I arrived into Bangkok on Christmas Eve. The flight was delayed and it looked like I wouldn’t make it to Snow White until 22:30 so I called up Snow White Massage Parlour and asked about the number of girls working and was I good for 1 hour at 22:30. The girl on the phone (who I found out later was Audi) was very pleasant and told me that 22:30 would be fine.

I got to Snow White at 22:30 and made my way inside. I asked which girls did A+ and I think they all put their hands up. One asked if I was big size, and for a bit of fun I asked if they wanted a look, they smiled and nodded so I got my cock out for them to check it out which was met with gasps and giggles in the gathering area, Some of the girls started shouting and next thing the cleaners were down for a look too. There was a little spinner there and I chose her but she said A+ mai dai so I took Audi as well, I paid 1900 B for each for one hour and we headed upstairs. I asked the spinner for her name and I thought she said Maisy but later found out here name was Medji (as in the milk).

Medji is a good looking little thing, tiny bit of baby damage but generally good. Audi has pretty drastic baby damage and honestly should be avoided. I spent most of my time being blown and pussy screwing Medji, she has a lovely tight pussy. I hadn’t had sex or a wank for nearly 3 weeks so I blew an absolutely huge load all over her face which she took really well.

I’m not sure if I was impressed with Medji, She is pretty, she does try but for me, A+ is the raison the’etre for Snow White and she doesn’t deliver there.

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