Nestled in the heart of Pattaya’s bustling nightlife, Buzzin Lounge Pattaya offers a refreshing and vibrant escape. It’s a place where girls add to the energetic chaos that defines this popular Pattaya destination. During my recent visit, I found this establishment to be a unique blend of laid-back sophistication and lively ambiance. I had gone here around a month ago. I wanted to write a report on it a long time back but I had to take some time off to write my Aries Massage Bangkok review. So here is my experience at Buzzin Pattaya.

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Pattaya is busy and it is not done and dusted like you think. It’s an amazing place is you know where to go to find the best entertainment. The best way to describe this gents club is a neighborhood bar. The owner of the bar roams around from table to table trying to be a good host along with Beer he keeps on serving. The atmosphere is great and it is definitely something you want to try out.

They have a designated play area where you can get frisky with the women. I took this girl called Sugar behind the curtain. What a babe! Mind you, this was after her 6 shots of tequila. Those drinks are 6 shots for 790 baht. She was great fun and let’s just say she took care of me like it was strictly business. One of the best short-term sessions I have had in a long time. Sugar is definitely on my top to-do list. Check her out if you are ever coming here. She is one of those girls that needs to be added to the Escorts Directory.

Ambiance at Buzzin Lounge Pattaya

Upon entering Buzzin Lounge Bar, I was immediately struck by the chic and stylish decor. The dim, ambient lighting created an intimate atmosphere, making it an ideal spot for both casual hangouts and more formal gatherings. The interior design exudes a modern yet comfortable vibe, with plush seating and tasteful decorations contributing to the overall inviting atmosphere. You can check out their bar pics on their Instagram.


One of the standout features of Buzzin Lounge Bar is its extensive drink menu. From classic cocktails to innovative concoctions, the bar caters to a diverse range of tastes. I opted for one of their signature cocktails, and I was impressed by the skillful mixology. The presentation was impeccable, and the flavors were well-balanced. The prices were reasonable, considering the prime location.


While Buzzin Lounge Bar offers a lively atmosphere, the entertainment options during my visit were somewhat limited. There was a DJ spinning a mix of upbeat tunes, but I expected a bit more variety in the entertainment department. Nonetheless, the music added to the overall energy of the place, and the dance floor was lively.

Service at Buzzin Lounge Pattaya

The service at Buzzin Lounge Bar was commendable. The staff was attentive, friendly, and efficient. They seemed genuinely invested in ensuring that patrons had a positive experience. Despite the bustling crowd, I never felt neglected, and my orders were delivered promptly.

Overall Experience

Buzzin Lounge Bar in Pattaya offers a dynamic and enjoyable experience for those seeking a combination of sophisticated ambiance and vibrant energy. While there is room for improvement in terms of entertainment diversity, the overall package makes it a noteworthy venue in Pattaya’s nightlife scene. Whether you’re looking for a place to unwind with friends or dance the night away, Buzzin Lounge Bar is a solid choice. It’s one of those GoGo Bars in Pattaya that you need to check out for sure.

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