If you ever find yourself trying to date sex workers in Thailand, then Bangkok and Pattaya will not disappoint you. The quality of girls here are above par than anything else you have ever seen. There is no denying that you will have great time in Bangkok and Pattaya.

Where are the Sex Workers in Thailand?

In Bangkok, most of the best adult red light areas are around the Sukhumvit area. This is what is popularly known as the heart of Bangkok. The streets are flooded with girls, eateries and bars. You will always find something to do in this part of the city. Most of the girls are freelancer sex workers in Thailand that are willing to show you a good time. If you want to learn how to pick up girls in Bangkok and how much to pay, read my guide on Nana Plaza Prices

Sex workers in Thailand come from different parts of the country. Most of them are from Issan, which is the northern part of Thailand. Sukhumvit is the party capital of Bangkok and you will find that there are plenty of girls to choose from. The streets are filled with sex workers, bj bars and massage shops. You can spend hours puntering around.

If you are in the mood to check out some girly bars, then head on over to Nana Plaza. This is where the best sex workers in Thailand tempt you with their seductive dancing moves and gyrations. You can also take home one of the bar girls. If you want to know how to meet gogo bar girls, check out my article on Picking Up Girls in Bangkok.

Sex Workers in Thailand

Online Thai Girl Dating

Another great way to date sex workers in Thailand is to get online. Meet a girl on ThaiFriendly or Smooci. The girls there are professional escorts and they know exactly what you want. Check out this Smooci Review to learn how to meet girls in Bangkok and Pattaya.

Pole Dancer GoGo Bar Girls

Pattaya is another great place to pick up Thai sex workers. You will find that the cost of girls in Pattaya is relatively cheaper than Bangkok. This is because of the infamous Walking Street. Walking Street in Pattaya has adult entertainment that you could never imagine. If you have enough money and if you drink a lot, you may end up buying a home in Pattaya just to stay close to the girls.

Sex workers in Thailand love farangs. They are super attracted to them and their money. If you are ever in the mood to get a young girl home, then head on over to Bangkok or Pattaya to meet one. 

How Much Do Workers in Thailand Cost?

The cost of working girl for 1 hour of her time is generally around 1500 Baht. This can be negotiated to around 1000 Baht if you know how to talk to a girl. There are a lot of girls to choose from, so do not settle for the first girl you meet. The concept of short time is where a girl comes out with you for 1 hour. She will charge you around 1500 Baht. If you are trying to get a girl for a longer period of time, then you can get hooked up for a long time. Long time with a sex worker in Thailand costs around 3000 Baht. It includes unlimited sessions with her for the whole night. There’s a whole video on finding out How Much to Pay for Girls in Bangkok too.

Sex in Thailand

Smooci girls are another option where you can find girls and Thai ladyboys for a decent price. Smooch girls are available for 2000 Baht for standard girls and upto 4000 Baht for models. These are for for short times of course. You can pay by the hour with Smooci girls.

How Safe are Thai Girls?

You should not worry about anything as long as you are wearing protection. Condoms are available in every 7eleven in both Bangkok and Pattaya so make sure you stock up well before you start your romping sessions. A really important thing to keep in mind is that if you ever feel unsafe, you can check out a Bangkok HIV Test center to keep you calm.

Thai Ladyboys

While girls are safe, there are a few scams to be weary of. If you keep cash lying around in your hotel room, then I would advise that you keep it along with your passport in a safe deposit box in your room. This is just incase you have had one too many to drink and you become over friendly with your girl. 

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