You must have come across a common confusion that most people face once they plan on experiencing the Thai culture. Bangkok or Pattaya? Which place is the best for catching up with Thai girls? Firstly, you need to be clear about your requirements. Are you looking out for a hooker or a one night stand? Which place is comparatively better in terms of sex services? What’s the price range of a girl in Bangkok vs a girl in Pattaya? There are many questions that need to be answered to decide which city is better for you to have a great mongering experience. There are plenty of girls in Bangkok and Pattaya to choose from. So, let’s get started.

Girl in Bangkok

Girl in Bangkok vs Pattaya

As far as the number of hookers is concerned, girls of Bangkok are a higher number than Pattaya. But before you get excited to think that you can find a permanent girlfriend, remember that their main target for a relationship is Thai men. Unless you are one, there is no point in searching out for them since it’s hard to locate them if you don’t belong there. Instead, you can hit the red light districts there to get your hands on some crazy hookers waiting for you.

Pattaya is Much More Fun

Keeping apart the number, enjoyment is much more in Pattaya for foreign visitors as well as mongers. You can easily get in touch with hookers via apps such as ThaiFriendly or Smooci and have a great time there with Thai women. Check out my Smooci Review to know more. Also, the relaxed environment adds up to the experience which is hard in the busy locality of Bangkok. You will definitely find the hookers in Pattaya much better as compared to the ones in Bangkok.

Girl in Pattaya

One-Night Stands with a Girl in Bangkok

People are often caught up in the misconception that having one night stands in any of these cities is easy. Bangkok girls there might be a little easy but remember that they aren’t as interested in foreigners as they are in Thai men. Once you hit the most famous clubs, you might come across hookers waiting to loot you off your money. In order to get the right catch, observe, and approach the right woman. See if you two have similar interests, and be prepared to get laid.

The nightlife in Bangkok is far more entertaining than Pattaya in my opinion. But I am sure others will differ. If a girl in Bangkok is not on your mind, then other areas include coffee shops, museums, etc. You can hit a random conversation to arouse the interest and see where it goes. If you plan on trying the second method, Bangkok is the right location for you. Always remember that women are also looking for casual sex, they might be waiting for you to make the first move. As far as clubs are concerned, both the locations have an ample amount of clubs where you can choose a drunk Thai chick and have an amazing night with her. Check out my review of Nightlife in Bangkok to know more about where you can party with a sexy girl in Bangkok.

Prices of Freelancers in Bangkok and Pattaya

The going rate for a short time with a freelancer in Bangkok is around 1500 Baht. This can be further negotiated. Check out my video on How Much to Pay for Sex in Bangkok to understand how to negotiate with these Bangkok girls. Pattaya on the other hand is much cheaper. If you walk down the beach road at night, you are sure to get a freelancer to go back to your hotel with you for far lesser the price. You may end up getting a girl for around 1000 Baht too. Sweet talking with the girls always helps.

Bangkok or Pattaya

Freelancers and Hookers vs a Girl in Bangkok

I have noticed that hookers in Pattaya are much better in taking care of their men. This may be because of the intense competition and availability of girls. Bangkok on the other hand has really beautiful women. They are friendly too but the transaction is very business-related. Both Pattaya and Bangkok are capable of servicing your needs. Just keep your eye out for how to get a girl that meets your requirement.

If you are looking for a girl in Bangkok or Pattaya to get into a relationship, then skip the red light areas. Go to malls and shopping plazas where girls are available in plenty. Meet girls in places where freelancers do not hang out. You may just end up getting yourself a Thai girlfriend.

Thai Mistresses

If you have ever heard the term Gik, you will be aware that you can score with a girl that can live up to your needs as a mistress. With a little persuasion, you can find yourself a Gik in Bangkok or Pattaya. There are plenty of Thai girls that want to meet farang men and become their Gik. This sounds contrary to the fact that most Thai women love Thai men. However, the reality is that a well-dressed farang has a great shot at meeting a Gik more than local Thai men.

Bangkok or Pattaya?

Now that you know what both cities have to offer, the choice is yours to find out which are the best attractions to find a girl in Bangkok or Pattaya. The choices are endless and all the women are super kinky. There are massage parlors in Bangkok and Pattaya too where you can meet women. If that does not float your boat, then try out some of the Best Blowjob Bars in Bangkok or Nuru Massage Parlors in Pattaya.

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