Gents. I have put together a list of places that I have checked out on my recent trip to Bangkok. So many reviews here. Please take the time out to read each and every one of them.


Saw June, looks-wise 3/10 but the 3 other girls in the lineup were about the same level, I chose June because I saw the name here with good marks for service. Started in the shower with a deep clean of my orifices and hers, I fingered her while she teased my perenium. I then had 2 pops with the deepest rimming I’ve ever had, BBBJ, BLS, FIV. Didn’t fuck (I just wasn’t into her body or face), CIM twice instead and she kept her mouth on me to get every drop. She had a very good attitude, enthusiastic and welcoming (it was nice to hear her whisper “thank you” when I opened my legs wide for easy rimming), but the optics were poor. Service itself was 8/10 but overall rating 5/10 (dragged down by optics and shabby facilities). Paid 2220 THB total: 2100 for 90 minutes + 120 (beer). Probably wouldn’t repeat despite great service, because I just didn’t find the girls attractive.

Shark (Soi Cowboy GoGo Bar)

Nam, a skinny girl with a trashy look. Took her LT to my hotel, had BBBJ, BLS, rimming, came into a condom in her tight ass, which was fun. Went to sleep, and then had more oral action in the morning. 2000 THB barfine + 6000 THB for the girl (long time). This was my first time, but I thought the barfine was very high after reading the rates here (and 6000 for the girl seemed a little high also). The Shark mamasan told me the barfine was higher (2000 instead of 1500) for Songkran, did I get ripped off?

Doki Doki Massage Parlour

Chose Mimi for 90 minutes Nuru. Great experience overall. Decent English, and she aimed to please. Nuru on the air mattress turned into BLS, enthusiastic rimming, and BBBJ to finish. Cleaned up, then moved to the bed for massage, more BBBJ, and second finish in doggy while squeezing her tits. Overall a great experience, and even went back again a couple of days later and saw a different girl, but she wasn’t as good (her name was something like “Aye Aye” Still, after visiting Tulip I found Doki Doki to have pretty much the same service level, prettier girls, and better facilities. I don’t think I’d go back to Tulip after visiting Doki Doki.

Poseidon (Soapy Massage)

Took the MRT (subway) there, which was easy enough with Google maps, for this American. Got off the train, and walked about 5 minutes to Poseidon. I went to the 2nd floor and wasn’t too impressed with the girls in the fishbowl, which was my first time seeing a fishbowl. I like the concept, even though it was a little awkward being the only one there with all the girls staring at me. I then went upstairs to the model’s floor (3rd floor) and there were about 30 girls sitting around on one side of the room, and men on couches facing them to choose their girls. I found a few of the girls quite attractive, but many of the rest were on par with the girls in the regular fishbowl. I saw some other guys requesting to see a short-list of girls of their choosing up-close, and 4-5 girls would get up and stand right front of the guys like a mini-lineup so they could see them up-close / standing and choose. I did the same with a few girls and chose Bee (#R13), a thin girl with a medium skin tone (not white or dark), and symmetrical features.

Eden Club Offers Threesomes

Her English was decent and I paid about 4200 THB, I think, (I don’t quite remember the price, but the ‘are’ on her tag meant a certain price, and they had 5-10 tiers of pricing on the models floor, where are was in the top half of the pricing structure but not the very top). We went up to a room, and she was very warm and friendly, almost GFE. We talked and got to know each other while the tub was filling up, and I ordered a beer that we shared. It was strange that a 330 ML Chang in the lounge was 120 THB, and a large Chang (about 500 ML, maybe?) was the same price in the room. Anyway, we spent some time in the tub feeling each other up, then went to the bed and had BBBJ, LFK, CG, FIV, BLS, and she sucked on my fingers while we were in doggy / prone to finish. She stopped me when I started to stick a finger in her ass but was otherwise cooperative. Overall a nice experience, rating 7/10 and more relaxing than a gogo, nicest facilities I had seen in Bangkok so far, would repeat.

Eden Club

Saw the lineup and chose A (thin girl with C sized Tits, prettiest of the lot, on the anal side of the line) and Perry (more full-figured with huge tits, but she wasn’t big). We went to the room, and they sprung into a routine of shower, BBBJ, BLS, rimming, licking my nipples (does nothing for me, but whatever), while I played with their tits and pussies. After my first shot in A’s mouth, they gave me a weak massage, which turned into more BBBJ, BLS, light rimming, then anal with A (VERY tight, and it was nice looking down on her thin body), then came in CG with Perry. Overall it was just ok. Zero contact between the girls and they were accommodating but clearly just doing a job, with lots of fake moaning. Perry made some conversation with me but A was almost silent the whole time, except for the fake moaning. Overall rating 6/10, I see the appeal but probably would not repeat.

Billboard GoGo Bar Nana Plaza

I took Kung (#42) longtime (6000 + 1500 barfine, which was higher than usual for Songkran). They wanted all 8500 up-front, I said barfine only and they quickly accepted. Went to my hotel, and it was an ok experience. The girl was super-hot, but not very skilled. I think the gogo setup is nice, but not my favorite because of the awkwardness of bringing a girl back to my hotel, and their service isn’t as good as the massage or soapy places I tried in Bangkok. I did like the Nana scene more than Soi Cowboy, though. A little more friendly staff, and the girls were hotter, at least on my one night in each place.

Annalisa Massage

I got 90 min full service with Pim. They didn’t give me a lineup, she just came to me after the reception lady gave me the options and took payment. When we walked past the other girls, I saw that Pim was the hottest one. Thin but not skinny, DTits, and a cute face. She also had pretty good English, and was really playful and fun in the room. They had told me that BJ is covered only (not available uncovered, and they even said I should go next door if I want BBBJ). They also said that I could do 2 pops in 90 min, but only one with sex, the other one with HJ or BJ. Anyway, in the room we had a long massage teasing my perenium, then she put on a glove and did a pretty good prostate massage, then sex in a few positions until I came, more massage, then shower. I was satisfied after one shot, so didn’t try to have a HJ or BJ again. She was friendly and hot, decent skills, rating 7/10, might repeat but more likely to go to Doki Doki for a massage because of BBBJ and rimming. By the way, I went to Analisa because I heard about a milking table, but the 2 rooms Pim showed me didn’t have one. It was fine though, I still had fun.

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