The scenery is excellent in Billboard very impressive lineup. She suggested the number 62. A beautiful 25 yo with smooth dusky skin and beautiful Thai features. A definite 8.5 who fitted my needs exactly. She came over and sat with me and had a brief chat. English skills are good. I told her what I wanted. DATY, BJ, and to eat her ass. She said, “why not”. I said good to get dressed. I thanked mamasan and we headed back to the hotel.700 THB Barfine 3,000 THB.

Girls at Billboard in Nana Plaza

Walking hand in hand back to the hotel from Billboard at Nana Plaza, I had a great chance to admire her body and features. Very nice indeed. Idle chit chat revealed that she is a student studying and works Friday, Saturday and sometimes Sunday. Once back in the room I showered first then she went in after me. This is something I don’t usually do as I normally like to really inspect the goods first. After she had finished the shower she came to the bed with a robe on. I was waiting for her. She jumped on the bed and quickly took the robe off and went under the covers and switched the bed lamp off. WTF?

I asked her “What are you doing?” She said, “I shy”. I responded with “I don’t think so and sorry these lights stay on”. I turned her bedside lamp back on and said I wanted to see her body. I removed the covers. Wow. A thing of beauty. Her skin. The firmness of her chassis. Her bald pussy. Totally shaven, beautiful natural titties.

I had to get my tongue into that kitty fast. I spread her legs and started a sweet session of DATY. Her pussy was tight around my tongue and her clit was hardening under my tongue as I lapped that sweet silk purse. She was moaning and breathing and either came very quickly or was acting it out, however, her wetness gave the indication something was going on. I got her on all fours. She was hesitant and said “Not my ass I virgin” I told her I was not going to fuck her ass with my cock just my tongue. She shied away as my tongue tried to get to that beautiful looking butt hole. Fuck it. This was a letdown.

Billboard has a Pole Stage that Spins

She said, “I ticklish”. I then got her on her back and went to go down again for some DATY like how we discussed at Billboard in Nana Plaza. She was giggling and squirming around. I asked her to relax as it’s OK as I just needed to get some more of her pussy as I hardened up.

She was writhing around and moaning gently. This was enough to get me ready for cover. I eased the 525 on. Too tight but I managed to keep hard. I asked her to wank me as I wet her pussy for preparation. I was ready to go mish. I eased into her sweet hole. Man, she was tight. She winced. I thought she was acting at first so I went in a little further. She gripped my arms and sort of yelped as I pushed further into her. My cock was only a quarter way in her beautiful pussy. She was tense as I rocked slowly back and forth. She was lightly moaning with eyes shut. I asked her if she was OK and she said yes. This time a little deeper I could sense her wetness. So I drove home. Deep in and out full length. Wow, this was incredible. Her body. Her face. Damn it’s good to be king. She gripped the bed sheets and yelled loudly”Fuuuuck”, her eyes closed and head turned to the side. WTF?

Me:”What’s the matter?” #62″It OK”.

I was rattled by her reaction and sensed maybe I was too much for her so I maneuvered her onto her side and entered her from behind. Again as I got half way in her she tensed again. I pulled out and flipped over to go for some more typical Bangkok DATY as I was losing my erection fast. Her pussy was wet enough after another brief DATY and I was at full mast again. In I went mish, again she gripped the bedsheets, eyes closed, head turned to the side. This time I pumped and pumped deep. “Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Ohhhh Fuck”. She was in pain. My cock instantly soft. BANG. Shot down. Gone. I got off her.

There’s a Hot Tub in the Middle of the GoGo Bar filled with Girls

“I solly you long” “I hurt”. I was really annoyed and she could see it.
I told her it’s OK. #62″You angree me?” I said no don’t worry about.
Me:”Mai Bpen Rai” #62 “You not finnit”.

She offered to jerk me off or whatever. I told her to forget it and get dressed and go back to the bar. She did as I told her and said again she was sorry.vI gave her the 3000 and sent her on her way.

What a terrible fucking experience. I’m really disappointed. I am thinking about going back tonight to tell the mamasan of how shit it was, but really what good will it do? It was Billboard at Nana Plaza and I’m not sure if I want to go there again.

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