Before we begin, I would like to clarify that this Jungle Jim Soi Cowboy Review incurred me total damage of just 1000 Baht for the handjob and massage at the back of the bar.

The Downlow

I’ve been to Jungle Jim’s before but I was sad to see the new rule. No more blowjobs here! I read prior Jungle Jim Soi Cowboy Reviews for 800 Baht, but they said it’s not happening there or any of their Soi Cowboy Bangkok bars. Unless certain ones have rooms upstairs. But then, it’s going to cost way more and you might as well take full service. Plus, it’s not allowed in an open bar, which was part of the point for me. Go to Soi 7 or Soi 11 or elsewhere if you want a BJ. Check out my list of the Best Blowjob Bars in Bangkok for some action.

Jungle Jim Soi Cowboy Review
Jungle Jim Soi Cowboy Review

500 Baht for a handjob is a great cheap charlie deal. Plus a lady drink for this Jungle Jim Soi Cowboy Review costs 170-250 Baht (they pressure high to buy more, but I just smile and say no thank you).

Open Air Handjob

First, the great experience was a 7/10 hottie. Beautiful. Nice body & tits. The mid to late ’20s. I recommend asking them if they provide HJ before buying a drink, as some don’t really do it. She said she does. I tried to get me to take her friend too for an extra 500 but she said no. She took me to the back of the bar and her friend held up a little towel to block the view as the girl did the prep for a wipe down. Then I had to ask for some baby oil (no extra charge).

Older mammasan lady puts my feet up in her lap and massages legs while getting HJ from hottie. I say “no, only one girl” but she just nods and keeps massaging. I say “only pay one” and she says no problem. So why not. I pop the hottie’s tits out. I suck on those. We do some DFK. She puts my hand under her skirt and starts working her fingers. This has to be one of the hottest Jungle Jim Soi Cowboy Reviews ever.

Outside Jungle Jims Bar
Outside Jungle Jims Bar

The Mammasan Joins in on the Fun

Pretty soon I feel 3rd hand. 4th hand. Mammasan is going to work too. Hottie grabs my face for DFK, licking my nipples, hands roaming the body, whispering dirty shit, and licking my ear, as the mammasan keeps working on the HJ. To be honest, that was really enjoyable, so I didn’t stop to say I wanted the HJ from only the hottie. Good technique from both. Hottie is all over me and moaning while the johnson is getting worked. Sexy.

If you can’t blow your load sitting on a bar stool, then this will be a different experience. But kinda hot getting this inside the bar with others sitting around, and seeing go-go dancers doing the Soi Cowboy Bangkok shuffle.

Blowing My Load at Jungle Jim Soi Cowboy

I blow my load and the hottie cleans it up. Maybe 10-15 min in total. No complaints from either. Mammasan keeps massaging my legs. Gave 500 Baht to hottie for the standard / fixed HJ price, and 200 Baht to the mammasan for the extra work. I decide to sit down at the bar for another beer, and mammasan starts massaging my back and shoulders. Felt great and I love getting a massage while kicking back with a beer in a bar. It makes me feel like a king. She asks for a lady drink, but I said no. I tip her 100 Baht instead and she keeps massaging. Maybe for around 15 or 20 minutes.

Costs and Damages

So the actual total damage was about 1000 Baht for lady drink for the hottie (200), HJ (500), and tips for massage (200 + 100). Plus a couple of beers for me. I think they are 100 baht if I remember correctly.

I have another story here from a spinner hottie that was a real disappointment. But I should have known it and did it anyway LOL. So my bad. Lessons for those newbies or those experienced who just forget their lessons learned.

FInal Jungle Jim Soi Cowboy Review

Would I repeat this place? Definitely. Inexpensive release in an open bar setting. And quick and easy. Don’t have to wait for an outcall or get a short time room, unlike other Soi Cowboy Bangkok bars. Cool experience if you’ve never done it either. If this is not your thing, check out the Best Soapy Massage Parlours in Bangkok.

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