A girlfriend and I happened to be walking near Soi Cowboy about 9 PM last night, she said she’d never been in a go-go bar, so we stopped in and this led me to write this Crazy House Review. We had to buy two drinks outside, as I understand is the case most of the time now. Or maybe it was because I had a girl with me. No matter. The bottom floor was packed, not an available seat for one person much less two, so the server pointed upstairs. I thought, crap, that is where management sends the older, chubbier, less attractive girls to hang out. Nobody wants to go upstairs. And in fact, there was plenty of available seating up there.

Crazy House Review
Crazy House Reviews in Bangkok

However, I was pleasantly surprised to see there were several very good looking girls shuffling around on the glass stage upstairs at that hour. I mean slim, fit, well-proportioned, nearly tattoo-free, butt-naked, young girls with perky natural tits, pretty faces, IMO, and no sign of baby damage. I might even go so far as to say 3-4 of the upstairs girls were among the better-looking dancers in the club at that hour last night. Could be the better-looking girls that had been dancing downstairs were already out on barfines at the 9 PM hour. Oh, and for that hour at least, there was no ridiculous grandma’ shoots a dart out of her raggedy pussy and pops a balloon show!

Inside Crazy House Bangkok
Inside Crazy House Bangkok

Sure, they were as likely as any of these Crazy House Review other girls if not more likely to specialize in the “coke and tequila” non-existent cocktail 2 Lady Drink order and then bolt scam. Since I was with a girl already, none of them hit me up for a Lady Drink. As a matter of fact, there were so few customers upstairs I did not see those girls being called over or hitting up customers for drinks at all.

Anybody else notices an improvement in the upstairs line up at Crazy House Review lately? I know it has been reported several times that the line up at Crazy House is not as good as it was 2-3 years ago at these GoGo Bars. I am among those who reported it. But last night I could not say that was the case for at least 4-5 girls last night. And they working upstairs too!

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