I just want to clarify here that these Best Massage Parlours in Bangkok is only my opinion that they are the best for me. The girls at these shops appeal to me and may not appeal to you in the same way. So please read this post carefully to assess what you like and how it works for you.

Mango Best Massage Parlours in Bangkok

I’ve written about Mango Massage Parlour before when I took Momo. But this time. I’ve taken another girl that was much hotter and ready for some non-stop action. I booked my massage in advance, mentioned I want A+ and the rest just followed.

In the beginning, I noticed that the girl looked completely different from the pictures. She is not ugly but, nowhere close to what she looks in pictures. I would have never picked her in a lineup, nor anyone else from who were present in Mango when I went. But I still went ahead and decided to give it a shot.

Mango Massage Parlour Bangkok
Mango Massage Parlour Bangkok

She was very warm and welcoming and kept thanking me for choosing her. I think I paid 2800 Baht which included the VIP room. When I made the appointment, I had requested A+ service but I guess they forgot to ask me for the extra 500 Baht. I decided to just go with the flow.

Going up the Stairs of Heaven

She took me upstairs, then the usual routine of cleaning. She gave me an awesome BJ. Sucked me a for a long time. After I got hard, the bed got action. I dried quickly and started a second BJ session. When I told her to turn around, while she sucked me. I decided to get her ass all warmed up. So I fingered her deep and she seemed to enjoy it and there was no mention of 500 Baht tax. But it was really tight. So I decided to fuck her pussy. After about 15 minutes and a bit more warming up to open her butt, I tried anal again. But it was too tight for me and it kinda hurt me. So I gave up and asked her to suck me off and she did an awesome job. It got done in one pop. I wanted more.

At the airport, I met a German girl while I was flying to Bangkok. I hooked up with her later in the evening and it was awesome. So I guess it was a good call not to have the 2nd pop at Mango because I was able to impress her to come back to me the next day.

Snow White Massage

Snow White has a new uniform, and I must admit that it works! The girls look much better with those red clothes. I asked who can do anal, and all girls except one didn’t lift. Apparently all girls warmed up to me. There were at least 8 of them at that time.

A couple of them caught my eyes, but one hottie stood out. It was only after I selected the girl that I realized that it was actually Candy whom I met a year ago. She looks different and in a nice way. New boobs worked to improve her image.

Snow White Massage Parlour Bangkok
Snow White Massage Parlour Bangkok

As we went upstairs, I could see her cameltoe, and I decided to pull her panties off right in front of other girls, which she loved and she helped me out, and basically walked to the room without panties as other girls looked on!

In the room, even before she got her stuff or got into the shower, she sucked me for like 20 minutes, it was only after I cummed in her mouth, she washed off and went to get her stuff. I later fucked her, but not anal because she’s too tight and got my 2nd pop and walked away happily. I’ve been here once before on Christmas eve to check out the Best Massage Parlours in Bangkok. Read this post to learn more about Snow White Massage in Bangkok

Addict Massage

Addict Massage Parlour is a very busy place. At one time, there can be as many as 12 customers and if you go in the afternoon, it’s quite easy to see all girls being taken. I had to go in about 8 times to find a line up that was bigger than 2! I ignored club 102 completely as the girls there can sometimes behave like princesses.

Addict Massage Parlour Bangkok
Addict Massage Parlour Bangkok

The 8th time I went there, I finally saw a line up that had over 2 girls, this time there were more than 12 or 14. I pointed out to a cutie and she appeared happy. The girl looked more like the girl next door type. I’ve posted some pictures to our BangkokPunters Instagram account so you can see pics of Addict Massage Parlour and the girl there.

Getting Her Horny

I wanted to see how horny can I get her and I let my hands play around in her ass, to which she responded by pulling me to the room by holding on to my penis. That was sexy! This too was noticed by other girls who were getting down.

She dropped me off in the room and promised to come back fast, and she did. She looked cute, her body is perfect and her boobs are quite big for a Thai girl.

Fast forwarding the other details about these Best Massage Parlours in Bangkok, I chose the jacuzzi. I let her take control and she cleaned me off very well like an obedient Asian mistress that sucked my dick. She was not a pro like the girls from Mango or Snow White but I loved the way she looked, she also performed like a girl next door or a GF.

GF Experience at the Best Massage Parlours in Bangkok

Which for me was not a bad thing. Back in the bed, she messaged me, which was okay. Then we started the sex session. Initially, she was shy about DFK. But later she initiated and it was nice because DFK makes me harder and makes me want to be more involved. Then I had to release. I still had about 20 minutes left. When I asked her for 2nd pop, she disappointed me. She said only 1 pop is allowed. For 2 pops, you will have to inform them in advance and pay more. I paid around 2500 Baht in damages. I think you will have to pay around 1000 Baht more for 2 pops.

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