I felt it was time to give my Soi 4 street girl Naam, another visit. Have not seen her for over 3 months (hardly was in Bangkok) since the last time I met freelancers at Thermae bar. Always a great GFE and wonderful feel pussy. Got there and met Joom immediately who is always there and a friend of Naam. Joom says sorry Naam is pregnant already, has Farang BF and they got married. Oh, fuck! Another of my regulars gone. One other girl on the street looks sort of acceptable but I did not try.

Looking Inside Nana Plaza

Went to look in a few Nana bars. I see there are now 2 Twister bars, with Twister BKK added to the left ground floor. Had a look and also in Billboard. Billboard had a big party. Girls were dressed up a la Victoria’s Secret slightly (so some had wings on). Junk food like Pizza and chips etc. was being served too.

It’s Dark in There!

Freelancers at Billboard GoGo Bar
Billboard at Nana Plaza

Annoyingly hard to see girls at the back on the rotating stage. Some really great asses on display at the front. Faces were harder to tell because the lighting is so dreadfully poor (and my eyesight is getting old). However, I know that not many have a really pretty face (some above-average though). From right underneath can see how broad most of the noses are even with nosejob. Could not really pick any girl I could be sure of being happy with under the difficult circumstances. Tits I can’t tell because they covered too much. Had a peak in Diamonds with better lighting and some topless girls. Nothing that amazing for a pretty face.

Walking Towards Soi Cowboy

Started to walk back to Cowboy, but decided to take a look in Thermae for fun. Was absolutely packed with big queues to get a drink. Heaps of Asian guys circulating clockwise. Did not really see Farangs in the circulating throng. Was surprised that 2 right-hand side freelancers at Thermae bar were actually quite good looking although the lighting in Thermae is also a little subdued and of a tone that seems to make girls look better than they do once they are outside.

I See Something Beautiful

Finally, I see on the left side a girl with light and pretty face (at least as far as I could see in that lighting). I had my incorrect glasses on (intended for computer work). She assures me that she likes Farangs and is not scared of them in the slightest. So I took her away for a short time.

Shes a Freelancer!

Billboard Gogo Nana Plaza
Billboard GoGo Bar

She was 30 YO or so. Her body was okay and tits as small as expected and not saggy. Belly scar from a baby, but not a really heavy one. The ass was okay unfortunately big pussy bush. If in a gogo bar, I probably would not have even called any freelancers at Thermae bar over. Off to my Hotel.

Showered separately, the first suspect sign. She did not want to kiss more than a peck. Claimed to have injured her tongue while brushing her teeth. Ha ha. (I am Skeptical).

Why No DATY?

Freelancers and Hookers in Bangkok
Hot Freelancers in Bangkok

She did not tolerate DATY for that long before complaining of hurt. Ridiculous! I was going incredibly soft and I have just shaved very smooth taking significant time. Was bothersome to have to get her Bush out of the way. No one complains about my DATY that fast, and hardly ever unless the girl has an injury from her own pussy shaving. Most freelancers at Thermae bar get horny even if reluctantly. So how am I going to get turned on? She has admitted to being quite inexperienced by now. A hairdresser by day in Ramkhamhaeng. In Thermae with a group of her friends / Colleagues.

She Gives Me a Decent BBBJ

I doubt she has fucked many Farangs. She says she can do a BJ. So the BBBJ is actually not bad. Very slow and soft as I like. Dick goes up. So put on a condom and try to fuck, Her pussy does not feel good for some reason like its hard to get in there very deep. Pussy is not gripping the dick at all, yet check with fingers finds no obstruction. It is possible deep down they could be a problem like stitched too tight since fingers can only reach 4 to 5 inches and dick is somewhat longer. Anyway, my dick is not enjoying the feel (after some beautiful feeling fucks at Snow White and Doki Doki in earlier days and even a bargirl from Five Star).

I’m Not Young Anymore

So naturally the dick is starting to sag and her looks are not that massively hot especially with big Bush to keep me excited. I am oldish now. Dick is quite insensitive. Things have to go right for me to enjoy, maybe not like when I was 35 YO. Soon realized there was no way the fuck with these freelancers at Thermae bar was going to work, and she was not even moving her body as she wanted it.

Freelancers at Thermae Bar
Thermae Bar in the Basement of Ruamchitt Hotel

Disappointed at Thermae

So yet another poor session from Thermae. In truth I have managed to cum with some of my girls from last few years at the Thermae, certainly not all, but not one of them was good enough to ever consider repeating. So that’s it. Can’t see any reason to ever go to Thermae again. My success rate is just too poor.

I Need to Choose Better Freelancers

Basically batting zero for last few years in terms of being really satisfied and considering it not to be a waste of money. It’s for a different sort of customer, young Asians I guess. Maybe they don’t care if girls have a weak experience, lack of skills, big Bush, etc. Or maybe the girls can perform a bit better. I am sure I have had a bad string of luck with my choices, but don’t see how to rectify that. If girls were dancing nude on stage, under good lightings, like at some bars, I could choose way better.

How to Choose Better Girls?

Maybe could choose better with a long interview process but I detect that the girls hate long discussions and too many questions, generally. They want to know pretty quick if you will take them. In a gogo bar, I can manage to have a very long consideration and interview process before bar fining. It works better and I have a much better success rate. MPs can be hit and miss too if they have plenty of dud girls at the venue. So the venue becomes important. Had plenty of dud girls in Soapies in recent years too, with the odd really good one.

Hookers at Thermae Bar
Freelancers at Thermae Bar

So it must be me. I have put off freelancers at Thermae bar easily, and dick just doesn’t work with too much adversity. The condom, of course, is the start of the adversity but can be tolerated with top-performing girls with really hot looks. Never was a problem with my favorite Crazy House girls, for example.

Here’s Some Advice

So my advice, if you are an older Farang with a nonsensitive dick like me, and need things to be going pretty much right with girls ability, attitude, looks, and body, then Thermae is a very suspect hunting ground, where can get very inexperienced girls and with low skills. Did not find many “horny” girls from there. More interested in quick money mostly these days.

Inside Thermae Bar Bangkok
Inside Thermae Cafe Bangkok

Later I took regular freelancers at Thermae bar (several times in the last 2 years). She was really horny and claimed to have had no luck for a while. She came extra fast from DATY within 2 minutes, as she claimed her pussy had been quite deprived lately. Never found her that difficult to cum, and always likes the DATY.

Soi 4 is Still Better for Me

Gave me a good BBBJ and also a tit fuck since her tits are big (has gained a little weight). Also her pussy is very beautiful to look at which is nice for me, not just for fucking. Her landing strip above is very short and smooth shaved around the sides of the pussy to above the clit level. This is the best way I have managed to find great girls at Soi 4. I have met girls at Nana Plaza and they are all amazing. If you think that you need to find out how you can meet these girls, please read my other posts so that you know what it takes to meet them.

When you come to Bangkok, don’t let the girls fool you. You have to be able to find the girls that are ready to show you a good time. This is because, most freelancers in Bangkok are ready to give you a good time for some of your money. If you treat the girl correctly and if you know exactly what you want, theres no stopping you. Just make sure that you have your priorities set right and be able to make sure you are ready to meet and talk to the right freelancers in Nana Plaza.

When you go to Nana Plaza, don’t forget to check out Billboard, Angel Witch and some of the other amazing GoGo Bars. If you want to meet Ladyboys, there is the Cockatoo club there too.

Time to give the dick a day off maybe now. To make sure I am really horny again.

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