboy massage in Bangkok, you will have to pay for her time. Tell her what you want her to do before you can make a payment. Do not be shy as she should know what she should be ready for. When you finish making the payment, she will hold your hand and take you to one of the massage rooms. One the way up, don’t be afraid to grab her butt. Be a gentleman. 

Ladyboy Massage Parlor in Bangkok

Inside the room, she will give you some mouthwash and ask you to get naked. She will guide you to a washroom where you may need to wash up yourself. Ask the girl if she doesn’t mind washing you up. If she says no, don’t worry. If she says yes, you’re in for some fun. Nevertheless, after the shower, head on over to the massage table in the center of the room. The girl will be to take off her top too. Her intention is to get you hard. Play with her body a little while she plays around with yours. Soon you will realize that she has her hands down there. Ask her if you can take down her panties and you will be presented with a complete view of her ladyboy parts. Do whatever you want with her. No-one is going to judge you. 

If this ladyboy massage in Bangkok is part of a PSE (pornstar experience) shop, the two of you can end up having sex too. There will be toys around like a strap on, vibrator and whips too. Play with her as much as you want. Try to control yourself. Once you pop, you’re done. 

Best Ladyboy Massage in Bangkok

There are plenty of places to get a massage in Bangkok by a ladyboy. The important thing to keep in mind is to go to popular places that have good reviews online. Going to an established parlor for a ladyboy massage will ensure that you are safe and guaranteed to have a good time. I have put together some great massage shops to meet ladyboys in Bangkok. 

Montra Spa and Massage This is one of those places you go when you really want to have some fun. It’s an affordable option compared to other ladyboy massage parlors in Bangkok and has some really beautiful girls to choose from. As you enter the parlor, you will see that they have a lot of girls to choose from. All of them are ladyboys trained professionally in the orient art of seduction. Not only are they well trained, but they are probably the hottest ladyboys I have seen in Bangkok. You may see signs that say “Do not ask for extras”. Don’t worry. It’s all available here. The cost of a massage here should set you back 400 Baht. 

Nuch Salon and Ladyboy Massage in Bangkok

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Another great ladyboy massage in Bangkok can be had at Nuch. This place is located very close to Montra and has an equally sexier set of ladyboys ready to pleasure you. It’s a little more pricer than Montra but totally worth it. Prices start at 600 Baht for a standard massage and 700 for an oily one. Ask if they have Nuru oil and feel the pleasure of a ladyboy rubbing up and down your body. 

Nuch Massage Parlor Bangkok

Sukhumvit Soi 4 Near Nana Plaza

The massage shops near Nana Plaza are filled with mostly girls. However, if you keep your eye open, you will see that there are some really nice ladyboy parlors too. These are hidden away in little alleys close to Soi 4. Once you see ladyboys around, you know what to do. If you are in Nana Plaza and want to check out a better experience, go through my guide on How to Meet a Ladyboy in Bangkok. There’s a video you can watch too where I discuss the Best BJ Bars in Bangkok.

Thai Prime Ladyboy Massage in Bangkok

This is a parlor in Bangkok that provides massages by expert ladyboys. These girls know exactly how to satisfy a man. It’s located close to Soi 6 and Silom road. There are many types of massage services here and it’s the perfect option if this is going to be your first ladyboy experience. Thai Prime ladyboy massage in Bangkok will set you back by around 600 Baht for a standard one and up to 900 Baht for a PSE. 

Ladyboy Escorts

If you still prefer getting a freelance ladyboy to your hotel so you don’t have to deal with going out in the Bangkok heat, then you will be happy to know that you can use services such as Smooci and ThaiFriendly to get one. There are some escort sites too where you can choose a girl to come directly to your hotel room. Check out the Best Escort Agencies in Bangkok or my Smooci Review to learn more. 

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