If you are a newbie to Thailand, then read this first. This Thailand Sex Guide will help you make sure that you have the right access to the right places.

Stay in the Right Place

On Khaosan Road, we booked into a girl-friendly hotel. I’m not sure why, but one of our group members allegedly received recommendations from online research that one should consider staying in Khaosan Road when visiting Bangkok for the first time. This is far from the truth. You should always stay in Sukhumvit if you are here for mongering. Although the hotels were quite welcoming to guests, I had not intended to bring visitors because my father had joined us on the trip.

Tinder or Bumble for Thailand Sex Guide?

We turned on both Bumble and Tinder. But getting a match with fugly females or lady boys (Note that the men in our group are quite fit and not ugly; I have no idea if this is due to Indian bias, but I have heard that older Indians get decent matches). I have done a lot of research on massage clinics in Bangkok.

Soi 22 Massages

You must have heard that Sukhumvit Soi 22 is home to a number of parlors, including Paradise, Kiss 1 and 2, Bangkok Passion, and more. They most certainly belong to the same owners, in my opinion. I’ve received several friendly greetings as we crossed the street. Although I agree with most of the reasons given, I had previously heard that Thais sometimes are prejudiced against Indians. Nevertheless, we were graciously welcomed. My companions and I went into other haphazard massage parlors in the alley.

Glory Hole Massage

I was given a rate card that resembled that on their website. I decided on two women for a sexual massage with a glory hole. They told me it would be boring to go for two hours or 90 minutes, so they suggested 60 minutes instead. I went with the two girls who were absolutely lovely, mature, and not in the aunty mold. They had slutty makeup, a really provocative dress, and were quite tall. They led me into a room, instructed me to strip, and said I could take a shower if I wanted to. I had just showered before leaving our hotel, so I wanted to lay down for the massage right away.

Thailand Girls Contact Numbers
Thailand Girls Contact Numbers

For the first time in my life, I laid down on the massage table with my dick hanging from the hole in the groin area. When the girls arrived, they started an excellent oil massage. I had a late-night trip and spent the entire morning waiting in a Starbuck’s working, so I was extremely exhausted and my back was also very sore. I was enjoying the massage so much that I was on the verge of falling asleep. However, as one of the girls started to tickle my dick in the hole, the touch and motion of her hands while dripping large amounts of oil was quite seductive. I asked them to stop because I was ready to choke.

4 Hand Massages

I have been to 4 hand massages many times but mostly the ladies just focus on the massage and I end up with a happy ending. But here I got both a good massage and extreme teasing. I was literally in paradise now. The girl below also put nails, teeth, papers, tongue, whatever I felt a very strange sensation and after a moment I bent like a hose.
Then they asked me to translate in English better and cover the collection. Again a very good body massage focused on the cock. Now, two days earlier, I was drooling profusely in my homeland by reading about this Thailand Sex Guide. So time passed. But they were patient, they both sat on either side of me and started pulling me. I started touching their bodies over their dresses and played a mental role play and soon passed the point of no return. I paid a total of 1600 TBH and no tip was asked for.

Nuru and Jacuzzi

After that, we went to eat. My friends took Nuru with Jacuzzi to the neighboring spas with young ladies. They got much younger girls and paid 2600 TBH reward each. Again, no one took a tip and it was a good experience for all of us. Then we added Nana Plaza to the map and thought about going there.

Thailand Sex Guide Thermae Cafe Recommendation

But one day we saw Thermae Cafe and felt we should check it out. We were not so well dressed (shorts and shirts) and still wanted to try. We entered and the waiters directed us to the bar. So I have to buy a drink and explore. Watching the countless women up close, I thought it was a wise investment, and so did the people in our group. We all got drinks, I got a Black Label. I don’t remember the price but it was a reasonable price and I really didn’t care about the drink as I had thrown it away.

We mostly saw Korean and Japanese guys trying to pick up girls. I saw maybe one or two Indian men, but they were older than us. We went to a bar. The level of the girls was quite good. Earlier, my close friend mentioned that mostly semi-pro girls go here and you get the neighborhood type. But unlike my usual adventures in Kolkata where I see, choose and the owner bargains with me on price, this was different. None of the girls shot or said they were rented, just drinking drinks and talking on the phone. We decided to explore on our own and separated from our group.

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Prices of the Girls

After several laps, I smiled at many girls. I saw a girl in a white top and jean shorts with a ponytail and big lips, and next to her was another older woman. I smiled at her and she did the same. All my adult life, the only time I tried to talk directly to a girl was when I was fat and ugly. I’m just ugly now, and I’ve been wondering what could go wrong with time with this girl from reading other Thailand Sex Guides.

The older girl said the price was 3,000 TBH for her in the short term and 10,000 TBH for her in the long term. I looked it up on YouTube before and found the price to be a little lower. So I started walking around more, telling them I would be back with my girlfriend. I spoke with a few more girls and they won similar awards. Two of my friends talked to two girls who looked very young. They were beautiful, both dressed in black tops and jeans, and she charged 3,5000 TBH for a short stay.

Negotiating as per Thailand Sex Guide Rules

Our 4th member was very shy about talking to girls. He had never read any Thailand Sex Guide either. So when I asked who he liked, I told the girls and they said $3,000 per person too. I liked the girl next to her. She was wearing a yellow dress, and although her breasts were visible, she was very petite. In my experience, these are counterfeit books. I got scammed in SG and saw a breast implant after taking a girl to her room (the first time I came). I know such a thing exists). But the girl my friend liked was very plump and she was tall, she was wearing a black dress and her breasts were big. She hurriedly negotiated a price of 2,500 yen.

Now I was back in the previous GoGo Bar, she was still there, and I smiled at myself again. I’ve been late twice so far, but honestly, it was my last visit, unless you know when you’ll be back, it’s a shame to have such a first-class girl in KolkataMore I don’t think so. So I suggested 2.5k TBH and she agreed too. Two other friends of mine took the girls 3km each. If you want to learn more about negotiation, check out how to do it on our Instagram page.

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