I took my friend for his first time at Thermae Cafe in Bangkok because he just wanted to see for himself. All we wanted to do is see the hottest girls in Bangkok. We walked down the stairs and a man will ask you to buy a drink before you can browse the girls. It was a Wednesday around 10 pm and it was quite packed. The girls are lined up around the perimeter as well as the center. The guys are in a Congo line walking clockwise. There’s barely any tables or space for you to stand. It seems to me like you just make a few laps, spot a girl you like, negotiate, and then on head out.

Not sure what the prices are but a few guys told me about 3000 Baht for Short Time. Hotter girls will ask for more. There were some solid 7’s and 8’s sprinkled in the crowd but I just wanted to check out the scene and didn’t ask. Definitely worth visiting at least once in my opinion. My friend and I just sat there had a few beers and then walked out to Soi Cowboy.

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