Review of Kazy Kozy Bar in Soi Cowboy

Kazy Kozy Soi Cowboy

This is sort of the new Crazy House. Has similarities to Crazy House of 3 to 4 years ago. So, therefore, I am unlikely to go to CH any more, or maybe just a rare occasion in case they have a hot new girl. New hot girls may be more likely to start at Kazy, but can’t be sure. Time will tell.

Kazy Kozy in Soi Cowboy

The good points (for Kazy):

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1. Lots of slim girls, some silicones, not too overly surgeries dominated. Some killer bodies, if you like slim. Some thicker girls.

2. Some of the new girls have made an effort to loose weight in the last few weeks. Overall girl weights are declining. No real fatties.

3. Don’t have to buy a drink to enter any more. Hence they are getting more customers now.

4. Raunchy naked lap dances with touching available. Guy next to me had finger in girl’s pussy I believe (without gawking too much).
Depends on the girl, what she allows. 

5. Mix of Asian and Farang customers for that in between taste. So not like Rainbow bars. More natural girls.

6. Girls do not have crazy hair dos like a Baccara bar. There are no Coyotes!

7. Not too crowded yet. Plenty of seats still available for now (on a Saturday). Saturday night had 25 to 30 girls. A few hot.
When it gets too full (and it probably will in time), they can open KOZY upstairs.

The bad points (for me):

1. Music too loud to talk to anyone at times. Other times okay Depends on the thump level.

2. If lady orders a mixed drink, alcoholic with soft mixer, it seems to be counted as 2 drinks 380 Baht.
I guess you can have her take a coke only. Tequila I am not sure of the price.

3. Too many shows. Personally I don’t like shows much, but the customers thinned out once the shows finished.
Maybe others are liking the shows.

4. Probably only 25% of the girls are nude. Many girls wearing a silly top that hides the tits a bit too much.
I like the Nudes.

5. A gay male mamasan (not LB). Nothing against it but makes me squirm at times. I prefer lady mamasans but don’t really need them. Haha. I am never that keen to have too many male staff in a gogo bar, male DJ okay. Dealing with a poncy gay is not that much fun. Someone suggested I but the Gay a drink. No thanks. Don’t want him hanging around.

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Talent at Kazy Kozy

One very strange system. You get asked to sign the back of your progressive drinks bill (it shows total so far). You don’t seem to be signing anything in particular. Turns out the signature is supposed to be agreeing to a lady drink (or two. No apparent distinction). Maybe they at first assumed I would understand. Haha. Was purely mystified at first, not being used to the system.

Standard of the girls is better than Crazy House, and similar to Crazy of some years ago. I found 115 to very cute for me, but looked delicate, inexperienced, young, and not raunchy. Would be a risk to BF her unless I can be sure she is really into Farangs big time. Not clear how many Farangs she has fucked. Next Time I am keen, will try to get a look at her tits and try to get a kiss. These things may decide me, if she is worth the risk.

Several nude girls had very nice bodies, so that helps stop me getting bored too quick. Sat with little Aem service staff with big tits, since have known her since Crazy House opened (a few years).

Later had a quick look in Lighthouse. Exclusively Farang customers showing the girls are not to Asian taste at all. Mostly Milfs. Shortage of skinny girls. No nude girls. Faces very average, some bodies okay Not my taste either.

So my preference for a bar seems to be where the girls attract both Asian and Farang customers in equal numbers. Not too overly surgeries dominated and some nice slim girls, and some pretty faces. I like to have girls at least topless preferably or with revealing tops. Not double layer Coyote Bras. Meanwhile far too many Cowboy bars now have ladyboys out front (Saw LBs in front of several bars), and also Coyote girls from the agency. The gradual death of good Cowboy bars. Saw a hot girl go into Long Gun. I need to check that out. If all the pretty girls are Coyotes, I am sad.

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