The rarity of seeing fully naked post-operated Ladyboys was a topic several months ago. I happened to drop into Enter Go-Go Bar on the 3rd floor of Nana Plaza last night at about 10 pm and, lo and behold, there was one inside the glass shower stall giving a full view show. After his/her set, another one took over for the next 15 minutes or so. There’s also a very popular Ping Pong Show Bangkok attraction nearby. So go check that out if you are in the mood.

Enter Go Go Bar Bangkok

Enter Go-Go Bar in Nana Plaza

My date was fascinated. It was her and my first live and relatively up close view of a post-op man-made replica of a vagina. Of the outside of one, that is. You’ll want to sit in the booths on the opposite side of the shower stall as you enter Enter for the best vantage point. Just reporting on an LB Show here, of course, nothing about barfining one. 

Ladyboys at Enter Go Go Bar Bangkok

Ladyboy Bar Bangkok

The ladyboys that work here are quite nice, to be honest. They are not pushy like other bars. The GoGo Bar scene in Bangkok seems to be changing and I’m happy about it. The pre-op and post-op transgender girls that work here are beautiful. The rest of the lineup in Enter Go-Go Bar last night was typically fine. The genuine females among them I mean was low. Onlookers seemed high as they were getting enthusiastic attention from the ladyboys on stage. But I already had a date sitting with me so that sometimes inspires a lot more positive body language toward me from girls on a ladydrink hustle. One or two of the girls might have been lobbying for a possible threesome. I wasn’t interested so didn’t investigate further. I think I will spend the rest of this evening checking out the Bangkok GoGo Bars on Twitter.

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