Khao San Road Bangkok one of my favorite short party streets full of travelers and mongers. You don’t need to worry about your budget here. Khaosan offers everything you could possibly need without troubling your wallet. Firstly, the accommodation here is great at the offered price. Next, as a traveler, you would repeatedly need some essential items which you can find here without any rush. Shops and restaurants are specifically designed according to the travelers and the bars are something you would not want to miss. There are some Kapoo Clubs here too if that is your thing.

Khao San Road Bangkok should be the Party Capital of the World
Khao San Road Bangkok should be the Party Capital of the World

Let’s first talk about the nightlife here before moving forward to the hostels and throughout this article, I shall only talk about the best ones rather than confusing you with a bunch of options. Let’s have a look at some of the most amazing bars this street has to offer.

Nightlife at Khao San Road Bangkok

1. Gazebo Club

Since you are in Bangkok, you will spend an ample amount of time drinking and relaxing. This bar offers a perfect environment for a stress-free and amazing evening. Enjoy the live band performance with your favorite drinks and you wouldn’t really realize when did the night end. Looking forward to flaunting some dance moves, the dance club room is waiting for you.

Khao San Road is Bustling 24/7
Khao San Road is Bustling 24/7

2. Hippie De Bar

If your head is throbbing from upbeat music, this bar will provide you with the comfort of old classics. For all of you, looking out for some soothing and relaxing music for the night, do not miss out on this place. Along with a perfect interior, you will be offered a wide range of drinks to choose from.

3. The Club at Khao San Road Bangkok

If there is a bar that could set up your mood right from the moment you enter, then it is The Club. It has everything a party freak could possibly want including a great dance floor, amazing lighting, and even better music. International DJs pays frequent visits that offer an unforgettable experience. When it comes down to the crowd, you will get a perfect mixture of localities and travelers enjoying their nights. Do not worry about the budget since the drinks are comparatively less expensive here.

Street Food in Bangkok is Amazing
Street Food in Bangkok is Amazing

4. Adhere The 13th Blues Bar

The ambiance of this bar will stay in your head long after you are gone. The vintage furniture gives it a distinct look and the blues bands give people one more reason to stay. Yes, people could hardly leave once they begin. Just a little walk away, this place is waiting for you with some of the best cocktails and an experience you wouldn’t want to miss.

Hostels At Khao San Road

1. NapPark Hostel

Well, finding a good place to stay at a reasonable price is not easy. But when it comes down to NapPark Hostel, you will be amazed by the services you are about to receive. From here, the exploration of the old city becomes much easier. Some of the most famous temples of Bangkok are near you and waiting for your arrival. The main focus of the hostel is on the exquisite Thai culture you will be willing to learn more about. As far as the services provided by the hostel are concerned, you will be fully satisfied with it.

Khaosan Road is a Backpackers Paradise
Khaosan Road is a Backpackers Paradise

2. Bed Station Hostel

Another amazing choice could be the bed station hostel that provides you every facility you could possibly want. Go get your favorite drinks in the amazing bar and enjoy the soothing environment of the garden or go jump in the pool, everything you could need for relaxation is available here. This could be an amazing place for all the travelers out there who are looking out for nothing but relaxing time.

There are freelancers that work in Khao San Road Bangkok Too
There are freelancers that work in Khao San Road Bangkok Too

3. Tales Khao San Road Bangkok

A few seconds away from the Khaosan road is the Tales Khaosan hostel. All the targeted tourist spots are near the hostel. It has been observed that more than bachelor’s, couples find this place fascinating. If you are planning a good long trip with your loved one then this could be a great option. Enjoy the free Wifi provided by the hostel and the amazing services finding their way to you. If you are interested, subscribe to my Youtube Channel where I can post videos of Parties in Khao San Road.

These were some of the few things you need to know about the hostels and the nightlife at Khao san road. Have you seen our list of Bangkok 112 Adult Attractions? You will definitely come across some of the great bars and hostels. The above-mentioned ones are the ones with the most rating or customer satisfaction. Go through all the details and make the decision accordingly. Check out my other posts if you’re looking out for other Nightlife in Bangkok attractions.

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