Here is a quick blast from the past about Voodoo Bar Bangkok. Strolling through Nana Plaza, I noticed a “new” go-go bar on the ground level far left corner by the name of Voodoo. Have I missed this announcement here or am I the first? I did a search on this thread and only one reference to that name came up from late last year when it was mentioned in a recollection from 20 years ago.

Voodoo Bar Bangkok Nana Plaza
Voodoo Bar Bangkok Nana Plaza

Voodoo Bar Bangkok

Well, I guess it is back. At least the name is back. Girl, I bought a lady drink from said it has been open for 3 weeks already. Anyway, I popped in at around 9:30 pm and what do ya know but 5 of the 15 girls on stage were stark raving naked except for their high heels. Highly unusual for a Nana Plaza bar. I did not stay long enough to see if the next 15 dancers at the set change would get totally naked. But about half of them went topless right away.

I would say mostly 6’s and 7’s on stage. Maybe a couple more doable than the rest. I noticed 2-3 ladyboys, but none of the naked ones were ladyboys. The other nice thing I noticed was maybe only 2 or 3 girls in the place showed signs of silicones. And two of those might have been ladyboys. Otherwise, there was a refreshing array of natural breasts on display.

Barfines at Voodoo Bar

Sorry to say I did not inquire about the bar fine and asking prices. I was really just passing through on my way to another destination. But I saw no reason to expect those things to be more or less than the usual for Nana Plaza. But who knows. Ladydriks were 175 Baht I think.

The truth is there are a lot of GoGo Bars in Bangkok and Nana Plaza is a great place to find them. Always just lurk around so that you can see the action inside and take your pick. I always tell people to go to the bars that never force their customers to buy drinks. So choose wisely. If you want the best list of bars to check out apart from Voodoo Bar Bangkok, then follow me on Twitter to see them in action.

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