You have probably heard a lot of people tell you that when you go to Bangkok, go and check out the Ping Pong Shows in Bangkok. While this can be very tempting, there’s some essential stuff you need to know about the concept of sex tours to Thailand and what the hell is a Ping Pong Show. I’m also going to try to tell you which are the best Ping Pong Shows in Thailand to check out while you are in Bangkok.

Inside a Ping Pong Show

History of Ping Pong Shows in Thailand

Thailand is famous for a lot of things and most of them are adult entertainment options. The city always has something for us mongers. You will not be disappointed with the variety of options available to get your rocks polished. One such entertainment option is a very old and famous show known as a Ping Pong Show. Ping Pong Shows in Bangkok was relatively popular back in the 90s. The trends seem to have partially continued in recent times. While the number of establishments offering ping pong shows has slowed down, it doesn’t mean that they do not exist.

When ping pong shows were first introduced in Thailand, it was designed for western port travelers that wanted to experience the sexual prowess of Asian women. Men loved the exotic beauty of Thai women and they were willing to pay money to see them perform adult entertainment acts. There were times when men loved the company with a woman and it became increasingly popular for men and Thai women to play all sorts of games. This is when Thai girls started performing on stage for men. Lo and behold, a few years later the Ping Pong show was born.

Ping Pong Show Scams

What is a Ping Pong Show?

So the big question is what is a ping pong show and it means what it literally spells out. It involves a girl playing with ping pong balls as part of an adult entertainment act. Girls hide ping pong balls inside their pussies and then use their muscles to be able to pop it out by spreading their legs. It’s hard to explain but you have to really see it to believe it. Girls often shoot ping pong balls from their vagina into your glass. That is pretty much the gist of it, but there is a lot more. So, let me try to explain.

Over the years, Ping Pong Shows in Bangkok have matured into becoming more than the conventional ‘ping pong’ entertainment show. Apart from the ping pong balls shooting from these Thai girls, they have matured into other acts too. These include the girl holding darts in her vagina while you hold an air balloon. Before you know it, the darts shoot out of the girl and burst the balloon. Then there’s also an act where girls start smoking cigarettes from their hookah. The show is quite something and you have to see it to believe it.

Ping Pong Shows in Bangkok

Types of Ping Pong Shows

These shows generally take place in a bar or lounge in Red Light District in Bangkok on a stage or a podium. It’s where single girl performers or a group of Thai girls will start doing sexual acts in front of you. Girls are dressed in skimpy clothes and know how to dance well to excite you. The girls in these bars have the great pelvic muscle strength and know-how to get you turned on. Here are some of the kinky shows performed by Thai Girls in Bangkok.

1. Razor Show

The Razor show is part of the entertainment. Girls cut ribbons or balloons with the help of a blade that is attatched to their vaginas. This can be a little too much to see but if you are into kinky stuff, you will love it.

2. Ribbon Show

This is where the girl starts pulling endless strings of ribbons out of their pussies. They may also engage you to use your mouth to pull them out.

3. Darts Show

As the name suggests, this is where girls shoot darts out of their vaginas into a balloon you are holding. Watch out for the girls that miss.

4. Pong Show

The traditional Ping Pong Show where table tennis balls are popped out of the girls into your drinks or into your hands.

Ping Pong Shows in Thailand

Ping Pong Shows in Bangkok Scams

While it can be truly entertaining to be on a sed tour to Bangkok, there are some scams that you need to be aware of. There have been reports where tourists complain that they get overcharged for drinks. Owners of Ping Pong Show establishments have been known to scam patrons by making them pay for overpriced drinks that have not been consumed. So, if you find yourself going to a Ping Pong Show in Bangkok, then it’s best advised that you keep a sober tab of what you are drinking at your table. There are also issues where tourists complain that the bar charges patrons for each trick performed by the girls. It’s best that you clarify with the host or hostess of the bar what are the charges beforehand so that you know what you are getting yourself into.

Ping Pong Show are generally safe as long as you do not create a scene. Getting into a fight with the locals about hiked-up beer bills is something you do not want to do. As long as you know that you are willing to pay well for what you are enjoying.

Bangkok Ping Pong Shows

The Infamous Exit Scam

One of the most common types of scams in these bars is known as the ‘Exit Scam’. As you pay the entrance fee outside, which is generally a low price of 200 Baht, you will get a seat at the table inside. When you sit and enjoy a couple of shows and decide to leave, they slap you with a 3000 Baht bill. This is ridiculous. If you do not pay, the girls and owners become excessively aggressive which can lead up to some violent behavior. If you argue a little, they would offer a miserable discount but eventually, you will have to cough up a lot of money.

The best way of avoiding heavy drink tabs is to pay for your beers as they come in. Clear your dues routinely so that they do not have to foot a big bill.

Best Ping Pong Shows in Bangkok

I have never been a great patron of these shows but if you do find the need to go to one of these shows, these are probably the best places you can find girls that are willing to entertain you. Remember, if you are on a sex tour to Thailand, it’s best that you find the ideal ping pong show to go to. The goal is to find a trusted establishment that is not going to scam you. These are the best shows to attend the next time you are on a Sex tour to Bangkok.

Super Pussy

This one is located in Soi Cowboy and is one of those ping pong show establishments that doubles up as a GoGo Bar. Super Pussy is a great place to hang out. If you think you don’t like it, then you can always hang out at any of the adult bars around this area.

Khao San Road

Khao San Road Bangkok is generally known as the backpacker’s paradise and it caters to everyone that wants to see some adult entertainment. There are plenty of ping pong bars around here. Ask other tourists which one they would recommend and you should be all set.

Nana Plaza

There are a few Ping Pong Show in Nana Plaza but they are hard to find. GoGo Bars and Nana Plaza Nightlife are all the rave here. Angel Witch used to do this a while back but now they have become a full GoGo Bar. Ask the security guards in the lobby area to know which are the best Ping Pong Show in Bangkok and cross your fingers that you find one worth visiting.

How Much to Pay for Ping Pong Shows in Thailand?

It does not matter if you are in Bangkok or Pattaya, the price of these shows should not vary too much. There is a typical entry fee for these shows that are around 200 Baht to see the girls perform. This gets you a table in the bar right in front of the stage. But be prepared to pay for beers and drinks too. The costs of beers here are around 300 Baht and the hostess is there is ensure that you are buying as much as they can extract from you. Do not be surprised to know that they may charge you for every trick performed by these girls. Remember, the girls will continuously hound you for buying more drinks and tip them.

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