If you are looking for a place that can cater to your kinky side, then there is no doubt that Thailand is the place to be. As a punter, I know that you are looking at the best ways to find out how to have sex with Thai girls. I am here to tell you the best tips and tricks to get laid in Bangkok. If you thought Vegas was fun, you’re in for a surprise that will keep you sleepless tonight. 

Thailand has a super open culture and their acceptance of sex is something that shocked me a lot when I visited Bangkok for the first time. I used to think that Thai Girls were shy but, was I wrong! There is absolutely no shortage of girls in Bangkok and there are plenty of ways to get laid and learn how to have sex with Thai girls. 

When I say that you are going to have a lot of sex with Thai girls, I do not literally mean the act itself. I actually mean meeting these girls everywhere you go in Thailand. There are plenty of options to choose from and you will find yourself in a predicament of not having enough time to sleep with all the girls in Bangkok. 

Sex with Thai Girls

A lot of people tell me that Pattaya is the place to be to meet Thai girls but I can assure you that Bangkok has a better quality of girls on offer. Bangkok is the sex tourism capital of the world. Thousands of punters come here every year and they never leave unsatisfied. One of the reasons why punters love Bangkok is because the Thai girls here are willing to do almost anything to cater to your sexual fantasies. There is literally nothing that these girls won’t do. If you meet the perfect girl, the sky is the limit. 

People also say that the only way to sleep with Thai Girls is to find a prostitute or freelancer working girl in Nana Plaza or Soi Cowboy. While this does have it’s advantages, there is no reason why you cannot meet a normal girl too. There are a lot of girls in Bangkok that are not prostitutes and they too want to meet men like you to show them a good time. You can end up sleeping with a Thai girl without having to spend a penny. 

Thai girls are very welcoming. They are cultured to treat people well and it shows in everything they do. They are soft-spoken and beautiful creatures that value people more than anything else. This is because Thailand as a country is known to be accommodating to everything. It’s a cultural thing and you will experience it on your next trip to Bangkok. I am aware that there is a lot of political disturbance too but that is secondary when it comes to meeting a beautiful Thai girl. 

Beautiful Girls in Thailand
Meeting Girls in Thailand

Thai girls are the most friendly people you will ever meet. They are perfectly capable of loving and sharing. This is the main reason their smiles will make your heart sink. Girls in Thailand are willing to go beyond their capabilities to ensure that you are comfortable and having a good time. They love to play host and make you smile. You’re going to love it here. 

Bangkok is a bustling city that literally never sleeps. There are traffic jams everywhere and people always seem to be in a hurry. I have no idea why they walk so fast. Regardless of the maddening bustle, the girls in Thailand are very polite and warm. They know that they have to give people attention and will do anything they can to make sure you enjoy their company. 

I used to like women from the Philippines but Thai girls have won my heart. Thai girls are very positively spirited and they are definitely hotter too. I have a peculiar thirst for slimmer girls that are svelte but I also like a great girl with larger body frames. As I said, there’s plenty to choose from. You’re not going to be disappointed in Bangkok. 
It is particularly difficult to find overweight women in Thailand but that does not mean you cannot find them. Most of the girls in Bangkok are thin and have very little body fat. They are quite light and you can literally pick them up. That should be fun for you. Their breasts are small too if you like to cup petite girls. Almost all girls in Bangkok love to stay clean. This means that they will wax every part of their body.

They know that you like it. You’ll never find a girl in Bangkok or Thailand with any body hair. Thai girls also love to keep fair so you can find them everywhere patching up their makeup of eating food that keeps them light-skinned. I don’t know what is the objectivity here but I’m assuming punters love it. If you ever get to sleep with a Thai girl that is an actress, you will know exactly what I mean. Thai TV and movie stars that have lead female roles also look out for punters and they are willing to sleep with men for some exotic fun. 

Sexy Bangkok Thai Girls
Party with Bangkok Women

In my opinion, most of the Thai girls that come from the north are very beautiful. You have a variety of girls to choose from so you know that there is always going to be someone that is well capable of rocking your world. 

Thai girls are nurturing so when you have them in bed, you can be rest assured that she (or they) will take care of every inch of your body. They love to make sure that you can reach orgasm. Give in them and they will show you a great time. Most girls in Thailand are submissive in bed. This is a cultural thing too. So take charge of them and tell them what you are going to do to them. They will giggle at first but will feel the intensity of pleasure when they know that you are in control. 

I won’t lie. There are some girls that are clingy too. They are the ones that want to go back to America with you. They are looking for a quick escape out of Thailand so that they can get a better lifestyle. You will notice that these are the girls that want to remain financially satisfied by you. They will do things for you that will make you wonder why. So stay true to the fact that you’re a punter in Bangkok and you’re only there for a good time. Falling in love with a Thai girl is something you don’t want. 

Girls in Bangkok
GoGo Bar Girls in Bangkok

The first thing you will need to do is to make sure that the girls are able to notice you. Women in Thailand need to see that you are there for fun. So dress the part. Do not dress up as a general crazy tourist. Dress up like a traveler. Girls need to know that you are a punter that knows how to get around town and pick up women. Thai women love men that are confident so make sure that they know you mean business. Knowing basic Thai is also an added advantage. Being able to flirt with a girl with basic Thai greetings is a total turn on. 

Remember, when mongering in Bangkok, make sure you are not part of a group. Thai girls get intimidated when they see men in packs. You need to stand out as a single man so that they know you are available. Being alone means that the girls know you have a private room at a hotel. You know what that means. Boom Boom. 

Talking to girls in Thailand should be direct. Flirt a little but tell them that you like them and want to date them. If they blush, the cat is in the bag. Most young girls in Bangkok speak English relatively well. So don’t be afraid to communicate with them. If you didn’t know, Thai girls love men that can speak good English. Under the pretext of teaching them, you will enjoy a great time with her. 

When you are absolutely comfortable with the girl, tell her your intentions. Tell her that you are in town only for a while and you want to spend more time with her. Don’t be shy because they are not shy. Whatever you do, make sure that you do the exact opposite of how you pick up women from your home country. If you think that the girl is not giving you enough attention, don’t go begging for her time. Girls in Bangkok do not appreciate the lurker. Move on to the next girl. I already told you, there is plenty of fish to choose from. 

Another great way to meet girls is to go clubbing. There are some really popular nightclubs like insomnia that have girls come there in dozens. You are guaranteed to pick up beautiful freelancer girls there. Another great place to party is by attending Swingers Parties in Thailand. These are organized by SwingersHub which is the world’s most popular lifestyle party club for couples, single men, and unicorn females. 
Bangkok has a lot of girls waiting for you. If you demonstrate attributes of masculinity, you are sure to get laid in Thailand and find yourself experiencing crazy sex with Thai girls. Be a man and you will find new Thai girls coming into your bedroom every night. 

The best place to find girls in Bangkok is to stay in places near Sukhumvit. There are plenty of freelancers around that are waiting to come to your hotel room. Make sure that you have a hotel that is girl-friendly. If you just want to enjoy a couple of beers, there are a couple of really nice GoGo Bars around to entertain you. There are some really nice pornstar experience shops and blowjob bars too around that you will fall in love with.

If you really want to explore the nasty side of Bangkok, then there are ladyboys around too. If you think Thai Girls are kinky, the Thai Ladyboys in Bangkok will show you new levels of excitement. Ladyboys in Thailand are very much accepted by the Thai people. There is no stigma with a man dating a ladyboy. It is absolutely normal. 

SwingersHub Parties in Bangkok

Some things that you need to keep in mind are that Thai girls love non-Asian men. This means that if you are from the west of have an exotic skin color, they will get in bed with you right away.  Bangkok girls are always on the lookout for fun and excitement. You will be their drug. 

In all of the years, I have spent in Thailand, I have never met anyone not sexually satisfied. They always leave with a smile on their face or a with girl at their waist. Getting laid and learning how to have sex with Thai girls is now super easy. So when you come to Thailand, remember to leave all your worries back home and spend your trip speaking to new women every day. Meet different girls every day. Go on multiple dates. Have one night stands. Do whatever you want to do. What happens in Bangkok, stays in Bangkok. Always use a condom. If you find yourself not using a condom, then check out this post on how to get a Bangkok HIV Test done. 

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