In Soi 33, I could have gone for Baem at New Massage, with pretty face and fab tits, but her sex skills are weak and lacking experience.

For a change, I decided to check out Dozo on the 2nd floor across from Akane. I saw the lineup for an Asian customer from outside the lineup room. Several girls looked okay In about 10.

When l was shown a line up only 3 remained and a girl talking to me. I asked if she was available being better looking than the other 3. Nope. Most girls do not take Farangs. They explain most girls are dick scared, in the Thai language equivalent, essentially saying they are scared of hurting pussy. We never had this level of knockbacks 28 years ago.

Doki Doki Girls Lineup

I thought of going for another look at Doki Doki thinking Sunday earlier might be better. Since so close, decided to look in Dream Heaven. Only 4 girls in the lineup, 3 light skinned and one somewhat darker tan. One light skinned girl okay Other 2 not slim and pretty enough. The darker girl had on a mini skirt showing off her taut ass cheeks below and slim sexy legs even if a few rice field marks on them. Face above average although I suppose she has a so-so nose job.

I took Annie for 90 minutes Nuru gel massage, passed on the VIP room (no desire for Jacuzzi), for 2600 Baht, cheaper than both Dozo and Doki Doki. Before undressing, she asked how big it was. I, in turn, asked her if she likes big or small. She says she asked first. I insist she answers first. Okay, She likes big somewhat. That is fortunate. I am a bit above average length but no talk of anacondas today. Too often meet girls wanting smaller.

Annie was already quite playful in the shower like the body slide started in there and the kissing. Small natural tits no sag. I was latterly surprised to learn she had a baby since I could not find any evidence of that at all, no stretch marks, no sag, tight pussy, etc. She was not 18 (closer to 30) so not lacking in experience. The great thing is we don’t have to wonder if she is liking Farangs since we known Asian customers will not choose a brown Udon girl.

New Massage on Soi 33

I took no real massage, only wanting a playful gel slide, etc. No hands. Pussy was shaved except for landing strip above which is not great since if that slid over the dick, the bristles would scrape. Moved to 69 position. Very nice pretty pussy for me. She was into sex big time.

Was very good fuck, cowgirl went quite a long time, then mish and doggy when I finally made it. Instead of getting a massage, we both rested a few minutes and then I gave her DATY and she popped inside 5 minutes. Not known if she had popped earlier or not quite. She claimed not to cum easy, but with DATY there was no challenge. She liked a little asshole tickling too.

After that, she offered me a second round. BBBJ got me up and 2nd beautiful fuck. I got close but no 2nd pop. That is normal for me. Very rare to get a second pop. Would have needed CIM most likely.

Did not ask for anal, but all round was very good. BBBJ was slow and sloppy how I like. Could have been deeper and longer duration, so I score her 7 for BBBJ, 8 for tongue kissing, 8 for overall attitude and GFE (did not request BBFS and CIP used Jap condom very thin was not a problem with such a good girl), 8 for the fuck, and 7 for face and body (for those into slim). Cute but not close to stunning.

Entrance to Akane

Will I repeat? Absolutely. What a pleasure she was. A little brown fucking machine with great stamina. Not as pretty as Baem next door who also has great tits, but far in front of the sex experience and skills. Annie weak points: nose, small tits, brown skin (for those that need light skin). I can’t count being a mother as a weakness, because of no damage or deterioration evident of any type. Looks like she works out to keep trim. Still, there are “mother” bigots out there I know. If she claimed to have no baby, I would not have known any different.

Pity I can’t transport her experience and attitude into Baem’s body. Ha ha.

Recommended for those who like a skinny experienced girl and brown skin and the mini skirt showing off the tight ass a bit. White skin and big tits are not everything. I don’t require it.

Was slightly annoying to have “New Massage” manageress (owner likely) madly waving at me to come and book Baem again who was sitting outside, but no I tried Dream Heaven next door. No regrets. Madly waving at me is a turn off for me. I don’t like it. I prefer those that act more casual.

Soi 33 has never been a hopeless street for me. I have had quite good luck in selecting girls in Soi 33 and its offshoots over the years. The average standard of girls is not too bad overall. It’s a long while since I picked Snow White, girl, so that indicates I look for something a bit cuter, or best Snow White girls hardly ever in the lineup.

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