Is the Doki Doki Massage Parlour over-hyped? Maybe I will just make that worse. I always try to give an unbiased opinion. Not really. I am biased by my taste and style. At least an honest opinion. It was like going to heaven today. Best Nuru I ever had. The girl was well trained in Nuru massage. I’ve written about Doki Doki before, but this time it was something new.

Searching for a Regular

So today I looked for regular Annie at Dream Heaven. She was on holidays. No others looked natural and pretty. Plenty of fake noses and tits.

Doki Doki Bangkok
Doki Doki Massage Parlour Bangkok

Okay, So time to look in Doki Doki Massage Parlour recommended by buddy too. The lineup was about 10 girls or close to that. Much better than the previous look-see.

Even one pudgy girl looked pretty enough to consider. Despite obvious sillies, Nadia had a tight body slim with curves and face good too. So could not go past her. 60 minutes would be seriously crazy for me. I hate to rush. So 90 minutes. Yes, it’s a bit expensive at 3500.

Beautiful Rooms

Doki Doki Massage Nuru Girl
Doki Doki Massage Nuru Girl Nadia

The Doki Doki Massage Parlour room shits on Annie’s rooms for body slide. Nadia undressed and had perfect body barring the exaggerated boltons. I can forgive one fault. Maybe some would complain she had very short pussy hair on top. Not clean shaved above pussy. Just slightly more than a landing strip.

She was skilled at doing body slide slowly and sensually. Best in surviving memory. BBBJ scores 7 quite good and did 69 for a while. Finally extended fuck in several positions moving to bed for more stability partway through. She made no complaints and neither do I. She seems to like cock and Farangs more than Asians. No stretch marks on the body. Looks to have been someone who works out. Ass is beautiful but smallish.

No Backside Entry at Doki Doki Massage Parlour

Did not ask for anal. Does not work weekends. Might have to repeat tomorrow. Was that good. Face 8, body 8 (1 point off for bolt ONS), service nearly a 9. GFE 9. Not known if anal or multi shots. She was not lazy. We used the full 90 mins. She was happy that I was more than happy.

Nadia has been there for only 3 weeks. She is tall as a model almost. Age looks 25 but possibly older. Who cares body still immaculate. No face lines. Could not decide if she had a nose job or not. If so it was very subtle. Not a high ridge.

I don’t like real massages but I’ve never had service this good at a soapy in recent years. I’ve written about Nuru Massage Parlours too but this was awesome. Walked out of Doki Doki Massage Parlour almost weak in my knees.

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